15 Top Best Solar Path Lights For Garden

Are you thinking of enhancing the way your garden looks? Adding up path lights is one option that you can check out. However, putting up the lights for the garden is not an easy task, especially with the installation and maintenance. One of the significant challenges in putting up path lights for your garden is the source of energy.

Whether to pull up an electric line from home or install an alternative electrical source is a choice which the house owner has to make. Apart from the initial installation expenditure, the regular maintenance costs are also high for traditional path lighting for the garden.

So, what is the solution?

If you are faced with this predicament, you can check out solar path lights. These solar lights are easy to install, simple to use, and are effective.

With solar being the source of energy, the maintenance of the lights is more comfortable, and these solar lights can self-sustain for many years. The solar path lights are available in multiple designs. Therefore, you not only light up your garden during the night but also enhance the overall look of your garden during the daytime.

With the multiple options available, it can be a challenge to identify the most suitable solar path lights for your garden. The purpose of this guide is to help you in your effort of buying solar path lights. We have enlisted the options that we consider to be the best so that it is easier for you to choose.

To help you further, we have a detailed buyer guide and FAQs to equip you with the understanding of Solar Path Lights.

Moonrays 91754 Richmond Solar Metal Path

Moonrays 91754 Richmond

• Light 30 Lumen
• Auto On/Off : Yes
• Light time : 6-8 hours
• Weatherproof : Yes
Price Please
GIGALUMI Solar Pathway Lights

GIGALUMI Solar, 6 Pcs

• Light with High Lumen
• Auto On/Off : Yes
• Light time : 10 hours +
• Weatherproof : Yes
Price Please
BEAU JARDIN 8 Pack Solar Lights

Solar Lights Bright, 8 Packs

• Light 10 lumens
• Auto On/Off : Yes
• Light time : 8-12 hours
• Weatherproof : Yes
Price Please
Solpex 6 Pack Solar Path Lights Outdoor,

Solpex 6 Pack

• Light 06 Lumen
• Auto On/Off : Yes
• Light time : 6-8 hours
• Weatherproof : Yes
Price Please
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Cinoton Solar Light

• Consists of 96 LEDs
• Auto On/Off : Yes
• Light time : 5-10 hours
• Weatherproof : IP65
No products found.
Sunlitec Solar Path Light

Sunlitec Waterproof , 2 Pack

• Made with LEDs
• Auto On/Off : Yes
• Light time : 5-10 hours
• Weatherproof : IP65
Price Please
TomCare Solar Lights

TomCare Solar, 4 Pack

• Made with LEDs
• Auto On/Off : Yes
• Light time : 12 hours
• Weatherproof : Yes
Price Please
SolarGlow Solar Garden Lights

Solar Garden, 1 Pack

• Light 15-lumen
• Auto On/Off : Yes
• Light time : Dawn to dask
• Weatherproof : Yes
Price Please
Enchanted Spaces Bronze Solar Path Light

Enchanted Spaces Bronze, 6 Packs

• Extra Bright LED
• Auto On/Off : Yes
• Light time : Dawn to dask
• Weatherproof : Yes
Price Please
Alpan 10192 8 LED Pathway Solar Lights

Alpan 10192 8 LED

• 8 lumens per light
• Auto On/Off : Yes
• Light time : 6-8 hours
• Weatherproof : Yes
Price Please

Best Solar Path Lights

Here is our list of the 15 best solar path lights. We checked out the various options available in the market, tested, and compared the features of them before coming up with this list.

01. Moonrays 91754 Richmond Solar Path light for High-Intensity Lighting

Moonrays 91754 Richmond Solar Path light


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High-quality manufacturing and bright light are a couple of reasons for Moonrays 91754 being on the list and is one of the most popular options available in the market.

The light intensity in these solar path lights is 30 Lumen per lamp which is one of the brightest options available and is much higher than most of the options in the market.

