9 Essential Gardening Tools that Every Gardener should own.

Last Updated : January 3, 2021 |

Are you new to gardening; don’t know much how to gardening? You may think that seeds, soils, sun, and water are enough to start gardening. Not at all, you must have some essential gardening tools that will make your gardening jobs more comfortable, more productive.

There are hundreds of gardening tools available in the market to buy, but initially, you don’t need to buy all the tools to start your gardening jobs. Before buying appliances, you need to make the priority and know the uses of the devices which help you to be precise in buying.

In this article, we have picked some of the necessary tools that every gardener must need.

Digging Shovel:

Digging Shovel

You cannot just imagine gardening job without digging shovel. The primary functions of the digging spade are to dig, lift and move the material from one place to another place.

Digging shovels are designed mainly with slightly curved scoop upturned edges along with a pointed or flat tip. Pointed tips work for digging and planting soft soil while sharp flat tips are suitable for heavy-duty hard-packed soils.

When you plan to proceed to plant anything more substantial, please go for a round-blade shovel. On the other hand, D-shaped handle gives you two-handed control when digging up and mixing heavy loads of soil.

However, please go for the steel made shovels which are sturdy and durable than the shovels made of aluminium. Iron made shovel won’t flex under a heavy load as fiberglass would.

Choosing the long or short shovel lies within the task you will accomplish but selecting with right length shovel will help you to work efficiently and keep the body safe.


Trowel Tools

Garden trowel is a small hand tool with pointed, scoop-shaped. It has a metal blade along with handle made of wood or metal or plastic. It is perfect and handy tools for breaking the soil, digging holes, mixing fertilizer, placing small plants on pots.

Look for a trowel that has the comfortable handle and well-fitted blade that will last a long time.

Garden Rake

Garden Rake

Garden rake becomes the most important tool for gardening in spring when you cultivate the soil in

your garden. Leveling or loosening the soil, light weeding, removing dead grass from lawns all can be done with this great tool.

Modern rakes usually come in steel or plastic and handle often made of wood or metal as well. Whether it is plastic or metal, both have the merits or demerits. However, plastic rakes are generally in lighter weight and cheap while metal rakes are sturdy and durable.

Edging Spade

Edging Spade

Edging spade is another great tool with great feature including an extra robust, and sharp blade is perfect for edging and planting in regular soil.

Not only that, a flat –blade edging spade can slice turf neatly, cut roots, or remove the small amount of soil. By edging with the edging tool, you are enhancing the beautification of a garden which attracts the viewers.

However, it comes in different sizes and features. Chose this tools with right length to avoid strain and ensure the control and comfort with the lightweight design and soft grip lined push-pull handle.


Pruners gardening tools

Pruners are designed as scissors, and they are strong enough to cut the branches of trees, shrubs. It is suitable for thin wood up to two centimeters. When you go for cutting with the pruner, you will notice that there are two ways pruner blades cut bypass-type and anvil-type; definitely, bypass pruners are suitable for you.

Bypass pruners are the most common kind like the pair of scissors with two blades. Two blades function by crossing over each other and can do the most exactly placed cut while anvil pruners have only one edge which is suitable for cutting thick branches.

Pruner is must have gardening tool for your cutting and trimming jobs.

Hose and Sprayer

Gardening cannot be possible without water.

The most convenient way of watering is to use the hose and sprayers which makes your watering jobs easy and fun. You may find the tubes in various materials like vinyl, rubber including different sizes. Chose a heavy-duty rubber hose for the extra life.

You need to attach sprayer and sprinklers to concentrate water at one point or to make a soft spray or to make a hard flash for cleaning the mud of tools.

Hose Reels:

Watering with hose must be great fun for you; not only that, but your kids also will enjoy a lot to water in summer with the tube.

But afterwards of watering, you should not keep the unorganized hose way. To be frank, rolling up your hose after watering job by yourself can be messy and tiresome work. To make rolling jobs of hose easy and organized, you need to buy a hose reel. A hose reel stores the hose correctly and gives extra life to a tube. A lot of benefits of using hose reel you will notice when you will use it.

Hose reels can be hand driven or self-retractable.   You can fix it in a permanent place, or you can find it as portable format, or you can attach on the cart.  Click below link which will help you to find the best hose reel in the market.

 Gardening Gloves:

Every gardener must have a pair of gardening gloves to keep the hands protected.

Good gardening gloves not only keep your hand clean but also helps to protect from annoying scratches and sufferings from the dirt.

If you have the sensitive skin, you need to wear gardening gloves while working in the garden to avoid allergic reactions to fertilizers.

I would suggest here to buy nitrite-coated gloves which have the excellent feature of dexterity. With this kind of gloves, you can even pick up seeds! Machine washable feature is another significant advantage of this gloves


A wheelbarrow is a fantastic tool that makes your job easy by carrying the soil, compost, mulch, gardening tools from one place to another quickly.

Wheelbarrow comes in various options. Bin can be made of plastic or metal while handle can be made of wood or metal.

Plastic wheelbarrow is suitable for lightweight carrying while for a heavy load, you need to go for the metal wheelbarrow. Keep in mind that metal wheelbarrow is prone to be rust while plastic wheelbarrow can crack under extreme weather.

However, chose your suitable wheelbarrow taking into consideration your purpose to use the wheelbarrow.

You can know More details reading Gardenever.com wheelbarrow guide.

Garden Hoe

When spade or shovel cannot satisfy you in digging and breaking new ground, it is garden hoe which can fulfill your proper digging requirement with excellent performance. Primarily it comes with a lot of uses in the spring season when you are preparing the garden for planting. It is perfect for weeding and chopping the ground land.

Which garden hoe is suitable for you will depend on which type of gardening you will be performing.

When you have in mind to deal with dirt or vegetable garden, you should go for a full hoe.