Best Backpack Sprayers in 2024

Keeping the garden free from toxins and unwanted weeds, which are stealing their nutrition, is what every gardener wants.

Plants live in an open environment where they are always affected by toxic elements, insect pests, etc. Gardeners need to spray regularly in their gardens to kill unwanted weeds, pests and feed them nutrition.

Spraying is the right way of getting rid of all the toxicity of plants and protect them. But, they’re not familiar with the point of how they can use them. Moreover, new gardeners often struggle with the purchasing of sprayers, usually backpack sprayers.

The backpack sprayers are the most convenient way of dealing with unwanted weeds in grassy areas.

Choosing the best backpack sprayer is quite a tedious job, especially for the new gardeners. You need to consider the spray size, capacity, PSI, wand size, and also design while purchasing.

To help you on which backpack will be perfect to buy, we have provided a review on the topmost backpack sprayers.

The reviews will help you in deciding on the backpack sprayer more precisely.

Chapin International 63985

Chapin International 63985

• Battery operated pump
• 4 Gallon capacity
• 35-40 PSI pressure
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HD Hudson Hudson 97154

HD Hudson Hudson 97154

• Manually operated pump
• 4 Gallon capacity
• 70 PSI pressure
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Roundup 190327 No Leak Pump Backpack Sprayer

• Manually operated pump
• 4 Gallon capacity
• 25-150 PSI pressure
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Field King 190328 Backpack Sprayer

Field King Professional

• Manually operated pump
• 4 Gallon capacity
• 150 PSI pressure
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MY4SONS M4 4-Gallon Backpack Sprayer - Battery Powered, Cordless Electric Garden & Field Spray Pump,...


• Battery operated pump
• 4 Gallon capacity
• 20-60 PSI pressure
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Chapin 61900 4-Gallon Tree and Turf Pro Commercial Backpack Sprayer

• Manually operated pump
• 4 Gallon capacity
• 35-40 PSI pressure
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CHAPIN 61500 Backpack Sprayer

CHAPIN 61500 Backpack Sprayer for Fertilizer

• Manually operated pump
• 4 Gallon capacity
• 40-60 PSI pressure
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SOLO 10207 4Gl Backpack Sprayer

SOLO 10207 4Gl Backpack Sprayer

• Manually operated pump
• 4 Gallon capacity
• 60-90 PSI pressure
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Best Backpack Sprayers Reviews

Here are the reviews of the top eight backpack sprayers on the market for your decision.

01. Chapin 63985 Black & Decker Backpack Sprayer- Best Battery-Operated Backpack

Black & Decker Backpack Sprayer


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The Chapin 63985 is convenient to operate, easy to maintain, and comfortable to wear with adjustable straps.

The very first thing which we like the most is the 20-volt lithium-ion battery system, which allows generating a steady pressure of 35-40 psi.

The constant rate of flow, uniformity in spraying, and the fixed nozzle droplet size allows spraying effortlessly. The sprayer’s padded strap of the shoulder is designed for prolonged use. Another good thing about the Chapin backpack sprayer is the battery-operated system spread uniquely in the park, garden, and field that allows you a little walk.

It will also allow you continuous pesticide spray for 1.75 hours. The string three nozzle fitted pump delivers an impressive horizontal steam spray from 35 feet and vertical steam from 27 feet. Besides its all features, it will spray up to fifty-gallon spray with its powerful battery backup. Probably, it is unique on its own.

  • A powerful battery (Black and Decker 20-volt lithium-ion battery)
  • Shoulder straps are padded
  • Includes triple fertilization system
  • Translucent 4-gallon tank
  • Motor-operated reduces efforts of spraying
  • Does not have a non-leak guarantee

Bottom line

The Chapin 63985 is suitable for regular and large size parks, gardens, and home gardens. The extra more full opening feature measuring 6 inches in diameter allows better pourability and cleaning. The double padded straps support shoulder, back and chest properly.

Its electric motor adds a little weight to the tank, but overall it is a suitable backpack sprayer for commercial and home garden use. The product is worth purchasing to make your garden toxin-free and healthy.

