Best Garden Cart in 2023

When doing my daily garden work and projects, I usually have the one thing that helps me make my work easier, and that is the garden cart. It takes a lot of weight off my shoulders.

It is a heavy-duty garden cart that gets all the work done, and loading and offloading get to be easy. I don’t get to worry about how I am going to carry some things around because the wheelbarrow does it all making my working in the garden enjoyable and much easier.

It is very well made to endure all the abuse it gets around the garden. It is strong enough to do all the work and carry heavy weights and last for a long period, longer than you are likely to expect. It is my best helper at the moment because it holds a lot of stuff.

Gorilla Carts GOR866D

Gorilla Carts GOR866D

• Poly bed, steel frame
• 4 wheels
• 1200 lbs capacity
• Padded handles
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Gorilla Carts GOR6PS

Gorilla Carts GOR6PS

• Poly bed, steel frame
• 4 wheels
• 1200 lbs capacity
• Padded handles
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Gorilla Carts GOR400

Gorilla Carts GOR400

• Steel mesh bed, steel frame
• 4 wheels
• 400 lbs capacity
• Padded handles
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Greenworks GC40L410 40V

Greenworks GC40L410 40V

• 40V 4 ahu lithium-ion battery
• Self-propelled 2 wheels
• 200 lbs capacity
• Steel handles
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Best Choice Products Dual-Wheel Home Utility Yard Wheelbarrow

Best Choice Products Dual-Wheel Wheelbarrow

• Steel tray & frame
• 2 wheel tubed tire
• 330 lbs capacity
• Padded handlebar
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AMES 1123047100

AMES 1123047100 Buddy

• Sturdy Lid Material
• 4 wheels
• 2 cubic foot capacity
• Flip handles
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Rubbermaid Commercial FG370712907

Rubbermaid Commercial FG370712907

• Sturdy rubber material
• 2 fix wheels
• Carries up to 200 pounds
• Integrated handles
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Suncast Resin 15.5 Gallon Multi-Purpose Cart with Wheels

Suncast 2-Wheel Resin

• Heavy-duty resin plastic
• 2 wheel
• 15.5-gallon capacity
• Telescoping Handle
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Mac Sports WTC-111

Mac Sports Collapsible Wagon

• Steel frame
• Smooth Glide 4 Wheels
• 150 lbs capacity
• Steel handles
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Timber Ridge Collapsible Cart

Timber Ridge Collapsible Cart

• Durable 600D Fabric bed
• 4 large-sized wheels
• Up to150 lbs capacity
• Telescoping steel frame handles
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 Best Garden Cart

In the article, I have outlined for you the best garden cart to help you in making a decision. They are the best in the market, or rather they stand out from the many other types. The reviews about the products are meant to let you know about them.

01. Gorilla Carts GOR866D Heavy-Duty Garden Poly Dump Cart

Gorilla Carts GOR866D


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Talk about making your work easier, and the poly garden cart doesn’t disappoint in the sector.

It is strong because of the steel made to build it. It is sturdy to ensure that it is well balanced whether empty or loaded.

The steel used to make it makes the cart durable enough to help you with your garden projects for as long as you would like it to if well taken care of. You don’t need an expert to help you install it because putting the parts together is more than simple. It takes less time to do so.

Padded Straight Handle

The cart is made of a padded straight handle for pulling comfort and also to ensure that you get comfortable when holding to avoid hurting your hands with steel.

Rust Resistant

The poly garden dump cart does clean easily and is rust-resistant to provide you with many good years of dependable service without rusting. Just ensure that you clean it after you are done with your work in the garden.

02. Gorilla Carts GOR6PS Heavy-Duty Poly Yard Dump Cart 

Gorilla Carts GOR6PS


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Are you tired of getting fatigued after you get out of your garden because of all the work you do there?

It’s high time to give yourself a rest and get some help. The help is the gorilla heavy duty garden poly dump cart.

Make a point of purchasing it and experience the wonders it does in your garden.It saves you the much time you usually waste moving around your things. It also holds a lot of stuff at once giving you an easy time. It is a much better choice than a wheelbarrow.