Another highlight of this solar path light from Moonrays is the 360-degree display it provides, providing all-round lighting. The beam angle, which is at 12 degrees, also facilitates to spread the light evenly. It has an illumination of nearly 48 inches. The overall size of the lamp is 18.5 inches and gives a ground clearance of almost 14 inches after installation.

It is made up of metal and high-quality plastic that provides sturdiness to the lights. Apart from the sturdy build, the bronze finish adds up to the style factor of the solar path lights and blends well with the surroundings.

It comes with a high capacity 1500 mAH battery which can sustain the bright lights for nearly 8 hours. Considering the high brightness, this is one of the best options available in the market. Furthermore, the battery is rechargeable.


  • Automatic on/off sensor
  • The glass lens provides better lighting
  • Comes with two lights in the package, along with ground stakes
  • Higher output of 30 lumen


  • The stakes provided are not of the highest quality

Bottom Line:

If brightness is a crucial consideration for you, Moonrays 9174 is one of the best options in the market. With all-round bright light and farther reach, it would lit up the path substantially. The battery also provides strong support for these bright lights. Additional support while installing will keep the lights grounded and stable for a long.

02. GIGALUMI Solar Pathway Lights for An Elegant Look Even During The Day

GIGALUMI Solar Pathway Lights


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These solar path lights from Girgalumi come with Tier Ripple glass lens. Unlike plastic, the glass lens allows for the bright radiance of light and provides warm white lighting. The glass lens creates an exciting pattern that enhances the beauty of the space, wherein the lights are being placed.

Although the intensity is not the brightest in the market, it still gives out very high brightness when compared to the cheap options available. With a lesser intensity than other models, it gives out more warmth and is ideal for a quieter setting.

The bean and the structure is made up of aluminum, which makes it sturdy and durable. The bronze finish added to the style and coupled with the glass lens gives an exquisite look.

It is quite easy to install and can be done by a layman. Once fully charged, it can give out light for more than 10 hours, which is one of the longest-running times available in the market at this brightness. It is powered by a 400 mAH battery, enough for the intensity of these lights.

The pack consists of 6 lights.


  • Automatic on-off mechanism
  • All-weather build which can sustain rains and snow
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Warm lighting provides comfort to the eye


  • Lesser life duration

Bottom Line:

These solar path lights are a decent option that scores high on looks and elegance, along with doing a decent job with the lighting. Although it is not the brightest option, the glassless ensures that the light is clearly transmitted and produces enough light in the dark. If the higher intensity of brightness is not the criteria, it is one of the best options to opt for.

03. BEAU JARDIN Solar Light For Weather-Resistant Lighting



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Beau Jardin’s solar path lighting has a waterproof 1P65 rating, making it one of the most durable solar lights. It is built to resist weather conditions like snow, frost, and rain.

It is made up of stainless steel and ABS plastic, which gives it a stable composition and lasts for a longer time. The stainless steel body is rustproof, and hence, lasts for a long time.

It has a height of 16.54 inches and gives excellent ground clearance. The lenses are made up of diamond glass that creates an elegant pattern. The automatic mechanism helps in conserving energy. After charging, it lasts up to 8-12 hours, providing all daylighting.

The solar panel is conveniently placed above the lamp, thereby maximizing the opportunity to gain more sunlight and is effective even during non-sunny days.

While the lighting is not the brightest as per intensity, the hexagonal pattern and the clear glass provide unique lighting for your garden or backyard. The transparent gas maximizes the illumination.


  • Easy installation
  • Automatic on/off mechanism
  • 600 mAH battery works for a longer duration for the lighting
  • 30-day return option available


  • Only 6 Lumen brightness

Bottom Line

This solar path light from Beau Jardin is ideal for places which are not sunny always and have scope for rain and snow. Its build is sturdy and is durable for a more extended period amidst the weather’s elements. It does not offer higher bright light but makes the best of illumination with the design.