02. HD Hudson 97154 SP1 Multi-Purpose Professional Backpack Sprayer – Suitable For Professional Use

HD Hudson 97154


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One of the lucrative things about the HD Hudson 97154 SP 1 model is it is used as a multipurpose, professional backpack sprayer. Hudson is one of the most reputable backpack sprayer brands.

It is well equipped with the Viton seal. It fits with a durable piston pump which makes it ideal for spraying water, insecticides, and pesticides in the long run in gardens.

It has an in-built filter mechanism that prevents blockage and has a secure locking system with a shut-off valve. The 48-inch hose makes it perfect for spraying on a broader area. It has four setting nozzles system which allows cones, streams, two wide fan spraying patterns to spread quickly in the garden.

The wider mouth of the tank allows easy cleaning and solution-pouring facility, which prevents the liquid from spilling out. Moreover, the adjustable double padded straps allow secure gripping on the shoulder.

The tank has a four-gallon capacity which frees you from refilling the tank again and again. It also has 47″ industrial spray hose with a locking system that makes it perfect for professional use too. It is manually operated, which means you need to continue pumping to generate pressure.

  • Easy to wear
  • Four adjustable nozzles
  • Creates pressure up to 70 psi
  • Shut-off and secure locking system
  • Long hose and ambidextrous design of pumping
  • High cost and manual operation

Bottom line

The Backpack sprayer of HD Hudson is ideal for professional as well as multipurpose use. The 47″ industrial hose makes it fit for spraying on the broader area.

It is suitable for home gardens as well as commercial use. If you are looking for purchasing a backpack sprayer that can be used for multiple purposes, then investing in this product is useful and worthwhile.

03. Roundup 190327 No Leak Pump Backpack Sprayer

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The roundup 190327 models are built for convenience. It has an efficiency of 4 gallons and consists of a larger pump that speeds up the spraying and enhances the pressure. The best part is it comprises of a hose system, which is an in-built line filter system and prevents blockage.

It is a conventional no-leak backpack sprayer, specially designed for herbicide, insecticide, and weed killers. The multipurpose tank makes it an ideal backpack sprayer.

The container is lighter in weight, and it is manually operated. The spray wand is highly durable and made from corrosion-resistant materials.

It is laced with an agitator, which helps to handle liquid, water-soluble solution and powder simultaneously. One thing we like the most is it comes with four adjustable nozzles, two flat fan nozzles, and a foaming nozzle.

The adjustable padded strap keeps firmly attached to the body. The tank also comes with lumbar support to prevent the accidental spill of the solutions.

  • Easy and comfortable to wear
  • Generates pressure up to 25-150 psi
  • Adjustable straps
  • Extra wider opening for easy filling of the tank
  • Requires extra efforts for spray and needs pumping again and again
  • No wider nozzle for spreading ample of a solution in one time

Bottom line

The roundup 190327 is a user-friendly model of backpack sprayers. It is relatively light as compared to the other backpack sprayers. The tank is of translucent color to check the amount of solution left in the tank.

The pump handle can also be reversed to work from both left as well as right hand. It is highly affordable and easy to handle, which makes it the top backpack sprayer among many available.

04. D.B. Smith Field King Professional 190328 Backpack Sprayer for Killing Weeds – Highly Affordable

D.B. Smith Field King Professional 190328


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There is no doubt how much you remain careful while working with chemical pesticides, insecticides, etc. there is always a risk of spillage, leakage, and harm to your skin. The backpack sprayer model of D.B. Smith Field King Professional provides the solution.

The no-leak pump backpack sprayer helps in spraying weed in gardens and lawns. The leak-proof design, four adjustable nozzles in which two are fan nozzles, one is adjustable brass nozzles, and one is foam nozzle, make it worth to invest.

D.B. smith model comes with a 21-inch stainless-steel wand, which gives leak-proof spilling from the rod.

It also comprises of Viton seal and aids in resisting strong chemicals. It constitutes a manual-operating pump, which enables to generate a pressure of up to 150 psi. The model has been engineered with adjustable nozzles which help in spraying the chemicals in a broader area of the garden.

The four gallons tank gives you relief from refilling the tank again and again. The adjustable double padded straps make it more comfortable to pick it on back quickly and comfortably.