Easy To Put Together

It is very much easy to put the parts together because the instructions in the manual are simple to follow. It takes less time to assemble all the parts together.

Padded Convertible Handle

The padded convertible handle can be pulled by hand and also be hooked up behind a lawn tractor. It’s you to choose how to handle the cart.


The cart is made up of great quality and a great design that makes it possible to last long even with all the abuse it gets in the garden and the many terrains it goes through.

03. Gorilla Carts GOR400-COM Steel Garden Cart

Gorilla Carts GOR400-COM


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This cart is made up of good quality parts and fixtures. It has removable sides that allow the cart to convert into a flatbed that can be used to move larger materials.

It perfectly works as designed. Its price is affordable; it is not expensive. It is a good price for the value.

Even though it holds a lot, it is easy to move around. It rolls perfectly in the grass as well as in the sand giving you an easy time pulling and pushing it because it doesn’t get stuck. You don’t have to worry about where to keep it because you can keep it outside the house and it won’t rust at all.


The garden cart is well constructed and strong enough to balance any weight that the cart is carrying.

Good Quality

The cart is made up of the best quality. The materials used to build it are high quality. It doesn’t rust easily.


The fact that the cart is made of steel makes it last for a long time. It does a lot of work and because of its material last long.

04. Greenworks Garden Cart with 4Ah Battery and Charger

Greenworks Garden Cart


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The Greenworks garden cart is one of the best self-propelled garden carts, powered by a 40V lithium battery and a quick charger that charges the cart battery within two hours.

It features a dumping facility for quick unloading of the cart. It is convenient to use and operate on electricity. The cart works well for small and medium-size loads.

When fully charged, the cart gives maximum running hours up to 40 minutes and ideally works on flat grass and pavement. Ten inches wheels for quick motion are self-propelled. These wheels assist you in a quick and hassle-free moment.

Maximum features, highly durable frame, and assisting handle make it the top garden cart. Portable size, quick charging, easy to load and unload, and maximum running hours; you will get a lot of things in this cart.

Rust-Resistant Tub

The Greenworks cart tub is made with rust-resistant material that is highly durable. It provides you maximum years of service, but make sure to clean it after every use.

Quick Charging

The cart has a quick charger that helps to charge 40V lithium batteries within 2 hours. Once fully charged, it offers a running time of 40-50 minutes with maximum load.


The Greenworks cart also features a throttle that can be used to increase and decrease the working speed of the cart as per the requirement.

Maximum Carrying Capacity

The cart features a massive duty tub that is rust free. It can bear a maximum weight of about 200lb. The tub is ideal for carrying the weight of the chopped wood, bulky trash, and garden grass effectively.

Offloading Assisting Handle

The cart features an offloading assisting handle that helps to offload the trash of the garden cart tub quickly. This will also ensure to put less strain over the back and offer you smooth and comfortable unloading.

05. Best Choice Products Garden Cart Wheelbarrow

Best Choice Products Garden Cart Wheel Barrow


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When doing your next garden renovation use the best choice garden dump cart wheel barrel, and I assure you that you are going to love its work.

It can easily be cleaned and after it has been purchased it can be put together easily because the instructions in the manual are easy to follow and take action.

It does handle heavy loads and gets the heavy-duty projects done. Every penny you spend on purchasing the product will be accounted for by the heavy duties the cart does. It is pretty easy to maintain as it gets washed after being used.

It is designed in such a way that it is sturdy. It allows for easy dumping of supplies making your work pretty much easy saving a lot of time.


The garden dump cart is made of a steel frame that guards it making the cart durable. It will serve you for a long period more than you expect it to.

10turf Tires

The tires are designed in such a way that they allow the cart to roll in the terrains. The wheels can also roll easily in the grass and the sand.

06. AMES Buddy Lawn and Garden Cart

AMES Buddy Lawn and Garden Cart


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The Ames Buddy lawn and garden cart is an excellent solution for garden and house around areas. Two cubic foot capacity is ideal for carrying heavy weight and solid material like wood trash.