The battery provided is more than enough for the lighting and ensures the lights are on for a longer duration. If you are looking for a lower light option that lasts for a more extended period, these solar path lights from Beau Jardin are worth checking out.

04. Solpex 6 Pack Solar Path Lights: Best For Higher Luminosity

Solpex 6 Pack Solar Path Lights


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Solpex Solar Path lights use SMD LED light bulbs which increase the luminosity/brightness of the light.

The glass lamps transmit light more brightly without any obstruction, unlike the plastic options that are found in the market. The black finish of the stainless steel completes the look along with the glass lamp. The overall build quality is premium, the design is unique, which enhances the look of the driveway or pathway of your garden both during the day as well as night.

The top of the cap is made up of premium quality polycrystalline silicon. The design of the lamp is a classical hollow design.

It comes with a 14500 rechargeable lithium battery which has a longer lifetime.

The height of the solar path light is 16.92 cm, and the width is around 5.51 cm, making it convenient to place in most of the locations. The conical bottom design helps to easily plant the solar lights into the ground, without any specific tools.

Furthermore, these lights are weatherproof and can resist most of the weather conditions like rain, snow, and frost. These lights come as a pack of 6 lights.


  • Automatically turns on/off based on the sensors
  • Non obstructed clear lighting
  • Higher brightness
  • Solid build
  • Easy to install


  • Less light duration

Bottom Line

It is one of the most luminous options available. The SMD LED lights and the clear glass design ensures to have high-efficiency lighting. The downside is that the lights do not last for a more extended period.

This is a good option for having bright lighting for a limited time. The combination of glass and black metal finishing provides a good look even during the daytime.

5. Cinoton Solar Light Path Torch : Comes With A Unique Design

No products found.


No products found.

The design for Cinoton solar path torch moves away from the traditional structure and has a unique torch design. However, it is not just about the style, with this solar path torch from Cinoton scoring high even on the functionality.

The innovative flame design adds beauty to the looks of any space, whether it is the garden or your driveway. The pack comes with 2 lights and each light has 98 LED bulbs fitted in them.

These lights are sturdy and give enough brightness. They alternate in lighting up, carrying a flickering effect that complements well with the flame/torch design. The highlight is that the flame effect looks realistic.

It has an automatic system that senses the daylight and turns off and on. The spike design at the bottom makes it easy to install into the ground.

The lights are very efficient with them easily lasting up to 10 hours with average sunlight for charging. During the winters, they can last up to 5 hours.

The lights come with IP65 weatherproofing and can be used for all kinds of weathers.


  • Unique design
  • Bright lighting through the gas lens
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Comes with ground stakes
  • Adjustable height


  • Stakes made up of plastic and are less durable
  • Has less lumen output

Bottom Line

These solar lights from Cinoton are more suitable as a decorative addition for your space. It does not give out bright lighting and is not an option to consider if you are looking for more brilliant light.

Nevertheless, the unique flame design, the black finish, and the structure offer a look not found in many of the solar path lights. With nearly 3 feet in height, these provide for a unique torch-type look to your setting.

06. Sunlitec Solar Path Light For The Low Lighting Effect

Sunlitec Solar Path Light


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These solar lights from Sunlitec have a flame design. With the multiple LEDs functioning alternatively, it gives out a torchlight effect. They are easy to install and remove, and hence are useful during the camping.

With their design and luminosity, they can replace the fire torches used in camping for lighting up the trails or pathways. These solar path lights provide a unique environmentally friendly option for camping.

It uses optical control technology that creates the effects of flames and enables a pleasant environment.

Although they are made up of plastic, these solar path lights can sustain most of the weather conditions. These lights are waterproof 1P65 certified.

They have an inbuilt-2200 mAH battery which requires around 8 hours of charging during the day for up to 8-10 hours of lighting at night. With the day charge, it can support up to 5 hours of illumination during the winters.

It provides for flexibility of placement as you have the option to either hang down from the wall or push into the ground. It is also a less expensive option and can provide savings as an alternative for the traditional torches during camping.


