Best Pool Vacuum Cleaner for Leaves in 2024

Whether you have a large swimming pool in the lawn or have set up a small vinyl liner pool, keeping it clean is a tough chore.

You need to maintain good hygiene, and the right pH balance and remove all the debris, leaves and other impurities periodically to keep your pool clean. This is when the hunt for the best pool vacuum for leaves and debris begins.

The manual leaf skimmer nets only help in removing the bigger objects such as leaves and twigs. But what about the floating small pollens and debris deposits at the bottom of the pool?

How much time and effort does it takes every week to clean your pool?

If this has become a tiring and impossible task, take a few minutes to read this entire article. This is a comprehensive buyer’s guide on pool leaves vacuum cleaners along with reviews of the top products in the market.

Best Pool Vacuum Cleaner in 2022

We have tested several pool vacuum cleaners and also collected reviews from users to provide a list of best models herein. While all of them perform the core functions of cleaning leaves from the pool, there are certain differences in prices, features, and functions.

Read this review to choose the most suitable product depending on your needs.

01. POOL BLASTER 11A0000 Leaf Vac Pool Vacuum



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From cleaning the leaves on the surface of the water to collecting debris deposits at the bottom, Pool Blaster is a comprehensive pool vacuum cleaner for residential use.

There is no need to connect this machine to the water hose eliminating the risk of affecting the pH balance of the pool water. It is a battery-powered cordless device that eases navigation in the pool water.

Move it across the pool premises for sustainable cleaning holding it in hand or connect it to a telescopic pole.

Cordless Vacuum Operation

This vacuum cleaner operates on 8 AA batteries. It consumes less power so the batteries keep running after several uses. It can perform the cleaning task autonomously without the need of connecting a hose or cord.

Extra Large Leaf Bag

The bulk size heavy-duty leaf bag is made of fine mesh that collects and retains even the minute pollens. It is big enough to store the twigs, leaves, and debris present in a large pool.

Easy Push Button Function

The vacuum cleaner starts operation at just a push of a button. Equipped with a plastic swivel handle it is easy to grip for in-ground cleaning or even connect to a telescopic pole for above ground easy operation.

Wide-Bladed Propeller

The propeller runs at a very high speed allowing the machine to collect the debris and other impurities at the bottom of the pool into the filter bag.


  • Lightweight
  • Easily navigates in the entire pool
  • Does not alter the pH balance of the pool water
  • Collects objects from the pool surface to bottom
  • Less power consumption for long-lasting battery performance
  • No added attachments or assembling required


  • The spring fastener is difficult to attach the mesh bag to the cleaner


This independent and highly functional vacuum cleaner helps to clean the pool from the surface to the bottom quickly. It does not require any external garden hose water supply so the pH level of the water remains unchanged.

Hence, no water treatment is required to restore the pH level of the pool water after cleaning. All-in-all, this is a low-cost but durable vacuum cleaner for small to medium size residential pools.

02. Blue Devil B5115 Pro Leafbagger

Blue Devil B5115


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As the name suggests, this miniature pool cleaning machine comes with a mesh pouch to collect debris, leaves, grass, seeds, pollens, etc. This traditional tool functions on the Venturi principle allowing you to connect it to your garden hose and a telescopic pole for the cleaning job.

It is a manual cleaning tool so you need to carry it across the pool to collect the leaves and other minute deposits settling in your pool water.

Venturi Effect Operation

This pool leaves cleaner and constricts the water pressure allowing the mesh bag to collect all the dirt and unwanted objects in the pool.

Urethane Ball Bearing Wheels

With wheels, the cleaner is easy to maneuver under the water without the need of exerting too much effort.

Ergonomic Metal Swivel Handle

This equipment is easy to grip while navigating under the water.

Built-in Water Shut-Off Valve

It helps the user to stop the water supply directly from the cleaner so you do not need to travel to the faucet to stop the water flow. It allows you to use as much as necessary during the cleaning.