The sturdy and robust axel wheels allow quick transportation. Its covering lid made with highly durable material is stronger enough to work as the seat. Also, the multifunctional design and large capacity tub make it ideal for garden and home backyard areas.

The cart is especially for moving the trash of plants, heavy tools, and other supplies smoothly. Also, the wheels can easily roll off on the floors and grass areas quickly without any trouble.

Wheels With Axles

It features 7 inches heavy steel axle wheels for quick transportation. The wheels are sturdy enough to withstand for a long duration.

Handle Flip

The presence of a flipping handle allows quick and hassle-free pulling. The flipping handle doesn’t put strain over the wrist and enables easy motion and handling.


The cart comes with two cubic-foot capacity tubs. With this much space, it can hold maximum trash of the gardens and holds other transporting tools with ease.

Sturdy Frame

The cart is made with a sturdy and robust steel frame that makes it highly durable and also ensures to carry maximum weight on it. It features a multifunctional design that makes it ideal for multipurpose use.

Be it your garden, backyard, or home-around areas; it works perfectly in any field.

Easy to Use

The cart is easy to use and handle as it features sturdy wheels and flipping handles. This will help in moving the cart smoothly in the garden. Also, it is more persuasive enough to carry maximum weight in the carrying tub.

07. Rubbermaid Commercial Roughneck Lawn Cart

Rubbermaid Commercial Roughneck Lawn Cart


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The Rubbermaid commercial roughneck lawn cart is ideal for small lawns and gardens. Its unique two wheels sturdy design provides optimal control and mobility. This cart has an integrated handle, molded tool, and beverage holder.

All these tools and features allow smooth functioning in the garden area. Also, the robust and durable frame can carry weight up to 200 pounds, and this thing makes it the best outdoor cart. Its integrated handle allows easy pulling of the cart without putting strain over the wrist.

The two-wheel design also features supporting lids so that it can stand upright during operation. It can hold up to 3.25 cubic feet capacity easily. The quick functioning and easy to operate design give it a noun point to use this cart in gardens.

The dumping is quite accessible from this; you can easily dump the garbage off by slightly tilting it.

Molding Tool

The molding tool and the beverage holder ensure quick installation and working for the cart. Also, the integrated handle helps to pull the cart easily.

4.5 Feet Cubic Feet Capacity

The dumping trail can hold up to 4.5 feet capacity in it. More than that, its strong, sturdy steel frame is portable enough to carry a maximum weight of around 200 pounds.

Two Fixed Wheels

It comes with two fixed wheels design that offers excellent control over the cart. It also has two supporting lids that ensure optimal maneuverability to the cart. The wheels also offer stability to the cart during the operation.

Rust Resistant

The platinum-colored heavy-duty frame is highly resistant to rust so that you can use it consistently and conveniently without any hassles in any weather conditions. But make sure to keep it clean from dust and debris after use.

08. Suncast 2-Wheel Resin Multi-Purpose Cart

Suncast 2-Wheel Resin Multi-Purpose Cart


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If you want a versatile cart that can be used for multipurpose, then give it a try to the Suncast 2-wheel resin cart. Whether you want to transport groceries, laundry and upstairs, or trash from the yards, it’s an ideal solution for all your needs.

The multipurpose design is best to use indoors and outdoors. Its two lightweight wheels can perfectly hold up to 15.5 gallons of weight it. Also, the unique tub design holds the garbage effectively in it without spilling from the tub.

It can easily assemble without any need for tools. The telescoping handle is extended in it for maximum comfort during cart pulling and doesn’t put a strain on the hand of the operator.

Heavy-Duty Frame

The Suncast cart is made with heavy-duty resin plastic that enhances its longevity. This cart will remain rust-free and specially built for years of quality use. The frame of the cart is sturdy enough to carry maximum weight in it.

Lightweight Rollers

It features two lightweight rolling wheels that offer frictionless moments on the ground and off the ground. But these lightweight wheels are sturdy enough to carry the maximum weight in them. The wheels have an axle base that makes them more durable and longer-lasting.

