Best Rear Tine Garden Tiller in 2024

You have no way out but to get a tiller if you’re a gardener. Among the front and rear options, I love the rear tine tillers because they tend to have more power, they dig deeper, and they’ve better balance. However, finding the best rear tine tiller is no easy task.

They’re not the most straightforward machines, and there are plenty of options available there. All of them claim themselves to be great, but are they?

And it’s not always about picking the best of the best by breaking the bank; it’s more about finding your right fit without hurting your pocket much.

And I intend to help you with that through my reviews of top rear tine tillers of 2022, an informative buying guide, and by answering a few commonly asked questions. Here they go –



• Dual Rotating Rear Tine
• 208Cc Engine
• 18" wide rear tine
• 6.5" working depth
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Husqvarna CRT900

Husqvarna CRT900

• Dual Rotating Rear Tine
• 205Cc Engine
• 14" wide rear tine
• 6" working depth
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Champion Rear Tine Tiller

Champion Rear Tine Tiller

• Dual Rotating Rear Tine
• 212Cc Engine
• 19" wide rear tine
• 8" working depth
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Southland SRTT196E

• Dual Rotating Rear Tine
• 196 Cc Engine
• 18" wide rear tine
• 10" working depth
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MTD Gold 21AB45M8704

• Dual Rotating Rear Tine
• 208Cc Engine
• 22" wide rear tine
• 7" working depth
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• 4-Cycle Viper Engine
• 63 x 21 x 49 inches
• 5-Year Warranty
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Troy-Bilt Pro-Line

• Counter Rotating Rear Tine
• 160 Cc Engine
• 16" wide rear tine
• 6 working depth
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dirty hand tools 106145

Dirty Hand Tools

• Dual Rotating Rear Tine
• 196 Cc Engine
• 16" wide rear tine
• 10" working depth
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Husqvarna TR317D

Husqvarna TR317D

• Dual Rotating Rear Tine
• 208Cc Engine
• 17" wide rear tine
• 6.5" working depth
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No products found.

Southland SRTT212

• Dual Rotating Rear Tine
• 196cc Engine
• 18" wide rear tine
• 11" working depth
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Best Rear Tine Tiller 2023

Here’s a quick look…

01. YARDMAX YT4565 Rear Tine Tiller


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The first machine to make it to my list of top rear tine tillers is the Yardmax YT4565. It is a machine for ultimate power, value, and incredible support. It is a tiller that combines performance and practicality to deliver exceptional performance for both professionals and homeowners.

Dual-Rotating Tiller

The YT4565 is a real dual-rotating rear tine tiller that makes it suitable for any garden with various soil types. It doesn’t care how tough the surface of your garden is, because it’s always tougher.

This machine offers reverse rotation for deeper soil tilling and forward rotation, which is ideal for cultivation.

Now, the reason behind such a careless attitude of the machine is the 208cc, Briggs & Stratton engine of it that is capable of delivering 190-revolution per minute rotational speed with an incredible 9.50 ft-lbs gross torque.


When such power couples with a self-propelled drive system feature of the YARDMAX transmission mechanism, it ends up delivering a powerful forward movement along with a single reverse gear, which means effortless control.

The TY4565 features an 18-inch wide rear tine design that can be adjusted in seven steps with a 6.5-inch working depth, so you’ll get more efficient ground coverage. The 13-inch self-sharpening tines make your work even more comfortable.

Improved Handling

The unit also features some improved handling mechanism. Such as the one-hand operation, and the freedom to stand and steer on either side of the cultivator. An adjust bar is also there, which improves balance in all conditions.

For even better handling and balance, the TY4565 features a front counterweight on 13-inch pneumatic wheels having AG tread tires. There is an adjustable serrated rear and side shield that ensures the safety of the operator.

  • Comes with great power
  • Improved and smart balancing features
  • Straightforward to operate
  • Covers wider ground
  • Dual rotation feature for more profound cultivation
  • Safety shield for secure operation
  • The front metal edges tend to be threatening
  • struggles to break the virgin soil

Bottom Line

There’s a reason why the Yardmax YT4565 sits at the top of my list. It’s a beast with smooth handling. The power within will handle all tilling jobs, and you won’t have a hard time controlling the beast as well.