Large Mesh Bag

The spacious pouched attached to the machine with the help of a plastic ring is big enough to store all the leaves, debris, and other elements in the pool water.


  • Durable and high-quality equipment
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Navigates easily in the pool water
  • Ball-bearing wheels replacement available
  • Does not require any assembling


  • Poor quality fragile plastic wheels


For those who are looking for an affordable pool vacuum cleaner, this is low-cost equipment to use with complete peace of mind for a long.

The plastic wheel material is not sturdy enough but they last for several uses and are easily replaceable.

03. Power Vac PV2100 Portable Professional Swimming Pool Vacuum Cleaner

Power Vac PV2100


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Whether you have a large swimming pool at home, in a hotel, or want to provide professional cleaning services, this is the ultimate pool cleaning tool. This handy yet extremely powerful vacuum cleaner offers comprehensive cleaning experience.

This pool cleaner is a bit heavier than other models but offers superb convenience. It functions much like a robotic vacuum cleaner working independently. The advanced filtration system does not require connecting the cleaner to the garden hose or any sort of water supply.

Powerful Motor

The robust motor and propeller action reduces the cleaning time to half the duration spent with other devices. The motor is capable of inducing up to 30lbs of thrust that is sufficient to lift even small rocks and coins settled at the bottom of the pool.

Two Filter Bags

There are two filter bags attached to the vacuum cleaner for intensive cleaning performance:

  • 26” Heavy Duty Mesh Bag: It is designed for collecting large objects like leaves, branches, rocks, and large sand particles.
  • 26” Super Fine Mesh Bag: This mesh bag can store fine dust, pollens, dirt, etc.

60ft Extended Cord

The cord does not connect directly to an electrical plug but a 12V 35AH battery compartment. The battery is the source of power required for the vacuum cleaner to run during operation.

The fully charged battery is sufficient to support over 10+ cleaning sessions in pools of 15000-35000 gallons.


  • Highly efficient battery performance
  • Performs commercial-grade cleaning operation
  • Quick and efficient cleaning
  • Does not change the pH of the pool water
  • Functions independently
  • No need to connect with a water hose
  • Does not expel water out of the pool


  • It is a heavy machine
  • A bit expensive compared to other vacuum cleaners


Power Vac PV2100 is one of the most advanced and professional-grade pool vacuum cleaners. It is trusted by several companies in America offering pool cleaning services.

The equipment offers a complete cleaning solution removing everything from the pool including big stones to fine dust particles (often not possible with even standard vacuum cleaners).

It is a bit pricy machine for residential pools but worth the purchase if you are considering a lifetime investment. It offers both superb durability and high-end functionality.

04. Zodiac Cyclonic Leaf Canister

Zodiac Cyclonic Leaf Canister


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Zodiac Cyclonic Leaf Canister is an important attachment for automatic suction pool vacuum cleaners for leaves. It comes with a medium-size basket to store the leaves and debris collected from the pool during the cleaning process.

If you are tired of frequently clogging in your suction vacuum cleaner for pool leaves, this attachment can be a savior. The Canister easily fits between the two hoses of the suction vacuum cleaner. It prevents your suction cleaner from clogging during the entire cleaning session.

Sturdy Material

All the parts of the canister is built of heavy-duty plastic material. The unbreakable transparent body collects and stores all the garbage extracted from the pool safely without any chance of leaking back during the operation.

Large Debris Collector

The canister has a large debris storage unit that can hold all garbage collected from a big pool. You do not have to empty it during the cleaning process. The lid fits in tightly holding everything inside.

Cutting-edge Technology

The cyclonic leaf canister is designed with advanced technology that regulates dynamic water flow while preventing the debris, leaves, branches, and other impurities from blocking the suction pump.

Easy to Setup and Use

Enhanced with an easy-release twist lock top, the lid is easy to open or close. With some simple settings, you are ready for your pool cleaning on a Sunday morning.