Multipurpose Design

It has a versatile frame design that makes it ideal for multipurpose use and helps to transport groceries, garbage, and other trash effortlessly. The bucket-style cart tub ensures better stability to the cart when in use and helps to keep the frame straight during use.

Extended Handle

It features a telescope style extended handle that helps to pull the cart quickly and effectively without any hassles. This also helps to give proper stability to the cart while operating it.

09. Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon

Mac Sports Collapsible Folding Outdoor Utility Wagon


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The Mac Sports folding utility wagon is an easy-to-use cart. It features a unique foldable design that can open within a few seconds and is ready to use. The durable and lightweight frame makes it convenient to use.

The cart is uniquely designed to carry a maximum weight of around 150lbs. This cart is specifically designed with foldable features for compact storage. The solid cartwheels are portable enough to roll on rocks, floors, and grass areas too.

The solid welded crossbars present at the front of the wheel offer easy bending backward and forward. It features a durable fabric frame that helps to carry the maximum weight and is easy to clean.

It wraps to eight inches when folded so you can store it anywhere, which will not consume much space in your homes. The frame also ensures mildew resistance and will keep working for years without getting damaged.

Durable Fabric

The frame of the cart is made with strong and durable 600D fabric that is not only easy to clean but also holds maximum weight inside it. And the best thing is the fabric is mildew resistant and also to UV light. So, it will last longer with you for years and offer services.

Functional Features

The cart features an adjustable handle that allows effortless transportation. However, it also has two mesh cup holders that help to keep the beverages securely in it.

Foldable Design

The cart features a foldable frame and crisscrosses bars at the front of the cart. This will ensure to fold the cart easily and store it anywhere, even in the small spaces too. And this thing makes it the best hauling gear cart for outdoor sports events and other things.

10. Timber Ridge Folding Wagon Cart

Timber Ridge Folding Wagon Cart


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The Timber Ridge collapse folding wagon cart is ideal for shopping, camping, and garden utility. It features flexible four large size wheels that ensure frictionless motion over the grounds. The quick installation makes it convenient to use.

The semi-foldable design allows for compact storage. The two wheels at the front offer 360-degree complete rotation.

And this feature helps to turn around the cart in any direction without any effort. The quick and easy to unfold design makes it workable within seconds.

The cart is made with durable polyester fabric that is sturdy enough to handle the maximum weight in it. It features a retractable handle that allows easy adjustment to the cart.

The Accessory Design

Its unique accessory folding design is equipped with two cup holders that help to hold the drinks while you’re camping. It also consists of a side storage bag that helps to organize things effectively in it. Also, the pad on the bottom ensures to keep the items in its place.

Steel Frame

The strong and sturdy steel frame makes it the best heavy-duty garden cart. It helps to carry the maximum weight of around 150lb. Moreover, the frame remains rust-free and offers services for years without getting damaged. But make sure to clean the cart and the fabric after every use.

Compact Folding Design

The utility wagon comes with a compact folding design that helps to store the cart anywhere in the house. This doesn’t consume much space in the home and fits perfectly.

Multipurpose Design

The cart is ideal for multipurpose. The polyester fabric frame, along with accessory bags, makes it portable to use anywhere on beaches, grocery pickup, gardens, and even in sports time.

Things To Consider Before Choosing The Right Garden Cart

A lot of things are put into consideration when purchasing the garden cart to ensure that you get to purchase the one with all the qualities you are looking for.


High-quality products are the ones that are usually made of strong and the right material to make it last for many years without breaking down or failing to no longer work. The quality of the product tells more of the product and how it is going to function.


Different products have different varying designs. In this case of the garden cart, look for one with a design that suits the kind of work you would like it to for example for heavy work look for one that is designed to handle terrains well and strongly.


Typically there are two types of tires in the garden carts- plastic and pneumatic.

Plastic tires come to deal with light loads and suitable to move on the grass terrain or other soft tops.

The best thing about the plastic tire is that it will not get punctured.

