Plastic Vs. Steel Wheelbarrow: Which Should Be Your Best Choice?

Are you a gardener or planning to start a garden? Or do you have a construction firm? Whatever you are, if you need to maneuver your loads like soil, mulches, weeds, timber, stones, cement, and logs you must have a wheelbarrow. A perfect wheelbarrow can make your load transport easy and fun.

In the ancient days, wheelbarrow features and material variations were not much. But in recent years, manufacturers are producing varieties of wheelbarrows with different features and materials. The most commons materials of wheelbarrows are plastic and metal.

However, choosing the perfect material of wheelbarrow for you considering your needs can be still confusing if you don’t have proper research on it. As we have long hours of research on the wheelbarrow, we can help you to make your decision precisely. We can show you whether a plastic or metal wheelbarrow will be best for you.

In Short Difference Between Plastic and Metal Wheelbarrow

Plastic Wheelbarrow
  • It comes with lightweight
  • Easier to move
  • Long life without rust
  • Can become delicate over time
Steel Wheelbarrow
  • Heavy-duty tools
  • Won’t fold when put heavy load
  • Capable to haul heavier materials
  • Won’t be breakable from weather

Plastic Wheelbarrow

plastic wheelbarrow

Plastic wheelbarrows are made of plastic materials and used for transporting lighter materials such as soil, leaves, weeds, small tools or bags etc. This kind of wheelbarrow appeared as a lighter style with durability and fancy in design. A good number of Kid’s wheelbarrows are from plastic, but that does not mean those are cheap and readily breakable like toys. As a mainstream wheelbarrow, plastic wheelbarrow still has durability.

However, you can see the plastic wheelbarrows in various sizes from oversize wheelbarrows to tiny ones. Also, they are available in different shapes, and colors from brand manufacturers.

Benefits of Plastic Wheelbarrow:

Using plastic wheelbarrows brings both physical as well as economic benefits. If you are looking for a budget-friendly wheelbarrow meeting your requirement, you can go easily go for a plastic one considering its price range and shipping cost for lightweight. On top of that, due to the lightness of its kind, it helps to reduce physical stress. It is easier than a steel wheelbarrow, even when full of loads.

Most importantly, this kind of material minimizes the cost in the long run. Further, plastic material is free from rust which gives extra durability. No matter even if you are not so caring, insensitive to the store correctly. No need to be worried about rusting if you retain your wheelbarrow out in the rain for a few months.

Drawbacks of Plastic Wheelbarrow:

Needless to say that you have already realized that plastic wheelbarrows have great benefits for its kind of lightweight, durability, and easier handling. But when it comes to approaching to heavy loads like a stone, wood log, mixing concrete, you should not choose a plastic one. You always need to keep your eye on what and how much supplies you put into it as a heavy load such as rocks or logs can make it cracked and fragile!

Not only that, you must take special care in case of sharper stuff such as sharp metal or glasses to avoid the damages and scratches.

No doubt, plastic wheelbarrows are resistant to rust even in the open air and sky. Unfortunately, they can be brittle from extreme sun and cold exposure.

Steel Wheelbarrow

steel wheelbarrow

When you think of moving heavy loads including plants, timber, stones, cement, and logs from one place to another, metal wheelbarrows are the best options.

All we need to consider heavy-duty metal wheelbarrow than a plastic wheelbarrow for yard or construction sites. The steel wheelbarrow can grip and move huge loads without buckling or folding.



Benefits of Steel Wheelbarrow:

Do you need to haul sizable materials like stones, cement, and logs? Steel wheelbarrows are the best options for them.

As steel wheelbarrow is made of studious metal, it can hold and move heavy loads regardless of stone piles to heavy garden mulch with ease.

Being incredibly versatile and dynamic, you can expect overuse and abuse without seeing any problem over the years.

Steel wheelbarrows are not only heavily used in construction sites or yards, but also they can be in handy around the garden.

Drawbacks of Steel Wheelbarrow:

Due to its sturdy steel metal, it is more substantial itself compared to plastic one even when it remains empty. When you add loads to it, it becomes heavier. In some cases, you might not feel at ease handling this kind of wheelbarrow when it is full of loads.

Steel wheelbarrows are not rust-resistant tools. If you are not caring about this type of gardening tool and keep it in the open air, rust will follow to these tools. Rust has a drastic impact on this kind of metal which delicate the tools and makes ultimately them unusable. You need to take special care to protect them from the elements, especially from the rain.

When we think of kids, they need a lightweight wheelbarrow, and the metal wheelbarrow is not suitable for them.

Final Words

Both Plastic and steel wheelbarrows have their features with both merits and demerits.

When your loads are heavy and work around in the yard or construction, please go with the steel wheelbarrow. A steel wheelbarrow is considered a heavy-duty wheelbarrow for being capable of dealing with heavy loads.

However, a plastic wheelbarrow is the best option for lighter-weight maneuvering.