Fits Any Suction Cleaner

Built of standard size, the canister perfectly fits most suction pool cleaners. The design is compatible with disc-style and turbine-driven pool cleaning equipment. The package includes adapters required for connecting the canister to the hoses.


  • Fits all types of suction pool vacuum cleaners
  • Inexpensive attachment
  • Does not blocks the suction cleaner
  • Safely stores and lock the garbage
  • Does not allow the debris to enter the suction unit
  • The strainer basket is easy to remove and clean
  • The strainer basket is easy to remove and clean


  • The suction cleaner is not included in the package


This is not a pool vacuum cleaner but an attachment that helps you to collect the debris and leaves extracted from the pool. It helps to store everything in the large compartment without allowing the dirt from clogging the suction cleaner.

In short, this is a set of accessories designed for collecting the leaves and debris and preventing unwanted objects from entering the suction pipes or clogging the parts.

The parts save you from cleaning the clogged debris from the suction cleaner and collecting all the dirt in a separate unit.

05. Poolmaster 28300 Big Sucker Swimming Pool Leaf Vacuum

Poolmaster 28300


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If you are tired of using the suction pool cleaners due to clogging, Poolmaster 28300 is an exception. It has a large leaf bag to collect everything extracted during the cleaning process without disturbing the sucker.

For those who are looking for a low-cost cleaner to clean a pool that gets dirty too frequently, this is the best suction pool cleaner for leaves guaranteeing superb long-lasting performance.

Built-in Adapter

The quick-disconnect adapter fits perfectly into any standard hose.

Robust Suction Performance

Once the adapter is connected to the garden hose, the 8 nozzles regulate high-pressure jet suction performance to thrust the leaves and dirt quickly into the mesh bag.

Durable Plastic Body

The cleaner is entirely made of high-quality sturdy and non-corrosive plastic material offering extended longevity.

Reusable Heavy-Duty Bag

The large mesh bag fits tightly into the vacuum ring. It is big enough to collect huge volumes of leaves and debris. After the cleaning operation, you can empty and clean the bag for future use.

Multi-directional Wheels

There are four multi-directional wheels at the base of this cleaner. It is easy to move and turn the sucker quickly across the floor of the pool collecting everything coming in its way.

Broad Opening

Unlike most other suction side pool cleaners, this device has 15” broad opening that allows large objects including leaves and debris to enter the sucker tube easily.


  • Great durability and performance
  • No battery is required for running the cleaner
  • Easy to navigate in the pool water
  • Small compact design
  • Faster cleaning


  • Not designed for collecting fine dust and sand


This powerful tool is a highly recommended product for pools that accumulates too many leaves and debris within a short span.

It does not require any batteries or other attachments (except the telescopic pole and the garden hose) hence a considerable lightweight, budget-friendly, and durable cleaning equipment for your small residential pool.

06. Swimline Blue Wave Leaf Bagger

Swimline Blue Wave Leaf Bagger


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This wonderful cleaning tool not only sweeps and collects the leaves and debris but also scrubs the algae and dirt deposits on the floor of the pool. Just attach the handle of the cleaner to a telescopic pole so that you do not have to enter the dirty pool to navigate the machine.

Wide Vacuum Opening

The vacuum cleaner has a 15” diameter opening offering convenient passage for large debris, stones, and leaves to the 13.5” diameter mesh bag. This prevents blockage as common in ordinary suction-side pool cleaners.

Ergonomic Handle Adapter

The handle adapter fits any standard size telescopic pole allowing the user to conduct the entire operation without the need of getting into the dirty pool.

Large Capacity Nylon Leaf Bag

The finely woven nylon mesh bag is big enough to store all the dirt and leaves collected during the fall. There is a nylon string to tie the leaf bag tightly to the cleaner. It prevents the bag from detaching during the cleaning operation.