  • Unique design
  • Automatic turn on/off option
  • All-weather lights
  • Easy to move around
  • Easy maintenance


  • Less luminosity

Bottom Line

Sunlitec Solar Path lights with a flame/torch design are a good option for camping. They would replace the traditional fire torches and hence are also a safe option. Although they do not give out higher light, they provide enough light to provide visibility at night, especially if camping outside. The overall design and size also make it an easy option to carry around.

7. TomCare Solar lights For Lighting For More Extended Hours

TomCare Solar lights


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The longer lighting time is one of the critical aspects that need to be looked into while buying solar path lights.

TomCare’s solar lights can function up to 10 hours during the summer months, and during the winter season, they can provide support for 5 hours.

It is powered by a 2200 mAh battery which can store ample electricity to support these lights. The fact that they do not have higher luminosity favors the longer duration.

Apart from the utility, these solar lights also have a unique design. The technology used in these lights gives an impression of flames. They are easy to install and provide a unique look to the pathway with their flame design. The package includes 4 lights, and hence you can make the purchase based on the requirement.

It is one of the taller solar path lights around with a total height of 43 inches, and therefore gives about 3 feet of ground clearance.

It is waterproof and is ideal for the outdoors. These lamps can withstand any harsh weather, including rain and snowfall.


  • No wiring required and is easy to install.
  • Has automatic sensors
  • Has a unique flame design
  • Ideal for decoration lighting


  • Do not have a longer life span

Bottom Line

These lights are well suited as decorative lighting which you can keep on the whole night. They are not an option to be considered if you intend to have brighter lights for the backyard or any pathway. The look enhances the surroundings through its warm flaming light.

The 2200 mAH powered battery ensures that enough energy is stored during the day and the shine lasts for more extended hours, i.e. around 10 hours during the night. Being self-sufficient, they cut down on any expanse on decorative lighting.

08. Solar Garden Lights For Higher Luminosity

SolarGlow Solar Garden Lights


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Solar Garden’s solar path lights provide a bright and clear light to shine through. The bulbs used are LED and give out a bright shining light. These lights have an overall luminosity of10 lumen approx., and along with the clear lens they have a higher radiance.

The pack comes with 6 lights, which when are lit together, help to create a brighter light in a specific area.

The packaging comes with ground stakes, using which the lights can easily be installed into any ground surface that you want to place the lights.

ABS plastic is used in making the body of these lights and hence are tough and durable. These lights are all-weather resistant.

The energy-efficient led bulbs to ensure a longer-lasting battery. With the light charging themselves from the sunlight, there is no hassle of taking out the batteries or the flashlights for charging.

The black color finish on the body of these solar path lights along with the bright white light provides for a great look at the night.


  • Automatic switch on/off technology for energy savings
  • Easy to install and comes with stakes
  • High radiance
  • Comes in a beautiful design


  • Lesser life span

Bottom Line

Solar Garden’s solar path lights are a cost-effective option for having brighter luminosity at a reasonable price. They have a simple make and are easy to install and use. If you are looking for a less-fanciful but efficient option in solar path lights, this pack of 6 solar light from Solar Garden is a preferred option.

09. Enchanted Space Solar Path Lights With A Unique Design

Enchanted Spaces Bronze Solar Path Light


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What stands out with the Enchanted Space solar path lights is its unique look and design. The lamp is made up of glass and is encased in metal with a bronze finish. The lens made up of real glass has a design which gives out a star-shaped light effect, elevating the look of the space where these solar lights are placed and illuminated.

The metal used is strong and durable. The bronze coating not only adds to the look of the lights but also ensures to protect the frame from rain, snow, and other such elements. The metal stakes used for the lighting are too strong, and unlike the plastic stakes, they cannot be broken.

Each light consists of 500 mAH rechargeable battery which functions quite efficiently for the 1-lumen brightness of the lights.