  • Easily accessible pump to convert the seal easily
  • Compatible with the TeeJet Nozzles
  • Innovative no-leak pump design
  • Four easily adjustable nozzles
  • 21 inches stainless steel wand resisted to chemical spills
  • Solid colour does not allow checking how much chemical in it.

Bottom line

Despite its loaded features, the spraying from the pump is quite noisy. But overall, this leak-proof backpack design helps to spray in gardens and for commercial use.

The pressure generated by the pump spray chemicals up to 20 feet in height. Furthermore, the product is highly affordable and suits perfectly for small and big lawns and gardens.

05. M4 My4sons 4-Gallon Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer

M4 My4sons 4-Gallon Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer


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The M4 My4son four-gallon backpack comes with a sturdy battery, which makes it unique on its own. The 8h lead-acid battery helps in delivering excellent spray non-stop for 8 hours. You will be able to spray 200 gallons of chemicals in a single round with its reliable battery backup.

It comes with a wide mouth and consists of a Viton seal wand, which makes it resistant to chemicals and corrosion.

The tank is also fitted with a light indicator, which indicates battery usage. It also comes with adjustable nozzles in which one is a brass nozzle.

The full mouth opening allows filling and cleaning of the tank comfortably without spilling chemicals. The robust battery back-up allows in generating 60 PSI pressure with high efficiency of spraying.

The adjustable straps are double padded, which makes it more comfortable to pick up and provide proper gripping to the shoulder. Another thing which we like the most about this backpack sprayer is a translucent tank which helps in monitoring the level of the chemical in the tank.

It fits with the in-built filter mechanism, which prevents the formation of debris in the tank. The use of stainless steel in the tank makes it highly durable.

  • Extra-long and plastic wand enables bleach
  • application8 Ah acid battery provides three times longer battery backup than regular lithium batter
  • Adjustable nozzles help in spreading chemical firmly
  • Excellent and comfortable gripping with adjustable straps
  • Heavyweight (around 14 lbs) makes it bulky to pick up on the back

Bottom line

Despite its heavyweight and bulky design, the battery-operated pump helps in generating pressure up to 60 psi. The added locking feature with the in-built filter mechanism makes it perfect to buy.

The long battery life and a full opening mouth with brass nozzles deliver spraying without spilling. But if one is looking for the best battery-operated backpack sprayer which can be used for multiple purposes, then the product is worth buying.

06. Chapin 61900 Tree and Turf Pro Commercial Backpack Sprayer – Value for Money Product

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Chapin 61900-4 Gallon has three-stage inbuilt filter mechanism which doesn’t allow any debris and dirt particle to enter in the nozzle.

The sprayer tank is also fitted with a shut-off system, which enables you to easily monitor the exact pressure generated and by which pressure water is flowing from the pipe. Furthermore, it comes with an automatic shutting system if some debris is felt in the pipeline.

The 28-inch long stainless-steel expandable wand fitted with an adjustable nozzle provides versatility as well as flexibility in spraying chemicals in different directions and areas. The manual operated pump can generate a pressure of 60 psi.

The straps are deluxe padded, which makes it comfortable to pick up on the shoulder. This model of Chapin also offers a lumbar support system, which provides more comfort in picking up.

On top of that this backpack sprayer has a four-inch wider opening. It may be smaller than the other models of Chapin but is helpful in easy cleaning and pouring of chemicals. Although it is manually operated, still, it would not put any strain on spraying. Its adjustable nozzles are essential in spraying in any direction with ease.

  • Affordable and value for money
  • Three-layer filter mechanism
  • Long and extra-durable wand for more extended spray
  • Automatic shut off C.F. valve immediately shuts off if pressure exceeds or drops
  • Deluxe durable straps
  • Has two-inch smaller mouth than the other models of Chapin

Bottom line

The Chapin 61900 model of backpack sprayer is worth buying if you are looking for a regular sprayer in the garden. It seems perfect for any garden. The stainless-steel wand is highly durable and prevents corrosions.

If the models mentioned above are not within your reach, then this Chapin model is affordable and worth using. It is alternatively the manual version of battery-operated Chapin model 63985.