A pneumatic tire has been engineered to deal with the heavy-duty load. Therefore, Heavy-duty garden carts come with Pneumatic tires that are made of created from reinforced rubber, and these tires are filled with air, which will allow them to absorb shock from uneven surfaces.

The downside of this tire is that it can be punctured or torn while running over sharp items. Also, you need to refill the air periodically.

Carrying Capacity

While choosing the garden cart, it’s crucial to consider what scale load you will be hauling and how far you are going to transport them. Based on your load demand, you should select your cart.

There are various garden carts with different carrying capacities. Some carts are designed to hold under 500 pounds while some other carts can hold over 1,000 pounds.

A wise thing will be that you don’t need to overpay for the additional weights that you will never haul them.

Take note that more massive carts come with larger tires and solid frames which requires involves a bit physical effort to move them.

Your Strength

How is your strength?

The silly question indeed. But this question is one of the most crucial matter in choosing the right garden tractor for you. If you don’t have decent strength and energy, you should not select the heavy-duty cart. Make sure that you buy only that cart that you can handle yourself adequately.

If you have mobility concerns or feel any lack of upper body strength, a lighter version garden would be your right option


The material used to make the cart matters a lot because by knowing the material you will get to know how the cart will work and the period you will use it. You will also get to know if the cart will rust easily or whether it is durable.


Many of us are ever budget-conscious. We don’t always want to spend more. Cost is put into consideration because we always want to know if the product we want to purchase is worth every penny we want to spend on it to avoid regretting the purchase.

Difference Between Wheelbarrow and Garden Cart

There is often a debate between the garden cart and wheelbarrow, which one is best to use. You may find that some carts do more things than a regular wheelbarrow can do and vice versa. Thus, to differentiate between both of them, let’s take some overview of both.

The Wheelbarrows


The wheelbarrows are ideal for working in the tight space and narrow space gardens where the wheel carts might not work well.

More often, they are easier for dumping heavy loads. However, the downside of using the wheelbarrows is its stability. The crap from the barrow may tip out as it is not stable enough, especially when you work on uphill regions.

The Garden Carts

garden cart
Garden Cart

The garden carts are more stable as compared to the wheelbarrows and available in 2, 3, and 4 wheeled designs. These gardens carts are ideal for holding the maximum trash of the gardens and yards. But these are not ideal for working in small spaces.

Moreover, the gardens carts help put multiple plants at the same time and also help to put a huge amount of fertilizers in the garden. Apart from this, it helps to collect the trash from the ground as well.

Why Will You Need a Garden Cart?

The first question before having the garden cart in mind is, “Do I need a garden cart” or “why should I purchase a garden cart?”.

The garden carts come after a long journey from old schooling days when parents used to carry the stuff in the gardens. So, if you have a garden or a lawn, then you may need to have these garden carts to make your work easier.

The garden carts and wheelbarrows help move heavy and bulky items like fertilizer bags, tools, trash, and other garden equipment with ease. Moreover, these are also helpful in moving the trash from the grounds.

But in recent years, these garden carts are molded and adapted into different shapes and designs that make them ideal even for other purposes like groceries moving from the car, garden work, and trash handling from the houses. Moreover, you can use it for sports equipment holding, beach work, camping facilities and a lot more other stuff too.

You may also need a garden cart with lightweight fabric and foldable design to use while camping or while going on the beaches too.

It helps in handling your beverages and other equipment efficiently. And the best thing is they come in foldable design so that you can carry them easily anywhere even in your cars too.

The garden carts with a foldable design and fabric tub are also helpful with children to cart around while in the amusement parks and on your family trips as well.

These gardens help make your work hassle-free. So, you must have a garden cart that you can carry anywhere with you to handle your things, including beverages on the place.

Types of Garden Carts

There are four different kinds of garden carts available that have different styles and different designs. So, let us put some focus on these different type of carts.

The Utility Wagons

utility wagon
Utility Wagon

The utility wagons are those types of garden carts that consist of four vertical sides. The vertical sides help to keep the things safely inside the utility wagon as you move the cart from one place to another.

