Top 10 Best Garden Hose Reels in 2024 – Best True Hose Reels Buyer Guide

No doubt, Watering with the hose in the garden comes to you like fun and enjoyable.

But after watering, it can be messy and tiresome if you don’t have a hose reel to organize the hose.

Using a garden hose reel can give you relief from that tiredness and make your gardening job enjoyable and easy. However, choosing the right product among thousands of available in the market is not only a hassle but also painful.

So, in this article, we’ve reviewed the best garden hose reels which are available in the market.

Suncast Hideaway CPLSSM200B

Suncast Hideaway CPLSSM200B

• Type automatic
• Dimension 26 x 21 x 23.75in
• Capacity 225 feet
• Weight 23 pounds
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Liberty Garden 709 Steel Wall

Liberty Garden 709 Steel Wall

• Type wall mount
• Dimension 15 x 21.9 x 17.6 inches
• Capacity 200 feet
• Weight 14.5 pounds
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Neverleak Side Mount

Neverleak Side Mount

• Type side mount
• Dimension 19 x 8 x 20 in
• Capacity 100 feet
• Weight 6.5 pounds
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Liberty Garden Products 704

Liberty Garden Products 704

• Type wall mount
• Dimension 15.5 x 21.5 x 13.5 inches
• Capacity 125 feet
• Weight 12.6 pounds
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Neverleak Wall Mount 241-5500

Neverleak Wall Mount 241-5500

• Type wall mount
• Dimension 18 x 23 x 17 in
• Capacity 225 feet
• Weight 8.4 pounds
Price Please
Giraffe Metal Hose Reel

Giraffe Metal Hose Reel

• Two wheel reel cart
• Dimension 22.5 x 19.5 x 18.8 inches
• Capacity 130 feet-200 feet
• Weight 30.3 pounds
Price Please
Liberty Garden Products 871-1

Liberty Garden Products 871-1

• Four wheel reel cart
• Dimension 29 x 24.5 x 35 inches
• Capacity 250 feet
• Weight 34.4 pounds
Price Please
Suncast Aquawinder RSW-125D

Suncast Aquawinder RSW-125D

• Retractable Hose Reel
• Dimension 24 x 27 x 23.5 in
• Capacity 125 feet
• Weight 22.1 pounds
Price Please
Best Choice Products

Best Choice Products

• Four wheel reel cart
• Dimension 26 x 24 x 44.5 inches
• Capacity 300 feet
• Weight 44.4 pounds
Price Please
RL Flo-Master Retractable 65HR8

RL Flo-Master Retractable 65HR8

• Retractable hose reel
• Dimension 20 x 13 x 23 in
• Capacity 65 feet
• Weight 25.9 pounds
Price Please
Flexilla Retractable L8250-FZ

Flexilla Retractable L8250-FZ

• Retractable hose reel
• Dimension 14.2 x 8 x 14 in
• Capacity 30 feet
• Weight 11.5 pounds
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Best Garden Hose Reels: Comprehensive

To pick up the best hose reel, we have considered different factors such as materials, hose length, weight, durability, dimensions, warranty, portability, retractable and user-friendly features.
Our recommended garden hose reels are in the following list:

OUR TOP PICK: Suncast Hideaway CPLSSM200B

Among our selected and reviewed hose reels, we have picked Suncast Hideaway for our best reel depending on its quality, years of services, ingredients, and other related features.

It’ll give you the absolute experience of enjoyable gardening and landscaping.

1. Suncast Hideaway CPLSSM200B – BEST REEL BOX

Suncast Hideaway CPLSSM200B

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Suncast Swivel Hideaway is an automatic hose reel with a sufficient storage system. The durability of the reel is extensive for its vinyl ingredient which also makes the design rust-free.

Reeling system of the hose is so easy that you’ll need half the effort of the regular to make it concise.

Also, the availability of various styles and colors will help you to choose your favorite one to suit any place.

The most incredible thing about the best automatic hose reel is its 225 feet hosepipe.

Features in Shortlist:

  • UV rays protection & muffle design.
  • The durable design to save your bucks from buying another one.
  • New frame design, improved maneuverability.
  • An efficient storage system with an automatic hose reel.
  • 225 feet hose pipe will help water a large garden.
  • Hold base tightly to the ground.
  • No extra tools are required as arriving full fit.
  • A Standard 5/8 inches Vinyl hose used.

