What Kind Of Grow Tent Heater Should I Use

If you are a passionate planter, then you may be aware of the importance of a proper temperature. For any plant or crop, an optimal temperature is needed.

However, living in canicular weather can probably give you a suitable temperature for plants or grow tent.

But what about cold weather?  As in winter, the cold environment becomes an obstacle to the grow tent, and crops cannot deal with the frostiness.

In this regard, a grow tent heater is the most reliable solution for your little tent. But with this solution, a confusing question also comes from many: “what kind of grow tent heater should I use?

So to answer, let’s dive right in with an intro, leading all the way to types of grow tent heater to use.

What Is A Grow Tent Heater

A Grow tent heater is a kind of material that can produce heat for a particular space of a house and helps to temperate the intended areas. It keeps a grow tent warm in winter.

Why A Grow Tent Heater is Needed

Well, a grow tent heat mat is the perfect way of monitoring with forcing warm heat into your growing kit. It brings out a beautiful set up by enchanting light reflection all-around your grow tent.

Moreover, you can win the pleasure of looking at bumpy crops and sound yield and finally, eating healthy food.

What Kind Of Grow Tent Heater Should I Use

The grow tent heater actually depends on your grow room or tent’s size and how long you’re likely going to use it. But, the choices are limitless.

So, here we will be guiding you with the types of grow tent heaters that you can buy.

Let’s begin.

Hydronic Heater

As we know, grow tent heaters are slightly expensive, so people intend to look up the best cost-effective grow tent tube heaters. In this regard, you can choose a hydronic heater as a lucrative one.

This one is likely the most competent heater to expect. Its cost efficiency has made it more popular among people.

Not only confined in grow rooms, but it is also available to reach your entire house.

A hydronic heat mat heats water with its gas boiler and moves via closed pipes to radiators by ensuring that heat has touched the entire area.

Except for plantation usage, one can buy it for floor slab; swimming pool area even for melting snow.  Hydronic heat mat has a recirculating pump through which water gets reheated.


  • Saves water
  • Requires no soil
  • Fits any environment
  • Nourishing growth rate
  • Reduces heat loss


  • Time-consuming heat up method

Electric Heater

electric grow tent heater

People often get confused while choosing an electric heater over a gas heater, which is considerable too.

And, they like to give more preference to the gas heater as it is cheaper than an electric one.

But you can’t conclude based on a single point, isn’t it?

Another fact to note is that there are no worries of power loss with these heaters.

An electric heater is mainly a heater that can transform electric current into heat. There is a resistor inside the heater which works for changing the passing current into heat energy.

This is the most compatible and straightforward heater to use, feasible and climate-friendly too.

Don’t worry about safety; it is highly secured with these electric heaters.


  • Small size
  • Heat up swiftly
  • Portable
  • Adaptable thermostat


  • Restricted to small places

Ceramic Heater

Ceramic grow tent heater
Source: Amazon

The ceramic heater is idealized for handy spaces. Therefore it is the best fit for small places.

It is a heater that originates inflammation using PTC’s heating element (Positive Temperature Coefficient) ceramic.

In this heating method, electricity is used to warm up a ceramic plate, which later burns heat into the room.

Many surmise that ceramic heaters are made of ceramic only, but it includes plastic and metal too.

Two types of ceramic tent heat mat you can get.

One is convection, and another one is radiant. The majority of ceramic heaters are convection. This heating process heats a series of an aluminum part that converts heat to a ceramic plate.

Maximum convection heaters use a fan to blow up the warm air into space.

On the contrary, radiant ceramic is quite similar to convection except using a fan to air the room.

Like convection, radiant heaters won’t heat the entire room, but it stays longer. So, in this case, radiant can be a better lookout.


  • Lightweight to carry
  • Uniform temperature
  • Energy saving
  • Responsible cost
  • Prolonged usage


  • No open flame

Oil-filled Radiator Heater

Oil-filled Radiator grow tent Heater

The oil-filled radiator heater is mainly used for domestic heating purposes, suggested employing for medium and larger shape rooms.

Though it takes time to heat up any specific area, it provides continuous heat.

Oil-filled grow tent heater needs electricity to start; still, it confides on oil, and here oil is applied as a heating agent.

Moreover, this kind of heaters is energy efficient. They don’t evaporate the atmospheres as other heating systems do. More importantly, this heater can maintain the heat well.

Apart from these, these heaters do not produce flammable gas, so your safety is ensured. Not just that – you can keep it running 24/7 without losing any power drop.


  • Non-flammable
  • Runs for a longer period
  • Heats up pretty fast
  • Spreads quickly in the given spot
  • Makes no noise


  • Pretty expensive

Propane Heater

Propane grow tent heater

A propane heater is specialized mainly for indoor grow tents; expensive too. The heaters are also named gas heaters.

These heaters gained fame as a space heater because it can spread the heat in a larger room without any hesitation. They get hot way faster than any other heaters out there.

This propane heater is really easy to set up directly from out of the box, and the low-maintenance cost creates the margin against other grow tent heaters.

It is an excellent choice to pick because of its powerful and massive heat producing capability.

Unfortunately, the propane heaters develop heat by absorbing natural gas and emissions un-healthy gases that can harm plants. So, adequate ventilation is mandatory while using this heater.

Besides, as propane is a flammable gas, an automatic shutdown feature is a must-have tool. And then the heater is ready for use.


  • Heats a larger space easily
  • Non-toxic materials
  • Efficient usage
  • Comparatively safe
  • Prolonged durability


  • Comes with a high cost


To conclude, we would like to say that it’s not really a challenging task to choose a grow tent heater. As mentioned above, if you are looking into a medium to large size grow room, then an oil-filled heater is a suitable choice.

And the propane heater, as well as other heaters, can be a good deal, specifically for indoor grow tents. But, making a wrong decision can put your plants at high risk.

So, know your preferences first before you buy a grow tent heater. Happy farming.