Venturi Technology

The venturi action lifts all the leaves and debris directly into the leaf bag to provide ultimate cleaning satisfaction.

Navigation Wheels and Brushes

The rotary wheels and brushes at the bottom of the cleaner make the navigation and maneuvering effortlessly especially while cleaning large pools. The brushes remove the dirt settled on the pool floor for collecting into the mesh bag to give you absolute cleaning experience.


  • Performs scrubbing action to pull the dirt settled at the bottom of the pool
  • Easily navigates and maneuvers in the pool
  • Safe for both concrete and vinyl pools
  • No battery required
  • Captures large piles of debris and leaves


  • The plastic material is not eco-friendly
  • Not suitable for vacuuming large pools


If you are looking for an affordable small vacuum cleaner for pool leaves, this handy suction-side cleaner is a considerable option.

It offers high-end performance without any risk of clogging during the cleaning process. All in all, a portable and efficient cleaner to purchase with complete peace of mind.

07. HydroTools by Swimline Venturi Pool Leaf Bagger

HydroTools by Swimline Venturi Pool Leaf Bagger


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If you are someone who likes to clean the pool regularly for maintenance, Hydrotools is your ultimate weapon. This inexpensive small equipment regulates powerful venturi motion to lift the debris and leaves to the mesh bag. Simply connect it to a telescopic pole and you are ready for the pool cleaning task.

Wheels and Brushes

There are 4 rotating wheels at the bottom of this cleaning machine. They can move in all directions so that you can move the cleaner straight or turn easily during the cleaning operation.

The strong plastic brushes scour the dirt deposited at the base of the pool allowing the machine to suck everything into the dust bag.

Nylon Drawstring Leaf Bag

The standard leaf bag can store all the leaves, dust, and impurities collected from a small to medium size pool.

Handle Adapter

The handle easily fits into any telescopic pole allowing the pool owner to manage the cleaning operation while staying on the ground.

Compatible with Any Standard Garden Hose

The nozzle fits easily to almost all standard water hoses to create turbo force to lift all the pool debris into the leaf bag.


  • Scrubs and sweeps the dirt from the pool floors
  • Stores large piles of debris and leaves
  • Performs quick and efficient cleaning
  • Does not require electricity or water hose connection


  • The plastic pin on the handle is fragile


With long-lasting batteries, powerful cleaning, and a large storage bag, this is definitely one of the most recommended products to buy at a budget for regular cleaning.

During use, the water may enter the battery unit so be sure to clean everything after the operation. You may also use a waterproof seal around the battery case to prevent water from leaking into the compartment.

08. PoolSupply Town Mini Jet Vac Vacuum Cleaner

PoolSupply Town Mini Jet Vac Vacuum Cleaner


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The mini cleaning tool is ideal for small pools, hot tub spas, fountains, etc. This equipment works well in Spasher pools, in-ground, and above-ground swimming pools.

Upon connecting to the garden, the machine induces superb jet force to pull everything from the water and floor into the spacious mesh net bag. The brushes moving in a circular motion scour out all the dirt and algae deposits on the pool surface.

Venturi Mechanism

The cleaner induces supreme venturi movement drawing everything from leaves to minute sand particles into the fine mesh bag.

Fine Mesh Bag

The large finely netted mesh bag collects and stores and stores the debris collected from the pool without allowing them to escape back into the water.

Brushes at the Base

The equipment has a triple brush attachment at the bottom. Upon receiving power from the hose water, the brushes move in circular motions. The powerful brushes induce great scrubbing action on the pool floor to eradicate the stiff dirt deposits.  

1¼” Telescopic Pole Attachment

The tool fits easily to any standard telescopic pole easing the job of cleaning the pool floor without the need of diving into the dirty water.