However, there are some versions of utility wagons also available that feature removable sides. These help access the items when you are cleaning your garden cart. Moreover, you can also remove the two sides to avoid any loading conditions.

These may be good to have but often difficult to move if they have a heavy load on it. Above that, the utility carts are helpful when you want to put compost in the garden, carry large plants, and hold the garbage of the lawns.

The Dumping Carts

Dumping Garden Cart

The dumping style garden carts are specially made as to the utility and wheelbarrow type. These are available in two distinctive two-wheel and four-wheel designs. The dumping cart version helps in dumping the fertilizers in the gardens.

It’s an excellent choice for moving the dirt, debris, fertilizers, mulch, and leaves from the lawns and many other works.

These are also great for handling the gardening tools and wood trash. The heavy-duty dumping carts help in working on the bigger size gardens and lawns. However, these may feel heavy to the hands due to their bulky size when used. But these are ideal for the dumping purpose. These are often useful to carry heavy material easily without putting effort into it.

Flatbed Carts

flatbed garden cart
Flatbed Garden Cart

As the name of the cart is indicating, these flatbed carts are available without the sides. This type of cart is beneficial for moving the large gunny bags of fertilizers and soils.

Furthermore, these flatbeds are also helpful in carrying bulky items like mini trees and woods and machinery tools in them.

The flat surface sets you worry-free, and you don’t require to have cautions while using these carts. This is because the flat surface never drops the loads out from the cart and is wider enough to offer ample space to fit all the bulky things inside the carts perfectly.

And if you have kids at home who love to play in gardens with tools and muds, then this will be an ideal option for you to carry their whole stuff in one place.

Foldable Carts

foldable garden cart
Foldable Garden Cart (Image Source: Amazon)

The foldable cart, as their name suggests, has a foldable design. They come with fabric tubs that are easy to fold yet sturdy enough to hold all the stuff inside the tub gracefully. These foldable carts are made with a metallic frame and fabric with a crisscross pattern.

The foldable design allows easy storage in any place. The collapsing frame ensures you to fold it easily and store it anywhere in the home without any hassles.

They don’t have removable sides and only made for carrying lighter things and items. The foldable version of the garden cart is an excellent option for traveling, shopping, and camping purposes.

But this is not sturdy enough to hold the heavy garden tools and other stuff in it.

Frequently Asked Questions

01. Which Will Be The Best Garden Carts?

Ans: The gardens carts are those that help to carry the load and are easy to move and access. There are a plethora of models available that are best in the functioning and are highly affordable too. However, if you need the perfcet one, then choose one of them from Suncast, Mac, Gorilla cart, and Greenworks cart.

02. Suggest Some Uses Of The Garden Carts

Ans: The garden carts are helpful in many ways. These carts help to dump fertilizers in the garden, move trash from the gardens, and keep the plants in it. Above that, their latest version and models of the garden carts are also used to carry the sports equipment, groceries, and a lot more other stuff.

However, due to its compact foldable design, you can also use it on the beach, for camping, and for traveling purpose too. It will help you to carry all your goods and beverages inside it efficiently. Moreover, kids can enjoy playing in the gardens. And you can also cart around your kids while going to the parks.

03. What Is The ideal Size Of The Standard Wheelbarrow?

Ans: The wheelbarrows come in different sizes and shapes. However, the standard size of the wheelbarrow is three to six cubic feet capacity. These are enough to handle the maximum weight of around 200lbs.

04. Are These Plastic Material Garden Carts Durable?

Ans: Yes, the garden carts made with resin plastic are highly durable and long-lasting. These are resistant to rust, mildew, and UV lights. And due to high resistance, they are portable to use for a longer time without getting damaged.

Final Verdict

When it comes to garden cart, there is no argument that the ones above are the best available in the market. What are you still looking for when you already got the cart that makes moving and unloading of supplies around the garden seem effortless.

So, this is the time to put your focus on garden carts and wheelbarrows that we’ve listed in this article. All of these are of high quality and affordable so that they fit your budget nicely.

Also, to avoid your searching time and save energy, we’ve provided a buying guide in the article. This will help you in finding the perfect carts for your garden.