02. Husqvarna CRT900 Rear Tine Tiller

Husqvarna CRT900

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It is impossible for Husqvarna to not make it to the above the fold position no matter what gardening tool we’re discussing. Talking about rear tine tiller, the CRT900 from them is the second pick of the list.

It is a heavy-duty tiller with counter-rotating tines, Smooth operation, Briggs & Stratton engine, and superior control and balance.

205cc Briggs & Stratton Engine

A powerful engine makes a powerful tiller. The CRT900 features a 205cc Briggs & Stratton made 4-cycle, OHV engine.

Any machine amateur knows that four-cycle engines are more efficient and more durable than 2-cycle ones, so they’re going to love this thing about the tiller.

The engine delivers an incredible 9 lb/ft torque, so you have the raw power to chew through into very packed ground that’s never been tilled before.

Counter-Rotating Tines

The CRT900 has counter-rotating tines. I believe you know what that is,  but if you don’t, they’re such tines that can turn in the opposite direction of the wheels. And how’s that useful?

Well, this mechanism is excellent for cutting through clay and rocky soil without producing much vibration. These tines are best for creating new garden beds where you’re tilling the surface for the very first time, as they’re more powerful.

Amazing Balance and Control

The CRT900 of Husqvarna includes counterweights on the wheels, so they are more stable and grounded all the time. It ensures safety and also increases your control over the tiller.

The tires that run the tiller are agricultural-grade ones that are designed with heavy treads for maintaining a firm grip even in muddy terrains. They offer even better stability and ensures grip in every scenario.

However, the CRT900 doesn’t get very deep despite its high power. The maximum deep it can go is about 6 inches. The tiller is designed to utilize the power within to break the hard surface for the first time and vice versa. If you need to go deep, you should consider other options from the list that can go up to 10 inches in the ground.

  • A workhorse for tough tilling jobs.
  • Very efficient at cracking the surface for the first time.
  • The 205cc engine is practical and durable.
  • Counterweight and Agricultural tires add more balance.
  • Counter-rotating tines
  • Not designed to go deep into the ground.

Bottom Line

The Husqvarna CRT900 has a purpose – which is to crack the solid surface for the first time efficiently. It is equipped with everything that is needed to solve the goal – like a powerful engine, counter-rotating tines, and so forth. You can take care of soil turning jobs as well. Such power and balance make it a steal of a tiller.

03. Champion Rear Tine Tiller

Champion Rear Tine Tiller

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Just like the name, the Champion 19″ rear tine tiller works like a champion as well. Powered by a huge 212 cc engine and supported by cast-iron-made gear-operated transmission, it tears through the most hardened soil like a champion in real.


Just like the YARDMAX YT4565, the Champion Rear Tine Tiller too delivers dual rotation so you can seamlessly alternate between forward and reverse mode. It’s a 19″ tiller, so you get a tilling width of 19″ along with 8″ of tilling depth.

Powerful Engine & Smooth Transmission

A mighty 212 cc engine powers the tiller. The cast-iron-made gear-operated transmission is housed in a compact, heavy-duty casing.

The combination of the powerful engine and smooth transmission makes sure that the tillers tears through even the most compact and robust soil that includes virgin grounds. There will be no grass and sod standing in its way.

Easy Operation, Agricultural Tires

This tiller is quite easy to operate. It runs well even in the uneven terrains thanks to the 13-inch agricultural-grade tires. This tire is responsible for offering more stability and better control overall on the tiller.

There are four heavy-duty 13.5-inch tines on this tiller to take care of the hardest tilling job. These are made of hardened steel, so they will last and tear through tough things without breaking themselves.

  • Dependable 13.5-inch hardened steel tines
  • Powerful engine and gear-driven transmission
  • Efficient 13-inch agricultural grade tires
  • A highly versatile tool
  • Consumes fuel more than average tillers

Bottom Line

The Champion 19″ tiller addresses the issue that the CRT900 had, having similar or better power within to unleash. Unlike the CRT900, it can go 8″ deep in the soil, which is ideal for most tilling jobs.

