Gorilla Carts Poly Garden Dump Cart Review

Apart from Dad I also have great reverence for my grandpa. I pay him to surprise visits once in a while. So myself I use this Gorilla carts poly garden dump cart that I am so much into.

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Back to grandpa who owns a farm, he has this belief that now after retirement farm chores will keep him somehow younger. I find him struggling to get some greens to his cows because he is using this cart that is suitable for only masculine people.

He is the kind of guy who is rigid to change and thought am being extravagant by trying to get him a Gorilla carts poly garden dump cart.

I am the kind of guy who takes care of the people I care so now he owns a Gorilla cart. He is the happiest grandfather now there is not a single thing that I propose that grandpa objects from then.

Quick Release Dump System

Gorillas are the proud owners of the idea and implementation of the quick-release dump system.  With this dumping system, it is easy to offload the cart.

A quick-release dump system is a factor that makes it suitable for just anyone. The cart is friendly to the not very strong young and elderly and energetic matures find it very impressive too. It is one of the factors that make it hit the charts of the top-rated carts.


The cart parts are all from durable materials, starting from the bin from polymer plastic. The polymer plastic is strong to hold loads comfortably, and it is also very easy to clean.

My day’s work carrying animal waste on the farm does not wind up with some nightmare trying to clean the cart up. Also, I get to enjoy the privilege of letting it dry up in the store as there are no chances of rust.

Heavy Duty

I get to carry a hefty 600lb on this cart which is an equivalent of 3roughly 300 kg. We could compare this to a pick-up that has a load limit of 1 ton. Three of these carts will be enough for the pickup, impressive right.

With this cart I get to handle both the light and heavy loads, this proofs the point that this cart is without a doubt very strong.

Ease To Use And Assemble

Gorilla Carts Poly Garden Dump Cart assembly

Getting the cart to work has never been easier. Gorilla is using a new hardware design to see to it that the components as you get them from the stores are quick a quick fix, well there is a saying about the quick fix is not always the best, it works in this case.

The four wheels give the cart stability that you require to maneuver. The cart is always stable and ready to go.

13 Inch Pneumatic Tires

Standing at 13 inches these wheels handle just any type of terrain, 13 inches is such an impressive clearance from the ground. And what’s more? They are pneumatic this gives the wheel capability to absorb the shock in rough terrains.

Gorilla cart pneumatic tires

Being pneumatic the wheels are of rubber. Rubber means that punctures are never one of my problems which potentially saves me a lot of cash.


  • Stable
  • Durable
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Saves time
  • Versatile


  • Limited warranty

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What Does the Limited Warranty Mean?

A: It means that it does not cover the entire components of the cart.

Q: What Is the Price?

A: It varies from outlet to outlet. You can get your answer from the outlet’s Amazon for example.

Q: What Is Its Color?

A: The cart comes in a black finish.

Final Verdict

The Gorilla carts are designs that finding a flaw in is a hard assignment. You will have to dig and dig and your efforts might end up being futile.

The Gorilla carts are a combination of all the great features that we require from a cart. These carts solve all of the challenges of carrying stuff around.

Stable, easy to operate, and durable and well the list does not end there. Gorilla manufactures carts that deliver beyond our expectations.

If were a retailer I would stock Gorilla carts as I do not doubt in my mind they will sell like hotcakes. Make arrangements to get a piece of the Gorilla carts finesse.