Best Kids’ Wheelbarrow – The Best & Safest One for Your Superhero!

Every parent wants to see their little one stay active and joyful, and I believe you're no different. Your job as a parent, to keep your little one busy and active, is giving them the right tool that does no harm for them, and teaches them a thing or two, alongside entertaining them. So, what the right tool might be for them when you’re gardening having them around? Well, consider a wheelbarrow, a kids’ wheelbarrow, the best kids' wheelbarrow!

It’s an efficient and entertaining toy for kids that can help develop their motor skills and creativity.

A wheelbarrow is such a tool that they're gonna enjoy whether they use it to transport their other toys or maybe even to give you a helping hand with your gardening. (Sounds pretty heroic, right?)

But, as I mentioned before, the first and foremost criteria of any kids’ toy is it needs to be safe. For a wheelbarrow, it needs to be safe obviously, and eye catchy at the same time so your kid gets attracted to it, and easy to maneuver as well thus those little hands can roam it around effortlessly.

In this piece, I’ll try to make your job easier as a parent of picking the best wheelbarrow for you kid. Considering that you’ve minimal to zero knowledge of wheelbarrows, thus don’t know which one to buy considering all the aspects, I’ve put together a list consisting of 8 best kids’ wheelbarrows.

You may pick one of them considering you situations and expectations from the barrow. But undoubtedly, they’re the best 8 kids’ wheelbarrow that one can buy from the market right now.

Best Kids’ Wheelbarrows: The Top 8

So here goes the list of the top kids’ wheelbarrows. Try to pick the one that matches your circumstances like your kids’ age, color choice etc.

Radio Flyer Kid's Wheelbarrow

A wheelbarrow that is functional and fun. Coming in a cute & iconic red color, this barrow is a cute way to have tons of fun for your little one. The authentic wooden handle makes it look like an authentic wheelbarrow. And the lightweightness makes it ideal for kids.

Radio Flyer is an old player in the toys and children's accessories industry that has a legacy of more than 100 years. They've got tons of experience which helps them to come out with the best toy solution every time.

This kids’ wheelbarrow from Radio Flyer is well suited for three years or older kids’.

The main carry tray of this wheelbarrow is made from lightweight, durable material which comes with a very nice iconic red color finishing. Radio Flyer provided a sturdy steel undercarriage for strength, durability and added safety.

One of my favorite thing about this wheelbarrow is the rounded no-scratch edges, preventing most accidental scrapes and bruises that tend to happen often. Big relief!

Radio Flyer kids' wheelbarrow features real wooden handles that give them an authentic look of a regular wheelbarrow. Your little one will actually feel ‘part of it', the serious gardening work.

The wheels on this tool are made from plastic. These are durable molded wheels that roll easily.

An upset from this wheelbarrow is its assembly. It's tougher than expected. You're going to put some real time on it before the first use. Radio Flyer should've done, or should do something about this.

Summarising the Radio Flyer Kids’ Wheelbarrow:

  • A fun and functional, eye catchy wheelbarrow.
  • Kids’ safety measures are well taken care of.
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • Authentic looks with the real wood handles.
  • Assembly is an upset, could be better.

Melissa & Doug Giddy Buggy Cart

A wonderful wheelbarrow cum toy for kids aged three and up that will help improve their motor skills and coordination. Being a wheelbarrow that is perfect for both indoor and outdoor use, it provides countless hours of genuine fun!

Melissa & Doug is such a toy manufacturer that has a strive to bring a smile to every kid's face with entertaining and educational toys, including train sets, ride-on toys etc. They’re mostly known for manufacturing affordably priced toys and accessories for kids of all ages.

The Giddy Buggy cart is a very cute looking wheelbarrow from them that kids are going to love. The brightly colored plastic cart looks very attractive and the bright stripes and Giddy buggy character adds more glamour to it. It’s a kind of cart that every kid fall in love with on their first sight.

The cart has a lightweight yet pretty sturdy plastic construction. The plastic used to make it, I found durable enough. It’s definitely is not the sturdiest kids’ wheelbarrow out there. But for that matter, how often does your kid need to carry heavy stuff?