Materials, Design & Features

Suncast features a 225 feet hose reels manufacturing by standard 5/8 inch Vinyl Hose. The capacity of an efficient storage system makes it self-organized for reeling with half effort.

You can use the hose reels anywhere of the garden for its longer length. No need to buy additional pipes for watering trees and plants.

Suncast hose reel comes with a proper manual guide to make gardening easy. It requires you less time to waste in adjusting for gardening.

However, when you make the hose reel part and parcel of your gardening, it’ll be fun and exciting to pass your time in the garden.

Highly portability of the reel makes it move easily from one place to another in the garden.

To prevent a garden or garage from an ugly look, Suncast Swivel Hose Hideaway is an excellent tool. It has storage to hide the hoses in the reel compartment.

So, nothing will be shown from the outside. Also, the foot pedal helps wrap the pipes at ease and comfort.

Most Attractive Feature

You will be amazed at the latest feature as a rechargeable battery and charger assembled with the reel set.
The battery is small, motor scooter usable, and sealed which is ready to use for the unwinding of hose with a possible short time.
The base of the reel can swivel in 360 degrees which makes it a versatile tool for watering or cleaning garden and garage.

  • Maximum level quality and durability.
  • Awesome design integrating the best ingredients and neutral color.
  • Easy to use and assemble for the large handle
  • Leak-proof pipe for aluminum materials used.
  • UV protection and resistance the crack for the Sun.
  • Easy to adjust by following manuals.
  • The small belt feels hard to hold.
  • Two stakes are enough, but someone may want more.


If you need a longer hose to use for years, it’s perfect to meet your demand. Also, the portability will allow you to use it in any place as per your need whether in the garage, in the garden, or anywhere else.


Apart from hundreds of hose reels available in the market, we have sorted the best ones according to user-friendly experiences, warranty or guaranty, hose pipes length, ingredients used to manufacture, and so on.

And we strongly believe that picking up your necessary one among the following hose reels will do your heart good.

2. Liberty Garden 709 Steel Wall Mount– Best Wall Mount Hose Reel

Liberty Garden 709

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The Liberty Garden 709 is a dual-mount premium hose reel that’s simple to operate. The main point of attraction of this hose reel has to be its fantastic build-quality and performance

Being made of industrial-grade steel, this is one hell of a sturdy reel that looks highly premium with the powder-coated finish. Other than that, this hose reel is well functional, but there are some concerns as well.

Features in Shortlist:

  • 13-gauge steel made.
  • Powder-coated finish.
  • 5′ of leader hose.
  • UV rays protection.
  • Highly durable, will serve you for years.
  • Premium-looking.
  • Enhances the beauty of your watering.

Materials, Design & Features

The 709 is made of 13-gauge industrial-grade aluminum which is far better than average resin or plastic that most of the hose reels are made off. That, however, makes this hose reel heavier but it feels solid that way.

The handle is also well-made and rock solid. All that thing is covered with high-quality powder coating for longer-lasting of it and attractive looks. Both the bare steel and tan look highly premium.

Liberty garden claims that this reel can hold up to 200-feet of 5/8-inch garden hose, which is not true though. This model can comfortably hold 120-130 feet of ⅝ hose but after that, it gets tight and challenging.

The reel has a dual-mount design. You can mount the coil on your wall or the second thought, you can also use this as a non-skid floor mount as it comes with rubber boots.

Those boots hold the reel to the ground.

However, I think mounting the reel on the wall is the better choice because it will simply be understandable that rubber boots won’t hold the reel as firmly as mounting hardware in the wall will. Having the second option is great but still not as functional as the primary one.

Most Attractive Feature

The best thing about this reel has to be its great build-quality. With premium steel build and galvanized/brass connections, this is way ahead of the par.

Besides the best design and features, significant warranty period will save your bucks by getting superior customer service for breakage or leakage rather purchasing a new one.

  • Great build quality
  • Rust-resistant
  • It looks and feels premium
  • Dual mount design
  • Has an issue with connecting reinforced hoses


To sum up, the Liberty Garden 709 hose reel is a premium hose reel that works best with non-reinforced hoses and fits 120-130 feet of ⅝ hose easily.

It will never cost you a hand and a leg for the hose reel. Rather it will save your pocket for buying each year a new one.

3. Neverleak Side Mount 2388340- Best Decorative Hose Reel

Neverleak Side Mount 2388340

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Neverleak Side Mount hose reel is an ideal solution for complementing exterior landscaping.