04. Southland SRTT196E OHV Engine Rear Tine Tiller

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If you’re looking for a powerful heavy-duty tiller to till a small garden, here’s the ideal option for you. The Southland SRTT196E is a heavy-duty tiller designed to till smaller gardens as deep as 10 inches.

4-Stroke, OHV Engine

The southland SRTT196E offers what most of the tillers out there don’t offer. It features an OHV (overhead valve engine) engine that is more energy-efficient, quieter, and also more durable. It’s even more efficient being a 4-stroke engine.

Talking about power, this energy-efficient engine has 9.6 lb/ft torque, which will be enough to break a tough virgin soil.

Counter-Rotating Tines

It features counter-rotating tines that have a width of 11-inches, so it’s suitable for gardens with some smaller spaces. The counter-rotating mechanism helps to aerate the soil more effectively by adding to the tines’ power.

Digs Deep

The SRTT196E digs more deeply than many other comparable tillers. It can reach up to an excellent 10 inches of depth. It is way better than many similar tillers that are only able to make shallow beds, up to 6 inches or so.

This depth helps those plants that need a  lot of room for roots to grow down. If you have similar plants to grow, this machine will be a wise purchase.

Good For Smaller Gardens

The SRTT196E is a smart choice for smaller gardens that still need heavy-duty. Most of the heavy-duty tillers are tough to operate in smaller gardens because of their extra width. The powerful SRTT196E addresses this issue and reaches the furthest corner.

  • It has an excellent maximum depth of 10 inches
  • Very efficient OHV engine
  • Counter-rotating tines
  • Pneumatic tires
  • Great for smaller gardens
  • The width is quite low if you consider larger gardens.

Bottom Line

If I have to summarize the Southland SRTT196E, it’s one of the rated rear tine tillers for a smaller garden. It packs power, and it’s small enough to operate in a compact garden efficiently. The con I mentioned is not a con. Actually, it’s the purpose of the tiller.

05. MTD Gold 21AB45M8704 208cc Gas 22″ Rear Tine Tiller

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Unlike the previous time, are you looking for a tiller made for larger gardens? But you might be worried because usually, the wider tiller costs a lot. Well, not anymore with the MTD Gold 21AB45M8704 (I know, quite weird). This a tiller with an affordable price tag, and made for larger gardens.

208cc OHV Engine

MTD Golds’ 21AB45M8704, being an affordable tiller, features an OHV (overhead valve) engine too of 208cc. The power delivered by the engine is enough for most tilling jobs out there.

Being an OHV engine, this one is fuel-efficient and environment-friendly too. So the maintenance cost of this tiller is not that high, just like its price.

18-inch Tilling Width

Unlike the SRTT196E, the MTD gold machine does not have a narrow width. The 18-inch tilling width is good enough for medium to large gardens. It has a variable depth adjustment option with the maximum depth being 7 inches, so it’s on the par side – neither too deep nor too shallow.

More Flexible

This one too is a dual-rotating tiller, so the tines go both forwards and backward. It allows you to till going forward on easier ground, and then backward on really compact dirt that needs that counter-rotating action.


One of the great things about the MTD Gold machine is that it packs almost everything you need in a good tiller, but the price tag is inexpensive. It costs lesser than tillers with even wider width. With this machine, you have to shell out a ton of cash on a really pricey tiller just because you have a big garden.

However, this tiller is a little challenging to maneuver, especially in tight spaces. Take it as a con or not, but this will be inconvenient to operate if you have a smaller garden. The width itself tells you that it’s better in wider areas.

  • Good for larger gardens
  • Large 16” tires
  • OHV engine, efficient
  • The maintenance cost is low
  • Affordable large tiller
  • Clunky
  • The engine seems to be a little under-powered despite the cc count.

Bottom Line

The MTD Gold is for those people that have a large garden to deal with but don’t want to break the bank to get a large & powerful tiller. This package meets the demands of a large garden but costs less. It’s a value for money product.

In general, rear tine tillers more challenging to maneuver. It’s also very wide, which makes moving it through tighter spots or corners awkward and ineffective. As stated before, this really is a tiller for big yards, and those sorts of machines will be heavier. The engine isn’t as large as it could be, though; OHV engines are more compact than non-OHV versions.