The wheels on this cart are also I though a bit on the softer side. It’s not that rigid like many other wheelbarrows, but it’s more than okay for the purpose.

Talking about lightweightness, this cart pushes the limit. It’s only 2.5 pounds, making it super easy for your little one to move this around.

The Giddy buggy cart is easy to clean and store. It’s a good advantage to have since your little one is expected not to leave it clean for long.

The cart is easy to assemble as well. It's going to take minimal time for your to assemble this. There's not much waiting before the first use from its arrival.

Finally, when it comes to entertainment value, this cart undoubtedly stimulates your kid's imagination. Your little one is going to enjoy transporting their toys, creating sand or water games or moving flowers or plants with it.

Seymour WB-JRB Kids’ Poly Tray Wheelbarrow

If you want your kid to engage in real yard work, Seymour WB-JR Lightweight is the one you’re looking for. It’s the smaller version of an adult wheelbarrow. All those traits, just in smaller scale.

The manufacturer, Seymour manufactures a variety of gardening and landscaping tools, especially wheelbarrows, in different sizes.

If you are a regular gardener, there's a high chance that you've come across Seymour's products previously and know how good are them. This kid's wheelbarrow from them is no different.

The tray of this barrow is manufactured using a lightweight kids-safe polypropylene plastic. The plastic is a high-density one that is capable of hauling heavy materials.

Like I said earlier, it's like an adult wheelbarrow, on a smaller scale. The tray is also corrosion and rust resistant. The tray can survive wear and tear with minimal damage. The cart is also pretty attractive with the iconic red color.

This wheelbarrow comes with solid rubber tires and a durable ball bearing smooth wheel that makes it perfect for doing tasks around the garden, in different terrains.

The tool features ergonomic hardwood handles that have smooth non- irritant surfaces. Hardwood handles are known to be easy to use, even for little kids.

The wheelbarrow is pretty lightweight as well, weighing around five pounds. So, easy to maneuver for your child.

Ask him to transport plants, flowers, toys, sand accessories, anything with the wheelbarrow, it’ll handle.

Morgan Cycle Junior Size Steel Garden WheelBarrow

A wheelbarrow that is ideal for transporting cute teddy bears in style, for two to four-year-old heroes.

The manufacturer, Morgan Cycle is especially popular for making high-quality ride-on toys, carts, wheelbarrows and more.

Since they specialize in ride-on toys, they have a wide variety of such toys available for sale, including small planes, cars, street racers, retro vehicles, and more. But let's stick to the cart manufactured by them that we should be talking about.

Morgan Cycle’s Junior Size Steel Garden WheelBarrow comes in a beautiful green color with hardwood handles. The green color blends in great with the garden environment and gives your kids’ eye a satisfaction. The color feels nice to the eyes, honestly!

The tray is made of durable steel that makes the cart sturdy and capable of hauling heavy loads. Thankfully, the edges of the steel tray are made rounded to ensure your child’s safety, to prevent injuries.

The wheelbarrow only weighs around five pounds despite the steel tray, so it’s pretty easy to move around.

The wheel of this cart is made from rubber that can easily travel over different terrains like sand, gravel, and tarmac. The wheel gets a good grip and does not slip. This gives a hint of confidence to the mover.

Morgan Cycle’s Junior Size Steel Garden WheelBarrow features hardwood handles with a soft finish to it that is comfortable to grip. The handle is convenient to grip and it feels nice.

The assembly is not the easiest, neither the toughest. It won’t be much difficult if you have the required tools and included accessories.

If your kid is more than two-years-old, this kid’s wheelbarrow from Morgan Cycle’s is perfect for their independent transportation of toys.

You might also get their help with your gardening. On other thoughts, your child will have a blast playing sand or water games in this wheelbarrow.

Hape Kids Beach and Garden Wheelbarrow

What a nice looking wheelbarrow Hape just made! The glossy red color of this barrow is out of the world, to me, and to your kid, if you buy it for him. I believe every kid is going to love the awesome look of this wheelbarrow.

The manufacturer, Hape is a German brand which was founded in 1986 and specializes in well-designed kids toys. They also have a good range of Ride-on toys and the wheelbarrow is one of their most iconic product.