Sufficient storage for hiding reels during the not-in-use time will make the Hose reel decorative as well as the garden lucrative enough.

The gardening tool is manufactured by top-grade plastic which enhances strengths and durability.

Also, plastic materials prevent metal water system stronger than traditional ones by making it rust-free.

The easy-spin grip of the assembled hose reel will make you feel comfortable to wind in the garden.

For the high-quality materials and easy-spin grip, the hose reel will be the best solution for a budget-friendly price.

Features in Shortlist:

  • 100 feet pipes with standard 5/8 inches hose.
  • Easy-spinning grip with the fully assembled reel.
  • A convenient place to store hose after use.
  • Integrated auto-tracking system.
  • Lucrative design with a neutral color.
  • Rust-free guaranteed by top-grade plastic materials.
  • Budget-friendly features with a satisfaction guarantee.
  • Sturdy enough to serve several years.

Materials, Design & Features

NeverLeak Side Mount hose reel is an excellent outdoor cleaning tool manufactured from the best materials.

Top grade plastic materials ensure the rust-free as well as durability of the hose.

The reel hose has come with the pre-assembled condition along with a hose guide. So, you needn’t worry about how to use it perfectly.

The best garden hose reel is designed to use as a side-mounted with proper connections.

It has come with 100 feet 5/8 inches hose with enough storage. So, you can wrap the hoses inside the storage after uses. It makes your garden neat and clean all the time.

Also, the neutral color will be fit with any exterior color of the home, garage, or garden.

NeverLeak Side Mounted Reel Hose is a fantastic tool at a considerable price. It’ll serve you many years for gardening. Also, you’ll get a money-back guarantee for any breakage or linkage of the product.

The bright side is, nothing linkage or breakage is found in our long 3 months experiment though some reviews have been found on this issue. However, this silly linkage is repairable by using an “O-ring” tape.

Most Attractive Feature

Though the reel hose has the same features such as durability, longevity, lucrative, and easy-use, which makes it special? The reel hose has a unique feature that has grabbed our attention.

The Auto-Track feature of the reel will let you wrap the hose after using it. I think it’ll make you delight after cleaning the garage or watering the garden.

  • Easy to use by following the guide.
  • 8 times stronger than the traditional one.
  • Auto-track for winding after use. Works smoothly.
  • Top-grade materials used.
  • Fit with any exterior color of the home.
  • Removable linkage problems.
  • Need careful maintenance for auto-tracking.


I would highly recommend NeverLeak Side Mount Reel Hose for its unique Auto-Track function. It’ll be a great tool under the considerable price.

4. Liberty Garden 704 Decorative Cast Aluminum Wall Mount Garden Hose Reel

Liberty Garden 704

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Liberty Garden is a renowned manufacturer company in gardening and outdoor activities. The hose reel holds 125 feet of 5/8 inches diameter inside which delivers smooth water flow during watering and cleaning. Covering with decorative cast aluminum resists rust on the cover.

Also, a free-spinning function along with a convenient pull-on knob makes the hose easy to use.

Moreover, manufacturing by steel makes the hose reel not only lucrative but also durable.

Features in Shortlist:

  • 125 feet pipes of standard 5/8 inches hose.
  • Covered by cast aluminum to prevent rust.
  • Ensured smooth water.
  • Easy free-spinning function.
  • Build-in storage for keeping gardening tools
  • Brass swivel to prevent breakage and damage.
  • Lucrative and durable Steel construction.

Materials, Design & Features

Constructed of brass and aluminum, Liberty Garden Products hose reel is exceptionally apart from other similar products. It has been galvanized, and cast aluminum makes it durable. Also, the alloy of brass and aluminum resists weather or iron rust.

Portability is another mind-blowing feature of the reel. The lightweight of the hose reel allows you to take it anywhere to fulfill your need.

Moreover, it comes fully assembled. So, you needn’t extra materials to get workable. Rather, you can use it just after fitting on the wall.

Coming with a sophisticated and magnificent design, Liberty Garden will give you all the facilities. It’s simple and professional design leaves no room to add something.

Liberty garden wall mounted hose reel comes with 125 feet long pipe of 5/8 inch hose. Moreover, 13 gauge steel construction makes the hose reel lightweight, portable, and durable.

So, you won’t have any confusion about the longevity and the quality. It’ll give you an excellent performance so that you can enjoy gardening.