Apart from providing for a unique design pattern on the ground, the glass also facilitates in protecting the LED lights from rain, snow, or any other potential sources of damage.

The overall construction of the solar path light is strong enough to last for multiple years. The pack consists of 6 lights.


  • Elegant bronze finish
  • Waterproof and is durable
  • Effortless installation with the stakes
  • Unique design pattern


  • Less brightness
  • Unreliable battery

Bottom Line

The Enchanted Space solar path lights are not an ideal option if higher brightness is the key factor. However, it scores well on the rest of the aspects. The unique star-shaped light pattern would add elegance to any of the spaces. Apart from the looks, even the functionality and durability are excellent. Although the luminosity is very less, the light is bright and visible. The build is stronger than most of the solar path lights.

10. Alpan 10192 Solar Path Lights For An Elegant Look

Alpan 10192 Solar Path Lights


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Alpan’s Solar path light has an oiled bronze finish, which is unique compared to various designs that are available in the market. The lens is a crystallized glass lens whose pattern compliments well with the bronze metallic finish. Apart from these, the overall design has a curvy look which adds to the appeal of the lamp.

Coming to the functionality of this lamp from Alpan, it gives out the brightness of 8 lumen – not the brightest of the options around. However, the light is bright and the glass does not obstruct the radiation of the light. With a day charging under the sun, the light can function up to 8 hours.

The crystallized glass is encased in aluminum & stainless steel metal. This provides sturdiness to the lamp for a longer period of time. The overall build can withhold various weather conditions.

The packaging comes with a pack of 8 solar lights.


  • Easy to install mechanism
  • Bluish light pattern unlike the white/yellow options of lights
  • Comes with stakes
  • Rustproof


  • Lesser light with only 8 lumens of intensity
  • Plastic stakes do not last for a longer period

Bottom Line

Alpan’s solar path lights are all for looks and functionality. 8 lumen is on the lower end compared to other high-quality solar lights, but it still gives decent brightness which is enough for most of the situations. The longer duration of the lights and the unique look makes it an ideal solar path light, both during the night as well as day. The look of Alpan’s solar path light bodes well with most of the surroundings, especially the backyard or the garden.

11. Voona Solar Path Lights With Warm & Soft Lighting

Voona Solar Path Lights


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The Solar LED path lights from Voona have a low intensity of 6 lumens and give out a warm and soft lighting ideal for a calm outdoor setting. You can use these lights to subtly light up a walkway or a patch of a garden, where you feel the higher intensity of light is not needed or is obstructing the overall look.

The lighting has a unique sun pattern effect, which gives the impression of sun rays on the ground.

It has a beautiful design that goes well with most of the backdrops. Hence, apart from the brilliant lighting during the night, the solar lights would even look good during the day. The lights are made up of stainless steel, which provides sturdiness to them. They are also less prone to rust, and hence, last for a more extended time.

It is also waterproof and hence can be put in any of the locations. The stainless steel finish also guards the lamp against the damages caused due to rain or storm.

The pack consists of 8 lights which can be put together to cover a regular-sized walkway. The working of the solar panel and the battery is greatly efficient.

It has a 500 mAh battery which is sufficient for the 8-lumen lighting.


  • Excellent brightness despite the lower lumen capacity
  • Quality build
  • Good and reliable battery
  • Easy assembly and installation
  • Easy maintenance


  • Less Lumen

Bottom Line

The unique Sun Ray pattern offers a different look to the lighting. With low-intensity lighting, it provides a comfortable, soothing light. With its design and sturdiness, this is an ideal option if you are looking at investing in solar lights that offer less intense light.

12. Smartyard Solar Pathway Lights For Higher Durability

Smartyard Solar Pathway Lights


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The solar pathway light from Smartyard is made up of top quality Nickel-metal Hydride ( Ni-MH), which makes it durable.