06. Earthquake 7055C Rear Tine Tiller Rototiller

Earthquake 7055C

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We have so far talked about a lot of monstrous beasts. But how about a tiller that does not have all the tilling power in the world but digs deep and produces evenly dug beautiful looking beds? Yeah, that’s precisely what the Earthquake 7055C does.

Briggs & Stratton 205cc Engine

The 7055c from earthquake features a 205cc Briggs and Stratton engine. I really like the B&S engine for its reliability, and this tiller is no exception. It’s reliable and efficient, but I believe slightly underpowered too.

The engine delivers 8.5 lb/ft torque, which is a little lower than expected for a 205cc engine. However, this power is not a joke when it comes to tilling. It can go through-hardened and unbroken ground (with a little effort though).

Isovibe Drag Stake Technology

The Earthquake 7055C features an is vibe drag stake technology that helps to maintain digging depth and overall control.

What this technology does is it keeps the tiller digging at a consistent level and also keeps the whole machine well-balanced while you work through the rocky or rough ground. It results in beautiful, evenly-dug beds.

10-inch of Maximum Depth

Unlike many other tillers, this tiller does not go swallow. It can reach up to 10 inches deep in the earth’s surface, making room for those plants that have larger roots to fit. While many tillers go up to 6 or 7, it can reach ten, which is a plus.

  • Goes deep, up to 10 inches.
  • Suitable for making deeper beds.
  • Isovibe drag stake technology for consistent tilling.
  • Delivers beautiful looking, evenly-dug beds.
  • Bumper guard ensures your protection
  • The engine delivers less than expected power.
  • Not great for really tough surfaces.

Bottom Line

The Earthquakes 7055C is a tiller made for comparatively softer surfaces. The forward tine and the underpowered engine clearly dictates that. But when it is given what demands is, it shows its efficiency to deliver deep, evenly dug, and beautiful beds.

07. Troy-Bilt Pro-Line CRT 160cc Tiller

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Coming with a Honda made engine, the Troy-Bilt Pro-Line CRT tiller is a dependable machine. Having a 16-inch tilling width with 7-inches depth, it’s suitable for medium-sized gardens. Features like one hand transmission make its operation smoother.

Honda GX 160cc Engine

The Troy-Bilt Pro-Line CRT 10-inch 160cc tiller features a 4-cycle Honda GX160cc engine. Honda is a reliable name when it comes to engines, and you can definitely expect the CRT to serve for an extended period without hiccups.

The four-cycle engine is even more fuel-efficient and quieter. The cc count on this is a little lower than many other similar tillers, but there’s not much lack of power delivered, though.

Good Transmission

It has a cast-iron made durable transmission mechanism with a bronze gear drive. It drives the tiller both backward and forward for your convenience. The mechanism is quite smooth, and it’s suitable for tackling tough jobs.


You can operate the tiller by just one hand, so it’s easily maneuverable, I’d say. You have the flexibility to do other emergency things with your free hand. This tiller has a forward -rotating tine, which usually is more maneuverable that counter-rotating tines.

Bumper Guard

The tiller has a width of 16 -inches and surrounding that there’s a bumper guard of 17 inches to stop the dirt rocks and roots. The tiller has a reasonable digging depth of 7 inches which is standard for such machines

However, though the forward rotating tine is easily maneuverable, it’s not the most powerful mechanism to break through the hardened surface. You have to sacrifice some tilling power if you want smoother operation and maneuverability.

  • Durable and efficient honda engine
  • Bumper guard for protection
  • Good width of 16 inches and a depth of 7 inches.
  • Easily maneuverable
  • Smooth and durable transmission.
  • Forward-rotating tines.
  • Lacks power overall for tough tilling jobs.

Bottom Line

Again, the Troy-Bilt pro line CRT was not made as a power monster. It’s instead an efficient, smooth, and easily operable machine for comparatively softer soil. What it offers are ease and smoothness.