Every part of the hose reel is connected as it looks there is no joint. The galvanization by using brass and aluminum alloy ensures the reel hose free from rust and corrosion.

Most Attractive Feature

An exclusive feature of Liberty Garden Hose Reel is its 360-degree rotation.

The gardening tool allows you to water every corner of the garden by standing at the same place. Also, you needn’t use both hands to hold the handle.

The handle is made of steel construction which helps it to be lightweight. You can rotate the handle by a single hand.

Though you’ll enjoy a three-year warranty on the products, the hose reel was last years for gardening.

  • Manufactured by brass and aluminum alloy.
  • 13 gauge steel construction makes it lightweight and portable.
  • Cast aluminum and galvanizing will protect from rust and corrosion.
  • Sturdy metal ensures durability.
  • Easy to mount on the wall.
  • Easy to fit the brass hose.
  • Stunning finish with the best quality material.
  • The neutral color will fit with the exterior color.
  • Mounting hardware isn’t part of the package.


To bring elegance to gardening, I would suggest Liberty Garden Wall Mount hose reel as for its durability. It’ll also give you worried-free watering by standing at a single place.

5. Neverleak Poly Wall Mount 2415500- Best Hose Reel Cart

Neverleak Poly Wall Mount 2415500

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NeverLeak Poly Wall Mount hose reel is another top-rated product to make gardening funny and enjoyable. It has some special features which make it different from the traditional water system.

Using high-quality materials make it 8 times stronger than a banal water system. It also resists cross threading which is used for manufacturing low-quality gardening tools.

For standing against low temperature, the aluminum water system is absolutely a great choice.

Features in Shortlist:

  • 8 times stronger than the traditional water system.
  • Coming with fully assembled.
  • Easy to mount on the wall. Nothing extra is required.
  • Resists cross threading which is responsible, low quality
  • Stands against low temperature
  • Hose guide is associated to keep hands clean
  • Several ranges of hose pipes are available with 5/8 inches hose.

Materials, Design & Features

Despite having an increasingly global competitive market, NeverLeak Poly Wall Mount hose reel has acquired its place in the market by providing superior quality.

Several experiments say NeverLeak hose reel is 8 times stronger than the traditional water system.

The materials used for constructing the hose reel are from high-quality polyurethane vinyl chloride. Though it is also made of plastic, the quality is so good that the famous gardeners have welcomed it all the time.

The hose reel comes with various choices for valuable customers. You can choose the reel and hose depending on your needs.

A standard range of 50 feet to 225 feet of 5/8 inch diameter hose is available. So, you needn’t pay extra bucks to buy unnecessary pipes.

Also, another feature of the best value gardening tool is that it comes with fully assembled. So, it saves your time which you can enjoy by doing your pastime. All the materials are fit earlier, and you just need to mount the reel hose to the wall.

The eye-catching color will be adjusted with the color of your homes’ exterior color. Also, the handle will let you winding by standing a single place. It also comes with a hose guide to clean your hands.

Most Attractive Feature

Not like any other hose reels, NeverLeak has a unique accessory tray and an easy-spin grip in the package.

However, you can easily rotate the handle 360 degrees by using the easy-spin grip. An accessory tray is a great tool for convenience in winding from a fixed place.

  • Easy to install by following instructions.
  • Fully assembled in the package.
  • No more tools or materials are needed to fit.
  • Easy to mount on the wall.
  • The smooth flow of water.
  • Lucrative design with stunning color.
  • The best tool for conscious gardeners.
  • Mounting hardware isn’t part of the package.


I would like to recommend you to pick NeverLeak Wall Mount hose reel if you want to use a budget-friendly, high quality, durable, and decorative plastic water system.

6. Giraffe Metal Hose Reel– Best Portable Garden Hose Reel

Giraffe Metal Hose Reel

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This style is one of those hose reels that is literally built to last for decades. I mean, it’s an extremely durable hose reel thanks to the metal build. That shows by the weight of it as well

Giraffe Metal Hose Reel becomes immensely popular for its durability, design.

Features in Shortlist:

  • Extreme durable
  • Automatic and adjustable hose guide
  • Large capacity
  • Double seal water system
  • Rust resistant
  • Decorative

Materials, Design & Features

This thing weighs a whopping 18.6 kgs that shows how thick the metal is. And this extra weight helps in other ways too. The added weight makes this reel heavy and stable enough to stay on the patio or deck when you’re handling the hose.

