Top Ideas to Store Your Wheelbarrow

A wheelbarrow can definitely make your life easier when they’re in use. Especially a good wheelbarrow can help you move around a lot of stuff with minimal effort, saving your energy and time. But, what when they’re not in use? Where should they go? You should care.

Many people often leave them pushed up against the garage, and forget about them until they need them again. This really isn’t the best idea since it can lead to tray damage. Metal trays can begin to rust gathering water, and plastic trays may become dried out, brittle, or even may gather water and crack in freezing weather. However, if you don’t follow the wheelbarrow handling tips,  your valuable tools, your investment might get damaged.

Now, I know a wheelbarrow is not really a very small tool like other gardening tools to store. It takes some brainstorming to find an idea to store it better. I lost one wheelbarrow being careless, had to buy another, and thought it was time I make sure the new one stays. So, I did some research and brainstorming and found some unique and useful ideas to store my wheelbarrow.

Now, it’s better for you not to go the hard way, which means losing one, then coming to sense, spend time & energy, and find ways to store your tool better. I’ve done all that for you. Below are the ideas that I found useful to store your wheelbarrow.

Note About Wheelbarrow Type

Different materials used, sized trays, and shapes may influence the choice you make. So make sure you take into account your wheelbarrow type and its measurements before attempting to use any of the following suggestions.

Use a Wheelbarrow Hanger

Crawford Wheelbarrow hanger
Crawford Wheelbarrow Hanger

A wheelbarrow hanger could be a smart choice to store your wheelbarrow. They are cheap, useful. The Crawford CMWBH-6 wheelbarrow hanger could be a great choice.

It’s a great and lightweight mounting choice that has the capability to hold up to 35 lbs and it frees up floor space in the garage or your storage shed. It suits multiple tray sizes, though you need to be watching your wheelbarrow’s weight.

Storage Rail and Hook System

Best hooking system
Rail and Hook System

A garage storage rail system can be a good option for you. These systems can serve many purposes, especially when you include a hook system for your gardening supplies, like a wheelbarrow. Now, I found there are some low-quality garage systems available that really don’t save the purpose well. You should pick the best hooking system with good load capacity to make sure it doesn’t break apart when loaded.

I personally liked the Rubbermaid FastTrack Garage Storage System Rail, which can hold up to 1,750 lbs., and it’s easy to attach hooks and other options to it.

DIY Wheelbarrow Hanger

You can make your own, inexpensive, and sturdy mount for your storage wall. The hardware to mount and a few wooden cleats and is all you need to make one. Here’s a video that can help you with the process. However, you still need to make sure you take measurements before committing to the build.

Another Useful Wheelbarrow Holder

Lehigh Crawford wheelbarrow holder

This is another simple and cheap tool that can help you store most types of wheelbarrows easily, effortlessly, and safely. It’s a simple tool and mounting it is no daunting task. The good thing about this particular holding tool is it supports most of the wheelbarrow models. It can hold from both the top and bottom as it has a double spring-loaded support system. So it distributes weight better and makes it a little more durable than other similar holders.

Hardware Re-Purpose

Using Plumbing Hook to store Wheelbarrow

This is an innovative idea to use plumbing hooks to get your wheelbarrow up off the floor and stored against the wall. It’s perfect for lightweight wheelbarrow. If you need to store anything larger or heavier using this idea, you can do it with other hardware choices. It can be a quick and easy solution to free up storage space

Creative Solutions

The ideas I’ve been talking about are ideas to mount your wheelbarrow along a wall. What about mounting it along with the ceiling? Well, this idea is to utilize much-overlooked ceiling space by taking your wheelbarrow up, because even when your wheelbarrow is mounted along a wall, it takes up some space you might find is better reserved for other items. And through a pulley system, you can have floor access in this design, so you don’t have to use the ladder every time you need your wheelbarrow.

Simple Brackets

wheelbarrow storage on brakets

This is a multi-purpose bracket that you can use for much more than your wheelbarrow. This is a pretty easy way to get it up off the ground simply by using your handles as the bracing it needs to stay sturdy. This can be a very inexpensive, quick-to-mount, and the easiest solution to store your barrow.

Fenceline Storage

Fenceline wheelbarrow Storage

You can create your own holder outside the garage wall or along a fence. Some clothesline, a few short 2*4s and screws are all you need to get up your wheelbarrow off the ground and stored. This trick can be handy because you don’t need to move the wheelbarrow every time you need access to the area.

Natural Solutions

After reading all these ideas, if you still think none of these suits you, and you need something easier, then this is all you can do. Just tip your wheelbarrow up, at least try to keep the tray of the wheelbarrow free from moisture accumulation, as this is the main killer of wheelbarrow durability. This is not actually a wheelbarrow storing solution, it’s an ‘at-least-do-this’ thing! However, I suggest you do take some initiative to apply any of the ideas above to protect your investment.

Wrapping it Up

These are the ideas I could share with you for now. Applying any of this will do. Though I would suggest buying any of the tools I suggested above, as they are engineered to do this particular task well, so they’re expected to give better service than any homemade solution. And they are pretty cheap as well, so they’ll be a good little investment to save your bigger investment.

Got any better ideas? Shoot them in the comments below. I’ll update the guide with your idea, giving the credit to you. You can also ask any questions that you have in mind.