Since the solar lights are kept outdoors, it is vital that they are built to withstand the external weather elements. These solar path lights perform well on this count due to the unique metal combination not found in most of the other solar lights.

It further has a luminosity of 10 lumen, which is a bright option. The LEDs in the lamp give out a warm white light. The lights are backed up by a 900 mAH battery, which is authoritative for lights with 10 lumens. A full day charge gives it a runtime of 8 hours during the night. The batteries are rechargeable.

The overall height of the lights is 17.9 inches, which when installed in the ground stands over 14 inches tall. The width of the light is 6.6 inches.

The pack consists of 8 lights.


  • Automatic on and off mechanism
  • Easy installation with less than 90 minutes of effort
  • Longer battery life
  • More dimensions for a brighter area


  • Variation in the color of light

Bottom Line

These solar lights from Smartyard are built to last for a longer period. It is an excellent non-fancy option where functionality takes precedence over the looks. The 10-lumen battery is bright enough and is ably supported by the battery for a glitch-free functioning.

13. Garden Bliss Solar Path Lights For Longer Life

Garden Bliss Solar Path Lights


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These solar path lights from Garden Bliss offer the best of both style and function. The battery can last up to nearly 20 thousand hours, which is one of the best performing batteries among the solar lights. The lesser lumen of the lights contributes to the longevity of the battery.

The light is only 4 lumen, which is dim considering the light intensity provided by many of the solar path lights. Furthermore, the lens is made up of plastic and has a smoky texture to it. This makes them useful as marker lights rather than illuminating lights for specific areas.

The package consists of 10 lights with varying sizes but the same intensity. The different heights can be used in accordance with the difference in surfaces in your outdoor.

The metal construction has a durable matte finish that can withstand most of the weather conditions.

These lights come with stakes that help in easy installation. The design is not a fancy one but is neat and can blend well with the surroundings. The white and black combination makes it ideal to look at even during the day.


  • It has high-density crystal panels
  • East to assemble and install
  • 1-year money-back guarantee option
  • Two height options


  • Non-durable plastic

Bottom Line

These solar path lights are useful as marker lights because of their less intensity. The longer battery life makes them an excellent option to install and not to bother about them for longer periods of time. They are easy to maintain. Placing them strategically in places in need of less light would help get the maximum functionality out of them.

14. Plow & Haerth Super Bright Solar Path Lights

Plow & Haerth Super Bright Solar Path Lights


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LED lights in the range of 20-30 lumen are considered to be extremely bright. These solar path lights from Plow & Hearth beat most of the solar path lights when it comes to brightness with 50 lumens of the intensity of light.

This high intensity enables these solar lights to emit high heat of light.

These high powered LED lights are backed up by efficient solar panel and battery. Full charge during the day gives out 10 hours of light at night. The extra-large solar panels help to achieve this.

The build is of cast metal, which offers solar light protection against any of the weather elements. Most of the solar lights are installed into the softer ground so as not to break them hitting into a hard surface. However, cast aluminum enables this solar path light to withstand hammering into hard ground.

The led lighting is enclosed in a Tier Ripple glass which helps in further illumination.

The height of the lights is 23 inches which is taller than most of the solar path lights.

The glass light along with the cast aluminum casing offers an elegant look during the night as well as the day.

Pros :

  • Automatic On/Off mechanism.
  • Easy to install
  • 10X brighter illumination
  • Sturdy built


  • Price on the higher end
  • Less capacity battery compared to light intensity

Bottom Line

This solar path light is all the best rolled into one. While the higher price could be a deterrent, the features offered by these lights are worth the investment being made. The brightness is rarely matched by any of the solar lights available in the market. If the price is not a constraint, this is one of the better options to look out for.

15. Twinkle Start Solar Path Lights For Bright Light And Installation Options

Twinkle Start Solar Path Lights


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The brightness of the light emitted by these solar path lights is 50 lumen, which is one of the brightest options available.

The lens is made up of plastic which is a drawback as per the illumination but provides an advantage over the glass lenses form a durability perspective.