Now you might get a little concerned about this reel built out of metal – isn’t metal prone to rusting, especially when it comes in touch with water? To address your concern, the hose reel has an anti-rust powder coating that not only protects it from water but also enhances the beauty of it.

With this metal-build durable hose reel, you’ll no longer have to worry about replacing your hose reel every year due to rusting, leaking, or freezing.

The reel features an auto-track system that helps to distribute the hose evenly across the reel while you rewind. The adjustable Hose guide makes it easier than ever to wind and unwind the garden hose, and kink-free as well. It also resists hose cross-threading.

The hose reel can fit a 200ft 1/2-inch garden hose or 130ft 5/8 – inch garden hose, so the space is adequate for most of the home users.

This hose reel can stand up to cold weather significantly better than most other plastic reels you find in the market. On top of that, it has an aluminum double seal water system inside which is again far better than a typical plastic water system.

With the Giraffe metal hose reel, your hose pipe storage is going to look better than ever and equally functional at the same time.

Most Attractive Feature

The best thing about this reel has to be its functionality and classy looks at the same time. The auto-track system, the aluminum double seal water system, and so on features make using this reel a bliss.

  • Amazing build quality
  • Auto-track mechanism
  • It looks and feels premium
  • Aluminum double seal water system
  • Heavy
  • Tough to untangle if the hose gets tangled once inside


To sum up, the Giraffe Metal hose reel is not cheap but it certainly creates value for every penny you put. With such premium looks and incredible functionality, you can’t go wrong with this hose reel.

7. Liberty Garden Products 871-1- 4 Wheel Garden Hose Reel

Liberty Garden Residential

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Liberty Garden Four Wheel hose reel cart is an awesome and versatile tool for gardening. Powder coat finish with 13 gauge steel frame features durability and rust-free.

Featuring 10 inches aerial tires will give sturdy support for portability for home, garage, or any other purpose.

The hose reel is galvanized for all brass manufactured tools which express cool finishing with the resistance of rust, leakage, and breakage.

Also, convenient storage is available to store the necessary tools and pipes after use.

Features in Shortlist:

  • Featuring 250 feet pipes of 5/8 inches hose.
  • Professional and lucrative design with stunning color.
  • 10 inches of aerial tires for sturdy support.
  • 13 gauge steel frame features a powder coat finish.
  • Unbreakable, leakage-proof, and rust-free steel frame.
  • Convenient storage with a non-slip handle.
  • Brass swivel connector with a 90-degree rotation facility.
  • Assemble required.

Materials, Design & Features

Liberty Garden hose reel has brought 250 feet of 5/8 inches to the hose to assist you in the garden. It allows for watering or cleaning without moving from place to place. Also, the four-wheel system will let you move the hose reel to any place.

Another marvelous feature of the four-wheel hose reel is its 13 gauge steel wrought iron construction.

All brass fixtures with excellent galvanizing make the reel not only lucrative but also durable. Powder coat helps for weather resistance as well as rust-resistant.

Requiring less space to perform gives Liberty Garden a professional look as well as an easy handle.

Sufficient space is integrated with the hose reel to store the hose and other tools after use. So, you can keep all your necessary gardening tools in a place.

Though it requires assembling after purchasing, you needn’t worry as a manual guide is associated with the hose reel.

However, a 90-degree brass connector will help you to run the reel on the right course. You will easily wrap the hose pipes after using them with a no-lip guaranteed handle.

Also, Liberty garden provides a lifetime guarantee for the product on special features. You’ll get lifetime support for leakage, breakage, or rust for the hose and the reel.

Most Attractive Feature

Liberty Garden knows which product you need in gardening. All your necessary products are in a package which helps you to save time and money.

You needn’t buy a 5 feet leader hose which isn’t available from other manufacturers.

  • Features 250 feet pipes of 5/8 inches hose.
  • 5 feet leader hose included in the package.
  • Convenient storage to store the hose and other tools.
  • Hose guide to keeping your hand clean
  • Heavier and durable gauge to ensure the best quality
  • Manufactured by die-cast aluminum
  • Assemble required.
  • A few complaints about rusting which is replaceable.


I would highly recommend Liberty Garden Products if you want unique features and durability with the best quality in a product under $100.

8. Suncast Aquawinder RSW125D- High-Quality Garden Hose Reel

Suncast Aquawinder 125' Wicker Garden Hose Reel

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Suncast Aquawinder is a perfect combination of style, quality, and durability. It features sufficient storage to keep hosepipe. Also, the assembled hose reel is so lucrative that you can use it as patio furniture.