08. Dirty Hand Tools Counter-Rotating Rear Tine Tiller

Dirty Hand Tools Counter-Rotating Rear Tine Tiller

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Alright, if you do not want any more forward-rotating tine, here’s another powerful counter-rotating rear tine tiller for you. Dirty hand’s counter-rotating tiller is the 8th in my list. Here’s why –


The tiller is equipped with a 196cc Kohler SH625 engine that can deliver 6.5 HP of power and 240 RPM tine speed. And the counter-rotating mechanism makes sure that the tiller tears through hard and compacted soil with that power. Even virgin soil won’t be able to stand its power.

As an environment enthusiast, I like that the engine is EPA/CARB approved, so there’ll be less toxic elements emitting from it, so it’s friendlier for nature.

Tilling Width and Depth

Where the tiller shines is the 10-inch tilling depth, which lets you go quite deep in the ground. It is better for bigger plants that need a lot of room for their roots to fit in. It has 16-inch tilling width, so it’s neither too large nor too small, making itself ideal for medium garden and a decent fit for both smaller and larger ones.

Smooth Transmission

The machine has both forward (engaged) and neutral (disengaged) and transmissions. The transmission mechanism uses V-belts, which is currently the best technique out there, ensuring the machine works perfectly without slippage.

You’ll get a powerful and confident forward movement and convenient maneuverability with this mechanism.

  • Smooth forward and neutral transmission
  • Incredible 10-inch of tilling depth
  • Wide tilling width for expedited ground coverage
  • Powerful 196cc Kohler engine delivering 6.5 Horse Power
  • Motor runs quietly
  • The engine consumes more fuel than average.
  • The wheel size is a bit smaller.

Bottom Line

The dirty hand tool’s counter-rotating tiller a powerful one that helps you to reach deep in the surface. It offers many pros with barely any downside. It’s a good value for money product overall, suitable for medium to large gardens.

09. Husqvarna TR317D, 17 in. 208cc Rear-Tine Tiller, CARB

Husqvarna TR317D

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Husqvarna has made another appearance on my list with their TR317D model. It’s a 17-inch wide rear tine tiller with a 208cc CARB-compliant engine that is friendly for the environment. It’s a versatile machine that you can use as weeding out as well, which is just as efficient.

Counter-Rotating Tines

The TR317D features a counter-rotating tines which is best for working with tough soil. You already know what counter-rotating tines do, so I believe I do not need to elaborate on that. However, I can tell you that it’s a machine built for power overall.

208cc CARB Engine

As I said, it’s a machine built for power, here’s another indication of that. The tiller features a big 208cc engine that delivers excellent power to chew through the toughest of soils. However, it’s a plus that the engine is CARB compliant, so it emits less toxic elements in nature. As an environment enthusiast, I highly appreciate that.

17-inch of Tilling Width

The tiller is made for larger gardens, which you can tell by the 17-inch tilling-width of it. However, it’s not really made to dig very deep in the ground as it has a tilling depth of 6.5 inches. That’s enough for making decently deeps beds, but not ideal when making beds for larger plants.

Agricultural-Grade Tires

The tiller features agricultural-grade tires that have tire treads for extra traction and grip. No matter what the terrain is, you’ll be getting a good hold out of the tire. This will boost your confidence while tilling with the tiller.

However, a few adjustment chores need to be done before you till with it for the first time. There’s a manual to help you with that.

  • Powerful CARB-compliant engine
  • Counter-rotating tines for stringer tilling
  • Agricultural-grade tires provide excellent grip
  • Good for larger grounds
  • The tilling depth is not great
  • Not great for making beds of larger plants

Bottom Line

Husqvarna is known for reliability, and the TR317D is no different. It’s a reliable tiller for tilling larger gardens. There’s enough power with the engine and counter-rotating tine to chew through the hardest soil. Though I’d love it if it went a bit deeper.

10. Southland SRTT212 Rear Tine Tiller

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Yeah, I might have listed it in the bottom, but my list is not really about the sequence. I’m saying that because the last one in my list is one of the most powerful ones, delivering10.3 ft/lbs torque.


The SRTT212 features a 4-stroke OHV engine that is great for power. It delivers an incredible 10.3 ft/lbs torque that makes it suitable for literally any groundbreaking jobs. It doesn’t matter if it’s a rocky or virgin surface we’re talking about, the insane power will chew through anything.