The overall design follows a classic and straightforward lighting look. It also provides excellent illumination and effect on the ground due to the design.

It takes around 6-8 hours to get fully charged and provides light for approximately 8 hours during the night. It has an automatic on-off mechanism, which enables the lights to switch on during the night and switch off once the day breaks.

Another unique aspect of these lights from Twinkle Star is the feasibility of installation. There are two ways in which these lights can be installed. You can either take the stake out of the pole and push the stake into the ground or use the round pile provided and fix it to the ground with screws.

The overall height is around 3.5 feet.


  • Sturdy build
  • Can withstand different weather conditions
  • Effective light distribution
  • Elegant styling
  • Value for money


– The plastic lens does not go well with the overall look

Bottom Line

If you are thinking of buying a very high-intensity light but do not have a higher budget, you can go for this option from Twinkle Star. The plastic build of the lens is one of the differentiators in price and is not a significant factor unless you are particular about the aesthetics. Apart from glass not being used, this solar path light has an excellent elegant design with exciting patterns on the lens.

Buyer’s Guide: Things To Consider Before Buying Solar Path Lights

Understanding aspects of the Solar path lights would help you in making the right choices. While the suggestions that we provided are the best in the market, having information would not only help you to freeze your choice among these suggestions but also to explore beyond our list if need.

Let us first understand how Solar path lights work?

Working of Solar Path Lights

Solar path lights work on the simple premise of converting solar power into electricity. There is a solar panel fitted in every solar path light which helps in this conversion. The electricity is stored in an inbuilt rechargeable battery.

The charging process occurs during the day due to the availability of sunshine. Most of the solar path lights come with an automatic system wherein a switch turns on the lights when it is getting darker in the evening. This automated system also turns off the light in the mornings, once the sun is out.

The LED lights fitted in most of the solar path lights use less energy and can work for an extended time. A Solar light that gets charged during the day can give anywhere between 6-10 hours of light. Since they aren’t connected to any external power source, you can easily move them around.

While the working of a Solar Path Light appears to be simple, there are few features that you need to look out for before making a choice.

  1. Brightness: Obviously, this is the most crucial feature that you need to check out for. Ensure that the solar lights that you purchase have a high lumen rate. (Lumen is the measure of brightness). Most of the high-quality Solar Path Lights emit 10-30 lumens of light. Cheaper options give out only 1-9 lumens, which you need to avoid as they do not provide enough brightness for the paths.
  2. Battery: Another critical feature to consider is the battery capacity. Buying Solar Path Lights with higher battery capacity would help the lights to work for a longer period. Especially if you are investing in lights with the higher lumen, you need to ensure that the batter is of larger capacity. Brighter lights drain the battery quicker. A larger battery would sustain these lights all-night.
  3. Quality of Solar Panel: The Solar Panel has the key function of converting solar energy into electricity. The rate at which the solar panels can convert solar light is critical. High-efficiency panels have a conversion rate of up to 20 %. Ensure that the solar panels use the latest technology as they tend to be more efficient and also require less space.
  4. Materials: Ensure that durable and high-quality materials are used in the solar path lights which you intend to buy since these lights would be outdoors most of the time. Glass and various metals are used in the making of most of the solar path lights as they are more durable and sturdier. Try avoiding solar lights made up of plastic as they would not be able to sustain the different elements of nature.
  5. Style: While all the above features are important, looking out for style helps in ensuring that the garden and the surroundings look beautiful. Look out for options that not only look good but are also durable. Different styles allow light to a varying extent. Hence, balance out between the design and the amount of light that you would need.

Setting Up Solar Path Lights

setting up solar path lights

Once you have made your choice of solar lights, it is time to install them. Compared to traditional lighting, solar path lights are easier to install. Identifying the space where you would be installing the solar lights is the key. Choose spots that have the provision for receiving more sunshine. While you finalize the places, also ensure that the placement of solar path lights accentuates the look of your garden and is not a hindrance.