07. Chapin International 61500 Backpack Sprayer for Fertilizer – Manual Pumping Backpack Spray

Chapin International 61500


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The Chapin international 61500 Euro-style backpack sprayer is perfect for spraying fertilizers. It comes with a translucent four-gallon tank and 4-inch wider mouth, which assures easy cleaning, filling of the container as well as helps in monitoring the chemical level in the tank without opening the tank.

It has an inbuilt two-layer filter mechanism, which helps in removing debris and prevents blockage of the pipe.

The bulky design makes it perfect for multipurpose use like spraying weedicide, pesticide, and fertilizers. It comes with two adjustable nozzles which make spraying more comfortable- one is the fan tip nozzle, and another is adjustable poly cone nozzles. The double padded straps add comfort in handling the backpack on the shoulder.

The stainless-steel wand is 20-inch long, which allows spraying in broader and different areas easily. The manual pump operating backpack model can generate pressure up to 60 psi.

The poly shut-off valve allows shutting down the system automatically when the pressure drops down or exceeds 60 psi. It is ideal for spraying fertilizers in garden areas and big space parks.

  • Two-stage filter system
  • Translucent tank for monitoring the chemical level
  • Double padded strap for easy carrying on the shoulder
  • Four-inch wider opening of the mouth, which allows easy cleaning and filling
  • Does not have large section attachment nozzle

Bottom line

Overall, the Chapin Euro-style model is highly affordable and perfect for spraying fertilizers in your garden areas. The two-layer filter system prevents debris and dirt in the nozzle and provides continuous spraying in the lawns.

Although it is manually-operated, it doesn’t give you much strain to pump. The adjustable stainless-steel wands offer operation from both rights as well as left hand. The product is perfect for small gardens as well.

08. Solo 425 4-Gallon Professional Piston Backpack Sprayer- Most Cost-Effective Sprayer

Solo 425 4-Gallon


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The Solo is one of the best-selling backpack sprayers available on Amazon. It is a highly affordable and value-for-money product that we have reviewed. The piston pump present in the Solo 425 helps in generating the pressure of 90 psi. The increased pressure generated helps in spraying in a broader area.

It comes with adjustable nozzles and is also compatible with the TeeJet nozzles. The solo backpack comes with an interchangeable wand level, which offers to operate from both hands. The feature that we love the most in the solo model is shutting the valve on and off mechanism. It helps manage the wand without shifting it in on and off pattern.

Moreover, the hose of the spray is 48-inch long and comes with four adjustable nozzles. You can add more nozzles from the TeeJet manual. The backpack is made with highly durable material and also comes with a high-performing operating pump with a locking system, which prevents spilling for chemicals.

  • The highly versatile design allows it for multipurpose usage
  • 48-inches long hose
  • Four adjustable and interchangeable nozzles
  • Translucent tank for efficiently monitoring the chemical level in the tank
  • Comes with a locking system
  • No lumbar support and back straps are not much comfortable

Bottom line

The compatible design and interchangeable nozzles of the  Solo model make it perfect for use in gardens and commercial parks.

The only imperfect thing is the straps are not comfortable. But above all, it provides excellent value for money and is suitable for spraying in your garden.

How to Buy a Backpack Sprayer for Lawn and Garden

We have considered the above eight backpack sprayers as the top sprayers for parks and gardens.

Here you need to consider some crucial things to check before buying any backpack sprayer. So, let us start with the first one:

Brand Selection

The very first thing to be taken care of while purchasing the backpack sprayer is a reputable brand. Buyers always look for a renowned brand as they offer quality products. If you need to check about the brand reputation, then make sure to view reviews of its products. Buyers’ reviews tell us many things about the brand.

Moreover, accessible and reputable brands serve you good services even when the product gets damaged and is not working correctly. They will ensure the guarantee of replacement and free services. Furthermore, if the worst thing happens, they are also liable for their product.

Motor-Operated or Manual

Now, the second thing a buyer needs to check while purchasing the backpack sprayer is the pump operation system. The backpack sprayers are available in two distinctive forms- one is motor-operated, and the other is manual. Probably, this will depend on the buyer’s choice of preference.

But if one is selecting the motor one, make sure to check the battery back-up and its durability. If someone wants a backpack sprayer for small lawns and gardens, then prefer manual operated and if space is significant, then a motor-operated backpack sprayer is the right option.