Counter-Rotating Tines

You’re going to love the digging depth of this tiller provided by its 11-inch counter-rotating tines. This machine is designed to dig deep into the ground so you can quickly get rid of stubborn weeds efficiently upturn fresh soil.

It has a tilling width of 18 inches, which makes it an excellent choice for larger gardens. Such digging width and depth allow you to cover a large area in a single pass. It’s possible to take sharp turns with it as well.

Smooth Operation

The gear-drive system is there to ensure optimum engine and fuel efficiency. This machine can run on lower power compared to other tillers yet deliver up to the mark. You can complete the toughest tiling jobs smoothly and efficiently with it.

To smoothen the operation even further takes part in the 13-inch heavy-duty, pneumatic tires. Yeah, I know it’s not the largest tire out there, but hey, the grip it provides is surprising. No terrain can come into your way if you have those on.

  • Quite a monster with such a powerful engine
  • Still fuel-efficient and environment-friendly
  • Goes amazingly deep, 11 inches
  • Great tilling width of 18 inches
  • Smooth operation with gear-drive and pneumatic tires
  • It has little quality issues here and there
  • Not going to stay with you forever

Bottom Line

The Southland SRTT212 was a way to end my list with a bang. This machine is incredibly powerful and goes deep in the ground. It chews through the hard surface, and covering a large garden with it is a piece of cake.

What Makes the Best Rear Tine Tiller? – The Buying Guide

Let’s be real; rear tine tillers are not the most straightforward machine you’d buy. If it were, you would probably not be reading this article you’d buy yourself. There are some things that you need to look at to choose your winner. Here’re them –


Rear tine tillers are power-hungry – they need quite a lot of power to chew through the harsh surface of the earth. When we’re talking about power, we are indicating to horsepower and cc count.

CC count indicates how big the combustion chamber of the engine is. Typically, more cc means more power. However, few engines can deliver more power than expected from its cc count; that’s because of the mechanism they have within.

However, we should keep that aside to be on the safer side. I recommend getting a tiller with an engine of 200cc or more if you have to deal with hard soil or virgin ground. 150 to 200cc engines will do fine on softer surfaces.

Engine Mechanism

If you’re not familiar with engines, terms like 2-cycle, four cycles, OHV, OHC will feel like alien terms to you. These terms are used to define the mechanism of the engine.

2-cycle engines are the older ones, and they’re less efficient compared to the modern four-cycle engines. As you can guess, you should go for 4-cycle engines because they’re efficient, quieter, powerful and last longer at the same time.

If you can get an OHV or OHC engine within a 4-cycle range, that’s a plus. These mechanisms further increase the efficiency, power delivery, and quiet operation of the engine.


I could discuss torque with the power paragraph, but I didn’t because they’re a significant parameter that deserves a separate discussion. Torque also depends on the power the engine can deliver, but it’s the real world factor that matters at the end of the day.

The standard parameter to describe torque is lb/feet. A torque of 7-9 lb/feet is decent enough for a rear tine tiller. However, there are tillers with torque topping 10 lb/feet, which I thought are significantly powered.


garden tiller tines

When we’re talking about rear tine tillers, the tines sit behind the engine as opposed to the front tine tiller where it sits in front of the engine. However, what’s more, important than the sitting position is the direction of its movement.

As per rotation, tines can be of two types – forward-rotating tines and counter-rotating tines. Forward-rotating tines tend to put less pressure on the surface, and they’re suitable for comparatively softer surface or the surface that has been tilled before.

Whereas, counter-rotating tines move in the opposite direction of the wheels. They’re better at putting more pressure on the surface than that of forward-rotating tines with the same power delivery from the engine.

They’re better for more robust surfaces or surfaces that have never been broken before.

I recommend going for counter-rotating tines, but you should also note that they’re a little less maneuverable than their counterparts and tougher to operate. So if you’re sure that you don’t need that power, you may pick forward ones.

Tine Tilling Width and Depth

It’s essential to keep in mind how deep your tiller can reach and the width they cover on a single run.

Taking about width, the range varies between 11-18 inches. The standard for most tillers is 16-18 inches, which are meant and adequate for medium to large gardens. However, there are tillers with 11-12 inches, which are a better fit for smaller gardens.