Like I mentioned at the beginning, the wheelbarrow looks glamorous with the glossy red color. But if your child is a blue fanatic, like many children are, you have that option too.

This barrow has blue color variant too, though I think most of the kids will like the red variant more. But who cares what I think, get your child the color he wants!

To add-on, that nice looking paint is also child safe. Seems like Hape did a good job with coloring and painting and looks, right?

The tray is made of plastic. The material is lightweight which makes the cart weigh around four pounds, good numbers! Seems easy to maneuver, huh? To mention, the borders are rounded so hopefully, your little one won't get any injury from it.

I actually don’t know what the handles are exactly made off, pretty sure it’s not hardwood. The handles felt nice though. But I’d still prefer hardwood handles with nice finishing in a kids’ wheelbarrow.

You can use the wheelbarrow to store various outdoors items, gardening tools, or similar accessories in the spacious plastic tray, while it’s not in use.

The tray cleans easily as well and there's some sort of coating on it that doesn't let stain stay. A good advantage to have I think.

The Hape kids' beach and garden wheelbarrow actually suit both beach and garden. It is ideal for playing with water or sand. If your kid is over 18-months-old, consider getting him it.

Janod J03210 Toy Wheelbarrow Metal by Janod

If you want one of the best kids’ wheelbarrow out there, and if you have some good budget to spend on it, the Janod J03210 is the one for you to look out.

Being on the pretty expensive side, it offers some extra features and better quality in everything, for obvious reasons!

Janod is a French brand that specializes in the manufacturing of traditional toys and games from wood and cardboard.

The company was founded in 1970, by Louis Janod, focusing on manufacturing traditional wooden toys. With time, it has adapted and started making toys with not only wood, but other materials, and it has done well.

The Janod 03210, being designed it France (obvious), is a very nice looking wheelbarrow with an eye catchy color. The color looks very vibrant, hits the eye. It's non-toxic as well, so safe for your kid.

It has got a metallic frame that gives the wheelbarrow ultra-stability. The metal is sturdy and the edges are well finished to prevent any cuts. Parts are designed to be safe for little heroes.

The whole body of this barrow has metallic and wooden construction. The cart is pretty compact in size as well. It’s good for children of over 3 years.

Wheels on this cart are very strong and rigid, and it suits a variety of trains. The wheel mechanism is great and it runs flawlessly.

The handles are made of real wood, well finished, non-irritant, as expected from such an expensive kids' wheelbarrow. They give such a nice grip.

Weight is the whole wheelbarrow is not much (I don't have the exact number since I didn't weigh it myself). It will be easy for your little one to push it around.

Assembling is pretty straightforward as well, not a daunting task. But not the easiest for sure.

A downside of this cart is the storage is modest and the support is somewhat wobbly.

Overall it’s definitely a go if one’s willing to spend more than a hundred bucks on their junior’s wheelbarrow. If you can afford it, it’s definitely a get wheelbarrow, for sure.

Sunny Days Entertainment Garden Wheelbarrow

A nice looking kids’ wheelbarrow in Blue is the Sunny Days Entertainment Garden Wheelbarrow. Having a durable tray and built sturdy, this is ideal for hauling all type of materials that your little superhero might want to haul.

Sunny Days Entertainment is a toy company formed by the veterans of the toy industry. Though this company is not that old being founded in 2012, it has already been promising, due to the toy veterans operating behind the scene.

They know how to make a good kids’ toy, and they’ve shown the example in the garden wheelbarrow by them.

The look of this wheelbarrow is pretty attractive in blue color. The painting is well finished and it's bright. Thus it catches the attention of kids.

Carry tray is made of durable plastic, and it is corrosion and rust resistant. The legs are made of metal and the whole sturdy frame is there to provide solid support.

The support is enough for hauling almost all type of materials, from toys to lawn trimmings. Also, your kiddie is not going to have to apply a lot of force to move it around, it's easy to maneuver.

The cart has large rubber tires that get a good grip and provide confidence to the little guy.

The handles are made of real wood and they get a nice grip, thus comfortable. But I felt they were somewhat fragile which is not a good sign. I also felt that they could be a li'l' bigger.