Manufactured from durable resin construction, Suncast Aquawinder features 125 feet of 5/8 inches vinyl hose to ensure water coverage for a standard measurement garden.

decorative wicker design plays a pivotal role to enhance space in the garden.

However, 3 years warranty from the manufacturer will ensure you get one of the best hose reels under $100.

Features in Shortlist:

  • Standard 125 feet of standard 5/8 inches Vinyl hose reel.
  • Constructed from durable resin.
  • Leader and discharge hoses available with the package.
  • Fully assembled while purchasing.
  • Attractive design to be used as patio furniture.
  • Hands-free rewinding at the flip of a lever.
  • Convenient space to store hose pipes and gardening tools.
  • Included garden stakes.3-years’ service warranty.

Materials, Design & Features

Suncast Aquawinder is a part of your gardening furniture to make your gardening professional and lucrative.

Manufacturing from durable resin construction, the tool is wicker in design which enhances the patio furniture of the home.

The box comes fully assembled with a portability feature. So, you needn’t worry about assembling and putting further tools into it.

The box is a perfect solution for an automatic, pre-assembled hose reel.

The hose reel has 125 feet of 5/8 inch standard vinyl capacity to wind a moderate garden. By flipping the lever, you can rewind all the hose way back to the box without any hassle. So, if you have an issue to move to different places, this tool can be a great choice.

The package also includes two garden stakes to make your gardening efficient.

The box hose reel is free of rust, leakage, and breakage. Die-cast powder and durable resin will resist rust and give longevity.

Also, you’ll get a 3-year lifetime warranty for the product on any occurrence of a disturbance in service.

The wood-like texture of the Aquawinder helps itself to blend with the garden. It looks a great addition to the garden.

Suncast Aquawinder helps you doing tedious works that save you time.

Most Attractive Feature

Not like many others, Suncast Aquawinder has a unique Smart Trak hose guide to keep the hose reel neat and clean.

It automatically wraps all the hose pipes after uses. Just switch on the water and water the garden with a hose guide.

Smart Trak will do rest such as wrapping the hose pipe to store it in the box.

  • Automatic wrapping hose system.
  • Wood-like box to store hose pipes.
  • Comes fully assembled.
  • Useful in flipping and rewinding.
  • It requires less space.
  • Constructed from durable resin.
  • Free from rust, leakage, and breakage.
  • Smart Trak to wrap automatically.
  • Keeps garden neat and clean.
  • The internal reel can be wrapped.
  • The excellent pressure of water supply is required.


To get an automatic hose reel, I would highly recommend Suncast Aquawinder hose reel.

9. Best Choice Products Water Planting New- Best Garden Hose Reel Cart

Best Choice Products 300ft Water Hose Reel

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Do you need a large wheel hose reel cart to store lengthy hosepipes? Best Choice Products water hose reel cart is the perfect solution to fulfill your needs.

It’s a priority to the gardeners who want a hose reel to move around the garden.

Manufactured from tubular steel, Best Choice Products hose reel is durable, lucrative, and easy to use.

The Green powder-coated finish makes it rust-free as well as outdoor appeal.

Features in Shortlist:

  • Constructed from tubular steel construction.
  • Green powder-coated finish to make rust-free.
  • Non-slip large-sized handle to wrap easily.
  • Featuring up to 300 feet of 5/8 inches hose.
  • Four wheels to move around places.
  • The well-built product ensures longevity.
  • Works perfectly by following instructions.
  • Easy to wind the hose.

Materials, Design & Features

Manufacturing from a tubular steel frame with solid steel wheel axles, the reel cart features durability and heavy-duty.

So, you can use it on demand every day in your garden. Also, the reel cart is covered and finished with green powder which ensures rust-resistant and weather resistance.

Best Choice Products Water hose reel Cart holds up to 300 feet of 5/8 inches hose. So, you can wrap your required length pipes in a single place which is a need for a larger garden.

The four-wheel of the reel cart helps you to move the cart any place on demand. It is a perfect solution to reach every corner of the garden.

The reel cart comes fully assembled which requires no extra tools added. You just need to use the reel on your demand but can follow instructions to be safe.

However, the large-sized non-slip handle makes it easier to wrap hose pipes in a quick time.

Most Attractive Feature

Constructed for heavy-duty, Best Choice Products hose reel Cart will save your time for wrapping pipes.