Components of the Backpack Sprayers

The next thing to check while buying is the basic features and parts of the sprayer. Generally, all the backpack sprayers have standard components and features like a sprayer tank in which the chemical is loaded, a wand for spraying the chemical, sprayer attachment, and an operation pump.

So, make sure while purchasing a perfect backpack for your lawns that the backpack sprayer is loaded with these essential components.

Additionally, there are some additional features that you can check while purchasing a backpack sprayer, i.e. shutting valve, the battery indicator in the motor sprayer, tank’s mouth area, etc.

The mouth of the tank must be broader enough for easy filling and cleaning. Moreover, you can check the type of material used in the manufacturing of backpack sprayers.

Sprayer Nozzles and Wands

It is one of the most important things to check while buying a backpack sprayer. This is also important to prevent any accidental damage from chemicals. The wands and spraying nozzle should fit appropriately so that no leakage of chemicals takes place.

Be sure while purchasing the backpack sprayer that the nozzle and wand are compatible properly. Always choose the wand which prevents leakage and is spill-proof and properly fits the nozzle.

The Durability of the Backpack Sprayer

When you are purchasing a backpack sprayer, it becomes mandatory to check its durability. Many backpack sprayers get damaged with prolong use of chemicals and also start leaking the chemical from nozzles and wands. Make sure while purchasing the backpack sprayer that is manufactured with high-quality material.

If possible, then always choose a reputable brand as they keep a quality check on the material of the backpack sprayer. Always pay attention to the sprayer wand. It will be able to spill liquid chemicals for a long time without leakage. Your investment should be for a long time rather than a short time.

The tank should be made from high polymers or preferably polythene material for extended durability. The nozzles, seals, and hose should be resistant to damage that may occur from prolonging the spilling of chemicals. Also, make sure that the tank is protected from UV also.

These things should be taken into consideration while purchasing any backpack sprayer. One must buy the backpack sprayer from reputed brands only as mentioned above.

Types of Pump used in the Operation

diaphragm pump and a piston pump


We have already explained above which type of operating system one should use. The next type which we are explaining here is the type of pump used for spraying the chemical. The pump is available in two forms- a diaphragm pump and a piston pump. Once after deciding between motor and manual pump, choosing between a piston and diaphragm pump is quite tedious.

To make your choice a bit easier, here we have explained both the pumps. The piston pump requires manual pumping for generating the pressure. It helps spray liquid chemicals in upward and downward directions. Moreover, it only creates pressure up to 90 psi.

On the other hand, the diaphragm pump also uses the same pressure generation for spilling the chemicals from the sprayer. But the main difference in both of the pumps is that the diaphragm pump can withstand harsh chemicals and is resistant to damage. It is also useful for spilling denser particles for weed control.

However, more features come with more price only. The diaphragm pump is a bit more expensive as compared to the piston pump. But as always, needs come first. Therefore, before munching on any expensive product, make sure to look after your needs. After that, purchase the backpack that suits you the best.

The Functioning of the Backpack Sprayer

Coming to the next thing, which is more important to be taken care of while purchasing a backpack sprayer is its functioning. Many backpack sprayers are for only one-time use and not for multipurpose use.

For example, one backpack sprayer with the diaphragm is perfect for hand trunk trees and can be only used for them, while the piston pump is used for both small and large both.

Furthermore, a buyer needs to buy the one which can be suitable for multipurpose work like spraying chemicals, fertilizers, and water too.

Along with this, you need to pay some attention to the pressure generated by them. A high-pressure pump will be able to spray in a broader area in a single time while a low-pressure backpack sprayer will spray chemicals in a limited space.

Always make your choice by knowing your needs. Check your area and the pressure required for spraying in your area before buying any backpack sprayer. Also, make sure that the backpack sprayer should be functional for a long time.

Check Comfort and Safety

Your safety is most important. Any chemical spill on your skin is vulnerable to cause you damage. Moreover, if a backpack is not fitted with double padded or deluxe straps, then it will be uncomfortable to carry such a sprayer tank on your shoulder for a long time and spray chemicals in your garden.