The assembly part is one of its flaws. It's not close to easy. This happens mainly because of the inaccurately drilled holes. It's tough to fit in. You're gonna need to spend some time and effort with it.

Ames True Temper Contractor

If your kid loves to accompany you to the garden and you want to keep them engaged, then the Ames True Temper Contractor is one great wheelbarrow that you can get them.

The manufacturer, Ames is not basically a specialized toy manufacturer. They've bunch on other product categories that they manufacturer. Though they're not specialized toy manufacturer, their true temper wheelbarrow for kids got good popularity because of the quality it possesses.

The tray of this wheelbarrow is spacious. It's made of durable steel that is corrosion and rust resistant. The tray is easy to clean as well due to the coating it has over the steel.

It’s a solid wheelbarrow with the sturdy steel frame. The wheelbarrow gives confidence due to its rigidity. Risk of injuries to your little superhero is very low with the True Temper Contractor.

The cart has stable pneumatic dual wheel design which is strong and very easy to use even at full capacity. The wheel suits different terrains effortlessly.

It's pretty easy for your little one to push it around due to the lightweightness. The handle of this cart is made of hardwood so no complaint on that.

Only complaint is that this kids' wheelbarrow is not, freeze resistant; it's actually vulnerable to freeze. So you might want to save it from freezing cold weather to increase its longevity.

What makes the Best Kids' Wheelbarrow? The Buying Guide

I’d like to enlighten you on what makes a good kids’ wheelbarrow and what not! Would you like to learn?

There are certain things that you must consider before picking any wheelbarrow for your little superhero. Here are the things -


Relax, buying a wheelbarrow for your kid is not going to break your bank. They’re less expensive than any latest PC game. A good quality kids’ wheelbarrow is going to cost you somewhere from thirty to sixty bucks.

Most of the good quality wheelbarrow that I discussed above are priced in this range, except the Janod 03210, which is pretty more expensive. If this is your first wheelbarrow purchase, I'd suggest you stick to the budget of 30-60 bucks. Keep the Janod for the next purchase.

But, you shouldn't buy some super cheap wheelbarrow that's nothing but shit, you'll eventually find out. My suggested products are the ones that you can rely on being in the budget.


A kids’ wheelbarrow is a pretty basic machine, so are the features. Still, let me set some standards for you -

Size: Kids wheelbarrows are supposed to be kids’ sized. They are expected to be around 15 inches in height.

Age Range: Most of the wheelbarrows are designed for kids aged two or more. Though there are some products that suit kids less than two. Choose accordingly.

Looks and Color: Kids products are supposed to be colorful and eye-catchy. But one that you’ll superhero will get attracted to.

Materials Used: Most of the kids' wheelbarrow is made of plastic, steel, and hardwood for the handle. Make sure they are kid-safe, means there is no component that might hurt your little buddy.


No matter what the tray is made of, plastic or steel, you want to make sure that they have rounded edges so your kids won’t injure themselves while playing.

For the handles, the best material is hardwood, then plastic. Hardwood handles are more aesthetically pleasing and more durable.

Two common materials used for wheels are steel or plastic, along with rubber tire. Steel wheels are more rigid and durable, whereas plastic wheels give a better experience on different terrains.

For your peace of mind as a parent, I'd like to let you know that all the top manufacturers, including all I mentioned in the article, use BPA-free products and child-safe paints, so no toxic substances will come to contact to your child from using any of these mentioned wheelbarrows.

Ease of Use:

Nothing much to worry here, as most of the kids' wheelbarrows are straightforward to use and there ain't many tricks. You just want to make sure that the wheelbarrow is lightweight so superhero won't have to put much energy behind it to move around.

Best Kids’ Wheelbarrow - Wrapping Up:

That was pretty much everything I knew about kids’ wheelbarrows. I hope my effort to help you pick the best wheelbarrow for your kid actually did some favor to you.

If you’re still confused about anything, ask me in the comment section below. I’ll get back to you ASAP.

Until next time,

Take care and make sure your superhero is having fun in a safe environment. Tadaaa!

Patricia J. Moore

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