How to Get Algae Out of Pool Without a Vacuum: 2 Effective Methods For You

It’s frustrating. 

It’s absolutely frustrating when the pool starts to get affected by algae. This is because algae accumulation can affect the pool and the surroundings. As if that’s not enough, it can also create unhygienic water in your pool. 

But, how does algae accumulation occur? 

Well, irregular filtration and circulation cause the algae to grow overnight. As these are microscopic particles, you won’t even notice them growing in your pool. 

And, if you don’t have the proper tools, getting them out of the pool will be a hard task. Hence, you might be wondering- how to get algae out of the pool without a vacuum

Fret not! We’re here to help you out. In fact, we’ve prepared different methods on how you can perform this operation. By following these methods, you’ll be able to finish the work in no time. 

Sounds interesting? Let’s begin right away- 

How Do I Get Rid of Algae in My Pool Without a Vacuum?

Pool vacuum cleaners cost a lot. In fact, some of the vacuums come with different issues of their own. So, if you’re on a budget then going without a vacuum is the best way to tackle this situation. 

Besides, you won’t even need a vacuum to perform this operation. But, how? Well, below are the 2 methods that’ll show you how- 

Method #1: Using Potential Algaecide

pool algaecide

Potential algaecides work really well at preventing algae accumulation. At times, it works even better than the vacuum cleaner. 

However, you might face a bit of confusion when buying a potential algaecide. This is because there are different options available in the market. 

Based on my own experience, I’d suggest you go for the ones that are designed on a particular algae type. But, if you’re still confused then go for the multi-purpose product. 

After you select your desired product, it’s time to apply it in the pool. So, let’s take a look at how you can perform this operation- 

Materials You’ll Need

Well, you’ll need some materials or tools to perform the steps below. But, don’t worry as all of these materials are available in the market. So, let’s take a look- 

Step by Step Process

By now, you’ll know the specific method to perform the operation. But, if you don’t know how to use this method then you won’t be able to solve the problem. 

That said, let’s take a look at the step-by-step process to know the application of this method- 

Step #1: Run The Pump

Before you even add in the algaecide to the pool, make sure that the water is running in the pool. By running the pump, you’ll be able to ensure that the water circulation is maintained all the time. 

Step #2: Add in Algaecide

After you’ve kept the water circulating in the pool, it’s time to add in the algaecide. So, put 16 ounces algaecide to the pool for around 10000 gallons. 

Step #3: Keep The Filter Running

For ensuring the best result, keep the filter running in the pool. Here, keeping the filter running for 13-24 hours will bring the best results. 

Method #2: Using Shock Product

Say hello to one of the most effective methods of eliminating algae from the pool. That said, let’s take a look at the preparation and the step-by-step process of this particular method-

Materials You’ll Need

Well yes, you’ll need to prepare the following materials in order to ensure the effective elimination of algae. 

  • Protective Goggles. 
  • Gloves. 
  • Bucket. 
  • Calcium Hypochlorite. 

Step Step Process

After you’re done preparing all the materials needed for the operation, let’s begin with the step-by-step process-

Step #1: Wear Protective Gears

First things first, ensure that you’re well protected before starting the work. So, wear the goggles and gloves. Also, ensure that there isn’t any gap and the gear is completely fitted. 

Step #2: Fill in Bucket with Water & Add-in Shock Product

Firstly, take the bucket and fill it in completely with water. Here, normal water with room temperature will do fine. After you’ve filled the bucket with water, add in 1 pound of the shock product. 

Now that you’ve added in the product, it’s time to stir it. However, ensure that you’re mixing the product completely in the bucket of water. 

Step #3: Apply on the Areas

Following the previous step, you’ll have to add in the mixture to the areas of the pool. Here, target the affected areas firstly. So, add in Calcium Hypochlorite in the pool. 

Here, the shock product will kill all the algae in the pool and you won’t even have to use a vacuum at all. However, make sure that you’re adding in 1 pound Calcium Hypochlorite for around 10000 Gallons only. 

Step #4: Run the Filter Overnight

It’s best to apply the shock product at night. After you apply the product in the pool, run the filter continuously. Here, you should run the filter for 8-9 hours. By doing this, the product will mix completely and will kill the algae easily. 

Regular Maintenance to Keep Algae Away From Pools

By now, you’ve known about the 2 solid methods to keep algae away from the pools. But wait, let me tell you something. 

If you can regularly maintain your pools then you’ll be able to prevent algae accumulation easily. In fact, regular maintenance will make things even easier for you. So, let’s take a look below on how you can maintain your pools- 

  • Cleaning the filter will ensure that water circulation is maintained all the time.
  • Taking out waste and debris from the pools will prevent algae accumulation. 
  • Testing the pH levels will help to identify whether the pool is favorable for algae accumulation. 
  • Adding in chlorine tablets will kill germs and bacterias from the pools. 
  • Installing a leaf net will ensure that leaves don’t accumulate on the pools. 


#1. Is it Possible to Prevent Algae Accumulation in the Pool?

 Yes, you can prevent algae accumulation easily. Just remember to put in regular maintenance and that’ll do the trick.  

#2. Can I Use Baking Soda to Kill Algae in the Pool?

Even though baking soda doesn’t directly kill algae, it can loosen the roots of the algae. As a result, the algae accumulation decreases, and the algae dies out.  

#3. Can I Use Vinegar to Kill Algae?

Yes, vinegar can kill algae as well. Just add in a mixture of vinegar with water and it’ll kill algae. 

Wrapping Up

Well, that was our take on- how to get algae out of a pool without a vacuum. Now, we’re hopeful that you’ll be able to perform this operation with ease and comfort. 

You’ll know that you don’t necessarily need a vacuum to get algae out of the pool. However, if you still have it then use it as it’ll save some time in the process. 

And, if you don’t have a vacuum then you’ll already know how to still continue the operation. Just remember to be creative with your approach. And, following the 2 methods will make things even easier. 

Good Luck!