So, before you proceed for buying any backpack sprayer, make sure it has durable and double layer straps that make it easy and comfortable to pick up. The wands and sprayer should have firm gripping points to add ease in handling the sprayer and avoid any spilling on hand. Also, check that the sprayer is comfortable to handle.

Thus, to prevent any accidental damage, you need to check these safety measures first before buying a backpack sprayer.

Calibration of a Backpack Sprayer

Calibration of the sprayer is also essential to check the efficiency of working of a backpack sprayer. The things that need to be calibrated are the output of the chemical from the spray per minute, the width of the wand, and walking speed. But also make sure to use only water while calibrating the backpack sprayer. Follow this method for calibration:

  • Clean the sprayer and fill it with water first.
  • Now, make two plots of 25m in the lawn area with the help of marker or ruler rods. Also, make a mark on the sprayer tank to fill the water to that level only.
  • Now, spill the water with the sprayer in a marked plot and measure the water level and remaining water in the tank. Fill the water again and cover another area, also with the same speed and pressure.
  • Mark the lots and use the formula for accurate calibration of liquid required and sprayed per minute.

The formula is-

Amount of water used in liters/1000m2 = 40* liters of water used on calibration

Calibration is required to understand the best sprayer and quantity it sprayed in a given time. It is also helpful in knowing how many times you need to refill the tank for your given area.

Picking the right type of backpack sprayer is a tedious job. We often make the wrong choice by having so many features and attractive offers in the market. But, always make sure to purchase according to your needs and make a smart choice after looking into these buyer guide tips.


01. Which Backpack Sprayer is Worth Buying- a Motor One or a Manual One?

Both types of pumps are useful on their own. But as we have mentioned that it will depend upon your need and your garden or lawn size.

If you have a small garden and lawn, then preferably you can have a manual backpack sprayer, but if the area of a park or garden is big, then you can go for a motor backpack sprayer. Most probably, motor pumps are for commercial use.

02. Can I Use the Same Backpack Sprayer for Multi-Purposes Like Spraying Weedicide and Insecticide?

Many backpack sprayers are available for multiple purposes. So, yes you can use both the chemicals. However, some backpack sprayers are not fit for versatile use.

Usually, using a backpack sprayer for two chemicals might have a chance of mixing and causing damage to your plants. But if you are cleaning your sprayer tank regularly and adequately, then you can use them for spraying multiple chemicals.

03. Do These Backpacks Feel Heavy to Carry on Back?

No, these backpack sprayers come with double padded straps, which make them comfortable to carry for the long term. Many brands like solo, round up, and Chapin provides a lumbar support system, which is easy on the back and would not cause any strain while picking it on the back.

Also, always look for reputable brands which we have mentioned above. They are always loaded with a lumbar support system and include double padded straps so that you do not feel any strain on the shoulder and back while carrying the backpack sprayer.

04. Can I Also Use the Backpack Sprayer to Kill the Weed in Between the Flowerbed?

Yes, the backpack sprayers give the facility of reaching to the problematic areas of weeds in between the flower bed. You can use a flat nozzle to target the weed in the flowerbed.

You need to have some precautions while spraying on the weed. Moreover, you can use a sprayer drift guard to reach the problematic areas where weed is growing along with your main crops.

05. How Much Pressure is Needed to Spray on Crops and Which One is Best from a Diaphragm Pump and Piston Pump?

Pressure will depend upon the area of the lawn and how much you want to spray. Many brands offer pressure of a maximum of 150 psi. Regular 90 psi will be suitable for spraying in your regular size lawns. But if you have a big size lawn, then you can have the backpack sprayer which generates high pressure.

Moreover, if you are selecting small size lawn, then a piston pump is good for spraying chemicals. If you are going to purchase a backpack sprayer for commercial use, then go for the diaphragm. For more details, check the buyer’s guide.


Over the last few decades, backpack sprayers have become a vital part of gardening. They are also the most essential tools for spraying weedicides, insecticides, and fertilizers.

Earlier, it was done manually and with the help of hands which caused damage to the skin. But with these backpack sprayers, it becomes easy to spray chemicals in fields and gardens. It adds comfort to the life of gardeners and farmers.

But, many of us still struggle with finding the best backpack sprayer. The reviews about different brands and backpacks given above will make your choice easier. You can choose the perfect one always according to your needs.