Its large handle needs less time and less arm energy to wrap the hose pipes around the reel.

Also, steel made a basket is available with the reel cart to keep the necessary tools for gardening.

  • Manufactured by Tubular steel frame
  • Ensures heavy duty
  • Performance guarantee with longevity
  • Budget-friendly price
  • Easy to move any corner of the garden
  • Comes fully assembled
  • Requires no prior knowledge to operate
  • Concern for quick rust
  • No lucrative design


To save time and money but to get full features, Best Choice Products hose reel cart is the best choice. Don’t forget to pick up it if you want a durable and heavy-duty hose reel cart.

10. RL Flo-Master Retractable 65HR8- Best Retractable Garden Hose Reel

RL Flo-Master 65HR8 Retractable Hose Reel

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If you are seeking for a lightweight, portable, automatic water hose reel, RL Flo-Master 65HR8 Retractable hose reel will fulfill everything you need.

A 65 feet retractable hose reel is sufficient enough for watering a standard measured garden.

As it is lightweight and portable, you can carry it to each corner for watering.

The brass hose fittings with 8 pattern nozzles make it convenient to handle and mount to get perfect satisfaction.

However, it makes watering so amusing and enjoyable which has never been easier with traditional water systems.

Features in Shortlist:

  • Featuring 65 feet of standard 5/8 inches diameter hose.
  • Retractable and portable design.
  • Featuring a guide to prevent tangling in the reel.
  • Brass fittings included with the package.
  • Wall mount kits included with the package.
  • Coming fully assembled.
  • Eight pattern nozzle with brass fittings included.
  • Mounting hardware allows 180-degree swivel.

Materials, Design & Features

Wall mounting kits inside the package helps to mount easier. Also, you can remove the hose reel from the wall in the winter and carry it to the store by holding the carry handle.

The mounting bracket associated with the hose reel allows 180-degree swivel of the reel. It helps you easily spray water by standing a place.

Featuring 65 feet of reinforced 5/8 inches hose with eight pattern nozzle ensures easy flow of water.

The retractable hose reel prevents overlapping on the barrel during watering in the garden.

Though there is a complaint that the retracting system doesn’t work after a while, I think it’s a common phenomenon of not-following the user guide.

So, following the user guide will help you operating hose reel smoothly. Also, you’ll get warranty support from the manufacturer.

Manufacturing from high-quality materials, RL Flo-Master 65HR8 Retractable Hose Reel is the most reliable, portable, and heavy-duty tool for the modern watering system.

The spring of the hose reel automatically wraps the hose pipe after use to make the garden neat and clean.

The string is a much-needed feature for many enthusiastic gardeners for the hose reel.

Most Attractive Feature

The best garden hose reel under $100 ensures a high-quality product with a high rate of water flow.

But the amazing feature of the hose reel is the availability of multi-pattern nozzles.

So, you can choose your favorite one from 8 different pattern sprays.

  • Leakage-proof nozzle with high galvanization
  • Spring Helps to wrap the hose pipes automatically after uses
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Easily mountable on the wall and removable in the winter
  • Requires less space to store
  • 30-days money back guarantee for dissatisfaction
  • Comes fully assembled
  • 180-degree swivel allows easy handling
  • Issues of stopping retracting sometimes
  • Not a great choice for larger garden


If you want all features but short length hose pipe, I would highly recommend picking RL Flo-Master automatic hose reel. You will be guaranteed for not only the performance but also for the price.

11. Flexzilla Retractable Zillagreen L8250FZ- Best Automatic Hose Reel

Flexzilla Retractable Enclosed Plastic Air Hose Reel

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Are you looking for a hose reel for watering in the garden and cleaning the garage? Flexzilla comes to solve all the watering and cleaning problems.

It is lightweight, heavy-duty and a hybrid hose reel to serve you long term. The high-quality upgrade of the hose reel ensures flexibility and portability.

The auto retracts system keeps excess hose locked inside the reel to work smoothly.

Manufacturing from durable UV stabilized polypropylene ensures durability. However, the hose reel is free from leakage, breakage, and rust.

Features in Shortlist:

  • Useable for all weather.
  • Kinking free under pressure.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Featuring 30 feet of 3/8 inches hose.
  • Auto-Retract system to keep the garden clean.
  • Easy mountable on the wall.
  • Manufactured from durable UV stabilized polypropylene.
  • It requires less space to keep.
  • Drinking-water safe.