Talking about depth, the standard is 6-8 inches, which are suitable for making beds for medium-sized plants. If you have plans to grow larger plants, you can go for tillers that offer a tilling depth of even 11 inches.

Frequently Asked Questions About Rear Tine Tillers

Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions regarding rear tine tillers. Some of them have already been answered partially, but I’ll further clear the doubt and keep the answer short.

01. What’s The Difference Between a Rear Tine Tiller And Other Tillers?

Basically, the position of the tine, and some other little things that come as a result. In rear tine tillers, the tine sits behind the engine, whereas in a front tine tiller, the tine sits in front of the engine.

02. What Kind Of Engine Is The Best For The Rear Tine Tiller?

4-cycle, OHV or OHC engines are the best ones that you’re looking for. They’re more fuel-efficient, quieter, lasts long and good for the environment at the same time. Try avoiding 2-cycle engines.

03. How Much Power Should It Have In The Rear Tine Tiller?

More than 6 HP with a minimum torque of 6-7 lb/feet. Talking from the cc perspective, engines over 200cc are enough to deliver this desired power.

04. What’s The Difference Between a 2-Cycle And 4-Cycle Engine?

This is a little technical question, but I’d still try to explain it in short.

In these gas engines, what happens is the fuel enters the combustion chamber, it gets burned, the power is been extracted and delivered forward. The difference is 2-cycle engines require only one revolution of the crankshaft to get to a power stroke and deliver the power.

Whereas, a 4-cycle engine requires two revolutions of the crankshaft to get the power stroke and deliver the power onwards.

05. What’s The Width Range On Rear Tine Tillers?

The rear tine tiller is in between 11-18 inches wide usually. While 11-13 or 14 inches ones are suitable for working in tighter space, the 15-18 inch ones are good for covering larger gardens.

06. How Deep Can a Rear Tine Tiller Dig?

They usually go 6-8 inches deep as standard. However, some tillers can go up to 10 or 11 inches, and they’re better for making beds plant larger plants.

07. What Is a Rear Tine Tiller?

Before proceeding any further, I’d not be rude enough to assume that everyone landing on this page knows what a rear tine tiller is. I believe most of them just need a tiller for their garden and landed on this page searching the internet to find that we’re talking about “rear” tine tillers here.

However, a rear tine tiller usually serves your need for tilling better. To answer straightforwardly, when the tine of the tiller sits behind the engine, that’s when we call it a rear tine tiller – it’s that simple (but it has numerous benefits)

08. When To Use a Rear Tine Tiller?

Rear tine tillers tend to be more powerful, complicated, and expensive than front-tine tillers – so they’re used for the tougher purpose as well. It’s the best fit to till hard and rocky soil, and to break virgin surfaces as well. They’re great for larger garden plots too.

09. What Are The Advantages Of a Rear Tine Tiller

There are some unique benefits that rear tine ones offer than front tine tiller.

-Firstly, they’re usually heavier than other tillers, which is a plus when it comes to tilling. It gives the tiller more stability over the ground and also helps the tine to reach deeper.

-They’re more efficient at tilling as well and tend to cover more land in one pass

-They’re way more powerful than front tine ones, and they’re a must-have if you have to deal with hard and rocky soil.

-Having the benefit of power, design, and weight, they tend to dig deeper into the ground.

-They usually have both forward and backward settings, which help to loosen difficult soil.

-They work best in straight lines as they have wheels that are driven by the engine

10. How To Use Rear Tine Tiller?

Rear tine tillers are not the most complicated machine to operate. Here’s the process –

  1. You should start by removing the debris, roots, rocks, etc. first, especially if it’s your first time tilling the land. It will help to smooth the journey and keep your tiller’s tine safe.
  2. Set your tilling depth according to your needs. The ideal thickness for existing beds is 4-6 inches and up to 10 inches for new beds or difficult soil
  3. Now set your tiller to drive mode and move in a straight line.
  4. If you’re dealing with difficult soil, do the entire bed again in a crosshatch pattern.

Last Words About Rear Tine Tillers

I believe you’ve found your winner if you’re still with me. However, to get the maximum performance out of your tiller, maintaining them well is necessary too. Do not forget to research further to learn how to get the maximum out of your tiller.