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Wheelbarrows have been around for the longest of times. Over that time they have come to acquire some uses. Nowadays there are so many kinds of these machines; it is almost impossible for an amateur to tell apart these different kinds of wheelbarrows.

One of the more prominent kinds of wheelbarrows is that known as heavy duty wheelbarrows. Heavy duty wheelbarrows are a special kind of wheelbarrow that have been endowed with means to enable them to be used for carrying extremely heavyweight goods and are therefore very important in places where hard and strenuous work is being done.

These kinds of wheelbarrows are designed in a way to be more durable than your normal wheelbarrow types and apart from this have additional things in them that make them very useful and important in ways that other wheelbarrows may not be.

These wheelbarrows ought to be sought out hard by users and most of the time they are, and this result in them being very hard to find. And even when one finds the kind they want they may not know how to analyze it and how to make it work well.

Things To Consider - Best Heavy Duty Wheelbarrows

When it comes to this type of wheelbarrow, it is very important that the user knows some things to look for that will help with his decision. These include


Capacity ought not to be overlooked because it may be the most important thing of all. The user should know that wheelbarrows with low capacity are not very good and so will not serve him well especially if the work that is to be done involved heavy things that have to be moved around.

There ought to be a weight limit but the higher it is, the better for the user of the wheelbarrow.


Are the tires those that use air or those airless ones? These issues are important because they have a direct impact on the functioning of the device.

Both these kinds of wheels have their advantages, but the user should know that choosing one over another will most likely lead to them forfeiting the advantages of the other mind.


What comes with the device also matters a lot. Some of these wheelbarrows do not come with any added devices, and this impacts the smoothness of operation that can be achieved by the device.

It is important that the user be well prepared to look through the entire catalog of purchase and choose the best devices with the best features.


Because these are heavy duty devices, the user should be very mindful of the construction features of the device.Good construction will aid in the making of the device better and also will make it a much better device to be able to handle the tough nature of work that will be assigned to it. The user must know this and not ignore it.


It would be the worst of things to have the device very weighty because ideally, the device should be as light as possible to be able to handle the load placed on it perfectly. If the device is heavy, any additional weight will simply make it even worse and complicate the simple issue of carrying things.

Best Recommended Heavy Duty Wheelbarrows

After going through those five considerations, it is recommended that the five pieces below be regarded as the very best and therefore bought by all.

Gorilla Carts Heavy Duty Garden Poly Dump Cart

Gorilla Carts Heavy Duty Dump Cart

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This is a model device that will work well in work that is not heavy duty. It has the following features

The frame is robust, and it has to be if the device is to handle its tasks well. The toughness of the main body means that any goods can be placed on it and it will handle the weight easily.

Long Handle

The length of the handle means that the device can be used easily and will present no challenge to the user. This is a good advantage.

Nice Grip

The grip is one of the main areas of concern to any user. It is a good thing to have good grip especially when the matter of heavy duty applications is concerned. In this case, the device is one with good handles.


It is fully metal meaning that the user can be able to look at it with pride and can use it in any manner of work. Metallic devices Are usually very reliable, and a user will want to have one of these as opposed to one made of any other material.

Big 4 Wheeler Heavy Duty Wheelbarrow

Big 4 Wheeler Heavy Duty

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There are not many devices line this one, and that is a fact. These devices are well known and for this reason is one of the best.

The device is light and never has had an ounce of overweight.

This is an important consideration that means the device can be able to handle all issues thrown at it and will still be able to stand.

Wheel Protection

The wheel area is well kept and protected so that the wheel is kept safe even when the device is being used in areas that might be hazardous.


It might be a heavy duty device, but it is very good and easy to handle and doesn't present any challenges at all. This should be looked at well by all buyers.


In addition to the good capacity, one can also be assured of the width of the device. The width is one of those things that will mean the device can be able to carry wide kinds of loads.

Jackson 6 Cubic foot Steel Wheelbarrow

Jackson 6 Cubic foot Steel

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Thirdly is this very popular wheelbarrow that is one of the best with very good features.

Can be easily carried because it is very lightweight. There are not many devices that are not as light and portable as this one.

Spare Parts

There are no problems that will be experienced by the user when they are using this device. The device comes with spares, and these can be used when the original bits are spoiled and in need of repairs.

Large Capacity

There are not many devices with the capacity of this device. The capacity is big enough to handle all kinds of weight, and the user should be relaxed because of this.

Lubricated Tyres

The joints in between tires are lubricated and can provide the user with the best kind of service without any qualms.

Heavy Duty Lifetime Wheelbarrow

Heavy Duty Lifetime

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This is another popular device and one that has all the makings of a solid device. It has the following features.

The sides are steep and well-inclined meaning that the interior will be able to handle the load placed on it easily and will not cause any accidents.


The wheelbarrow is large and what this means is that it can be used to carry large amounts of goods without any problems. The hull can be able to handle immense amounts of weight.

Pneumatic Tyres

Has special tires that can handle the immense Weights carried on the hull without any problem. These tires are another trademark feature.

Excellent Construction

The device is made of good metal, and the design is also a thing to be applauded. This AL translates to very good functioning that the user cannot help but be proud of. These are some of the most important features of this device.

Polar trailer 7 cubic feet heavy duty cub cart

Polar Trailer Heavy Duty Cub Cart

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Lastly is a simple device that is nonetheless very good and worthy of its place on this list.

All parts fit each other quite easily, and the whole thing works together seamlessly. The user will find these kinds of things encouraging.


The device is powerful enough to be able to handle any loads put on it. This power is a good thing that should be looked at as an advantage.


The shape is unique and emphasizes the depth and capacity of the interior. This makes the device one that is good for bulky cargo.

Strong Metal

The metallic components of this device feature the best kind of metal that is known for making wheelbarrows. The importance of this is that the device can be used for heavy duty purposes without any problems at all.

Final Verdict

A user has before him five choices of the very best devices that can be used for heavy duty purposes. This is a thing that should not be taken lightly. The user might look far and wide but finding any devices that will be as good as the five listed here will be a challenge.

They should choose any of these with all confidence. It is the purpose of this article to provide further guidance on these types of machines and also give users the best kinds there are out there to enable them be well served.

Patricia J. Moore

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