Prepare the ground beforehand so that it is ready for the solar path lights to be installed. Charge the lights for 10-12 hours before you do the installation. Since there is no electrical wiring required, you can simply take the solar path lights and install them in the specified spots. Ensure that you position the solar panel is such that it receives ample sunlight.

The number of lights that you intend to install is dependent on the space that you want to install and the brightness of the solar lights that you chose. Ensure that the solar lights aren’t too crowded or are so distant apart that there are dark spots in between the solar lights.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Most of the solar panels come with a guide, which provides instructions in regard to the maintenance and cleaning of the solar lights.

Ensure that utmost care is exercised in handling the solar lights while cleaning since they tend to be fragile. Follow the instructions and disassemble the solar lights. Cleaning the solar panel is important as the dirt would affect the amount of sunshine the solar panel receives. Cleaning the solar panel once every month is a good practice. Gently wipe the solar panel using a soft cloth for cleaning.

Apart from the solar panels, the battery also needs to be cleaned regularly. Use a brush to remove any trials of oxidation on the body of the battery. Generally, the places where the battery is in contact with the light fixture tend to accumulate dust. Therefore, note down such spots and clean them.

Batteries generally have a lifetime of one year of regular usage. Consider replacing them if they aren’t working properly after a year, even though you have been regularly cleaning up the oxidation.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long will Solar Path Lights Run?

The run time duration of a solar path light depends on the type of lighting that you choose. The lumen and battery capacity determine the run time of the solar path lights. A fully charged solar path light of higher intensity can run up to 6 -8 hours. More sunlight received during the day can help the solar lights to run for a longer period of time.

Most of the LED bulbs have a lifetime of 100,000 hours and need to be changed beyond it.

  1. Why Is There An Off/On Switch On My Solar Path Lights?

Most of the solar path lights come with an automatic mechanism which can detect light and darkness, thereby switching on and off on their own. This works on the sensors fitted in the solar lights. However, sometimes there are chances that the sensors do not work correctly either due to weather conditions or due to internal problems. In such instances, the on/off switch comes in handy to manually operate the lights.

  1. Can I Use My Solar Path lights in The Winter?

As long as the solar panel receives enough sunlight to charge, the solar lights can work in the winters. Most of the solar path lights these days are built to be able to withstand any of the weather conditions, especially winters. Unless the winters are harsh and can cause damage to the solar lights, you can use them even in the winter season.

  1. How Many Lumen Do The Lights Need To Be So That They Are Bright Enough?

Most of the high-quality and efficient Solar lights come with an intensity of 10-30 lumen. You can choose solar lights between these intensities to ensure that they are bright and work well in the dark. Cheaper solar path lights have 1-10 lumen of intensity, which are better ignored.

  1. Can Solar Lights Be Charged Without The Sun?

It may be a surprise, but the answer is Yes. Using a brightly lit up incandescent light can provide the light for the solar panels similar to the wavelength of the sun. Few of the models also work with LED lighting.

  1. What Are The Benefits Of Solar Path Lights?

Solar path lights have multiple benefits over traditional lighting. These include- easy installation with no wire work, no need for power sources, saves on electricity, safer, and can be used near locations like pools or ponds where the traditional electricity-based lighting can’t be used.


Solar path lights are an effective way of being eco-friendly and being economical as well. With multiple options available at various price points, it is the choice of the buyer to identify the option more suited.

From the features perspective, the solar path lights of Twinkle Star and Plow & Hearth could seem to be a better option. But that would be a waste of investment in case you are looking for an option with less illumination. In that case, Voona’s solar path lights could be a better option. Moonrays Richmond solar path lights are a better balance of various features.

The 15 best solar path lights that we have enlisted cater to most of the features that people look out for. You can select one of your choices, based on your requirement and budget. Buyers’ guide would offer more insights, helping you to make an informed choice.