  • Compact design and user-friendly
  • No electricity required
  • Brushes do excellent floor scrubbing job
  • Robust suction power extracts everything from the pool
  • Collects large leaves, debris, and minute sand particles
  • Easy to assemble
  • No electricity required


  • A telescopic pole is not provided in the package


This cordless small cleaning machine is perfect for small pools or spas, etc. It is a low-cost compact and portable equipment you can carry in a small bag whenever required.

All-in-all, it is the best budget pool vacuum cleaner for leaves for home and minor commercial cleaning purposes.

09. Hayward W560 PoolVac Navigator Standard Leaf Canister

Hayward W560


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Hayward W560 fits any standard-size pool leaf vacuum cleaner and 1.5” diameter water hose. The strong unbreakable canister jar is easy to use, clean, and store.

It is a large capacity unit to store a huge volume of leaves and debris. Just attach the canister to your cleaner and get going.

Extra-Large Leaf Storage Unit

The canister has sufficient space to store piles of leaves in your pool during the fall season. This ensures you do not have to take breaks to empty the container over and again.

Easy-Open Lid

The easy twist open and close operation lid allows tight fitting to your cleaning equipment. Once fitted properly, the canister does not part away from the cleaner tool even during the high-end jet pressure.

No-Clog Debris Filter

The cutting-edge technology and fine holes on the skimmer basket does not allow any debris, leaves, or other fine particles to escape into the pump filter. It prevents everything from penetrating so the debris is collected into the clear canister jar.

Durable Canister Material

The overfilled bags may get mutilated and thrown everything back into the pool water. As opposed to the netted bags, this sturdy canister is made of very hard, unbreakable, and corrosion-proof material that you can use for years with peace of mind.

Lexan Clear See-Through Canister

This is one reason you want to choose to use the canister jar rather than the mesh bag. When immersed in water, the mesh net bag is difficult to see.

It is hard to understand if the bag is overfilled. Nonetheless, the see-through body of this canister allows you to understand if the jar is full and needs to be emptied (only needed when cleaning large pools).


  • Fits all standard garden hoses of 1.5” diameter
  • Strong durable material
  • Does not blocks the hose or the pump
  • Quick and easy to fit and open


  • The skimmer basket may break due to strong water pressure


The only issue with this canister is the filter. The wide-open pores on the skimmer may allow some minute particles to escape into the pump.

Not to mention, the skimmer basket is also comparatively weak and may break down by the high water pressure. However, you can still use the canister by tying skimmer socks around the filter basket for added safety.

In essence, if you are looking for a leaf and debris canister, Hayward W560 is the ultimate replacement part for your pool vacuum cleaner. It definitely offers long-lasting performance compared to cheap plastic canisters in the market.

10. Jandy 2233 Leaf Master Pool Cleaner

Jandy 2233


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No matter how powerful suction performance your pool vacuum generates, without the ease of maneuvering, it can become too difficult to use the machine in a large pool.

Eyeing this aspect, you can go for the Jandy 2233 model specially designed for gunite pools. It is the best suction pool cleaner for leaves with built-in wheels that allows superb underwater mobility during the cleaning operation.

Super Netted Mesh Bag

The finely woven mesh net bag traps and stores all the waste material collected from the pool during the cleaning process. It is big enough with a super fine net to store even the tiny dust particles, pollens, sand, etc.

Wheeled Design

The finely rotating wheels at the base of this suction cleaner allows the user to maneuver the machine on the pool surface. You do not need to put much effort to carry it throughout the pool. When attached to a telescopic pole, you can carry it to different corners of the pool without getting into the dirty water.

Powerful Jet Pressure Suction

The machine derives power from the garden hose water to induce powerful suction operation. The high-intensity jet pressure pushes the leaves and debris from the pool quickly into the mesh bag.

ABS Polymer Body

The outer body of this vacuum cleaner is made of ABS thermoplastic polymer using high-quality molding technology.

The sturdy corrosion-resistant material bestows long-lasting performance. Use it with complete peace of mind without worrying about the risk of breakage when the machine is running under high jet water pressure.