Materials, Design & Features

Though 30 feet long can be a source of inclined for having Flexzilla hose reel, remember that more length doesn’t mean the best quality or perfect service.

So, measure your garden or garage and be ensured how much hose pipe you need.

But 30 feet portable hose is lightweight to carry from one place to another. It also requires less time to flow water.

Also, you need less time to wrap the hose after completing water or clean.

Kinking is still a great concern for the gardeners and landscapers. It is assumed that kinking is a normal phenomenon for hose without water pressure.

And, it can be easily removed by resuming the pressure of the water. Hence, Flexzilla ensures no-kink hose pipe even there is no water.

Manufactured from durable UV stabilized polypropylene will give you long-term service along with the lightweight feature.

Though the hose is not as wide as Eley Rapid hose reel, Flexzilla provides constant water flow under any pressure.

Most Attractive Feature

Flexzilla hose reel is kink-free, rust-free, leak-free and breaks free. So, most of the homeowners, who use garden hose reel frequently can use Flexzilla water hose reel for many years. It will minimize your work by retracting hose pipe automatically.

  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Durable UV Polyurethane ensures high quality.
  • Works under 70 Degree F: 150 psi.
  • Kink Proof Design.
  • Lifetime warranty services.
  • Color can be faded over time.
  • Comparatively expensive.
  • Hose length is too short.


If you are a frequent user of the garden hose reel but want to use for both in the garden and the garage, I would like to suggest you pick up Flexzilla Retractable Enclosed Plastic Air hose reel.

Hose Reels Buyer’s Guide

Choosing the best hose reel from hundreds of manufacturers isn’t an easy task. But remembering some criteria for the specific product will help you to get the best one under budget. Here, I would like to share the things you should consider while choosing a hose reel.


The length of the hose is the supreme thing to be considered. Different hose reels have different lengths of hose.

But, you need to pick up to fulfill your needs. So, the best way to satisfy your need is to measure the length of your garden and the distance of the source of water first. Then, choose the right length of the hose reel.


The second issue of the hose reel is its portability. Now, homeowners and gardeners want to save money by using the same hose reel in multi-purposes.

A single-hose reel can be used for watering the plants or cleaning the garage.

You just need to carry the hose in the place where you need it. So, the wisest decision is to choose the portable hose reel.

But, if you have a large garden to be watered, then mounting a large-sized hose reel would be a perfect solution.


Sometimes gardeners may overlook the ingredients of the hose reel. But perfect service and durability depend on the materials used to manufacture the hose reel.

Different types of materials are used such as polyurethane, die-cast aluminum, synthetic, rubbers, wrought iron, steel, etc.

You should consider rust-free, weather-resistant, non-kink, breakage-free, and linkage-free hose reel.

Also, all the kits should be included in the package. Isn’t it a hassle to buy an additional kit to operate a hose reel?


Durability is a constant concern for the gardeners. It is the key to save your bucks for buying similar tools every year.

Most of the manufacturers now offer a 3 to 10 years guarantee for the product. So, investing in a good hose reel with durability will be great.

Gardening will also be enjoyable to you for using familiar tools.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about Gardening Hose Reels

1. What Kind of Gardening Hose Reel is Needed for Gardeners?

Answer: Size and types completely depend on the size of the garden. A retractable garden hose reel helps automatic wrapping hose whereas a large-sized is the best choice for a large garden. So, every lawn and garden owner should be conscious of the need and the purpose.

2. Which Garden Hose Reel is Easy to Use?

Answer: Easiness is a thing that expresses your experience and skill. If you are a novice, then you can try the retractable hose reel as it automatically retracts the hose. But as an experienced gardener, you must know which will fulfill your demand. Also, your comfort in using gardening tools should be considered.

3. Is It Necessary to Mount a Hose Reel On the Wall?

Answer: It completely depends on you how you’ll use the hose reel. Some hose reels are portable but can be mounted on the wall. Some are to be mounted to fit for excellent water flow. As the water tap is attached to the wall, the hose reel is used to mount on the wall.

Final Words

Nothing is perfect in the universe. But everybody wants to satisfy by providing different services to the customers.

Each garden hose reel has specific features to fulfill the need of different customers. You just need to pick up the best one which will satisfy you.

In this list, the products are well researched, budget-oriented, and user-friendly. We hope, the products we choose for research and test, will help your gardening.

However, never let hose pipe outside of the reel with water inside. The water can be iced and lead to destroying the hose reel.