  • Sturdy and durable
  • Saves time and effort
  • Highly efficient machine
  • powerful suction performance
  • Easy to assemble and use
  • No electricity required


  • The leaf bag is difficult to assemble and slips off


This high-end suction power pool vacuum cleaner for leaves is excellent for cleaning small to mid-sized in-ground and gunite pools.

The wheeled design allows smooth and effortless maneuvering in the water. It also fits into any standard telescopic pole to ease the operation in an extremely dirty pool for long hours. Altogether, a great product at an affordable price range.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How Do You Vacuum Out Pool Leaves?

Ans: An effective way to remove leaves from the swimming pool is to use a manual deep leaf net or a pool vacuum cleaner.

The manual net takes a lot of time and effort for the user to complete the task. Moreover, it is not great for pulling the debris and small pollens out of the pool easily.

An ideal way to clean your pool is to use a manual mesh bag to pull out the bigger objects. After that, you can use a pool vacuum to extract everything settled at the bottom.

2. What Is the Best Pool Vacuum for In-Ground Pools?

Ans: It is highly recommended to use robotic or suction pool vacuum cleaners for in-ground pools.

When choosing the model it is always necessary to find if the model is designed for in-ground pools. For vinyl pools use robotic cleaners compatible with extra soft vinyl surfaces.

3. How Long Should You Run a Pool Vacuum?

Ans: Most standard pool cleaners can run for up to 4-6 hours per day. However, for a large pool with much dirt and debris, it should take a maximum of 2 hours to clean the pool.

The smaller pools can take anywhere from 20-45 minutes to complete the operation.

4. What is the Difference Between a Suction and Pressure Pool Cleaner?

The suction pool cleaners have a filtration pump that pulls the dirt and leaves from the pool and transfers the collected material into a waste bag. They have a tubular structure that allows the debris, dirt, leaves, and sticks to pass to the collecting net.

Since the tube is too narrow, it can get clogged when larger objects such as twigs or leaves get stuck. You must then stop the machine and clear the clogs and start the cleaning operation again.

The pressure cleaners are superior in this aspect. They generally have a bag fitted at the top of the cleaner for collecting the debris from the pool.

The machine induces a propeller action while pushing water along the floor and the walls of the pool. This action allows the vacuum cleaner to absorb the dirt into the mesh bag using the Venturi effect.

Most pressure cleaners also have a sweeping tail at the bottom to perform a scrubbing action on the floor to prevent any dirt from resting on the floor. Thus the cleaner is able to absorb all the dirt into the collector mesh bag during the process.

5. How to Clean the Pool Bottom Without Draining the Water?

Using a pressure-side vacuum cleaner for the pool is beneficial to clean too much debris and leaf deposits at the bottom.

The tail-like stick at the lower part of this cleaning equipment scrubs the floor while moving across the pool to prevent the dirt from settling down.

The floating dirt and leaves are then collected into the filter bag to clean the pool floor without draining the water.

What are the Benefits of Using Robotic Pool Cleaners?

robotic pool cleaners

There are multiple reasons why automated robotic pool cleaners are suitable for residential pools:

  • Fully automatic
  • Energy efficient
  • It saves time and effort
  • Keeps the water clean
  • Prevent algae growth
  • Capable of removing minute elements as small as 2 microns

Final Words

There is no specific product suitable for all pool cleaning needs. The pools differ in many aspects including size, building material, depth, etc. So are the different types of pool vacuum cleaners for leaves.

Choosing the ideal pool vacuum cleaner depends on several factors such as your budget, weight of the equipment, the volume of leaves or debris you need to clean, the type of objects to remove from the pool, etc. It also depends on how frequently you need to use the cleaner.

Most homeowners with a small pool can do well with a small vacuum cleaner costing around $75-$150.

I hope this article has given you all the information about the different types of vacuum cleaners for pools.