What is a Grow Tent And Why Use a Grow Tent: An Expert Explains

Are you looking forward to a system that will help you save your plants from negative environments such as rain, water, light, temperature, animals, pests and fungus?

A grow tent is the solution to your problem! This makes a perfect environment for your indoor hydroponic garden.

In the next part of the article I’ll write about “what is a grow tent”.

What is a Grow Tent?

grow tent

Well, A grow tent is a grow room that is waterproof, windproof and allows you to control the temperature according to your gardening type.

It is made with foil-covered reflective walls. The tents are usually shaped as tall tents. High dollar crops are usually planted in grow tents.

They tend to be very light in weight but the frames are yet very strong and secure. These tent kits are made with such fabrics that help with proper ventilation.

You have to allow enough air into the vent so your plants don’t get affected by fungus.

Apart from that, you can set a light in your grow tent to provide the required lights to your plant. You can arrange for a fan or air conditioner or a heater to control the temperature of the grow tent.

A grow tent keeps your plants isolated from other plants and this helps your plants to stay healthy and pests free. In a nutshell, it allows you to grow your plants the way you want to. You don’t have to depend on nature to grow your desired plants.

However, you can’t grow plants for commercial purposes with tents as they tend to be too small to produce a bulk amount of plants. Only people who are fond of gardening can use this method and grow plants for their personal uses.

Indeed, grow tents are a little tricky to take care of but it’s not rocket science.

You have to understand what your plants need and make a routine accordingly.

After all, what goes around, comes around!

Why Use A Grow Tent?

Here in this section, I’ll write why you need to use a grow tent. Frankly, plants can grow much so much better than any other options. This is initially such a great and improved idea to grow your plants with plenty of benefits.

By using a grow tent, you can plant anything without having to worry about the weather, sunshine, humidity and animals causing harm to your plants.

You must be wondering how your plants can grow better in grow tents. Let’s know about the advantages these tents provide us with…

Growth Of Your Plants:

As grow tents are designed with reflective walls, they can supply enough lights for your desired plants. That’s how your plants grow so fast in grow tents. Moreover, humidifiers can increase heat in tents which help your crops to ripen faster.

Utilizing The Space In The Best Way:

A grow tent can make the best use of your indoor space no matter how small the place is. If you want to grow plants in that space, grow tents is the best idea.

Since these are portable, you have the option to move it easily. On top of that, you don’t need to worry about lights, air or humidity.

Temperature And Humidity:

The most amazing feature of a grow tent is it lets you control the temperature and humidity. You have the ability to change the temperature inside the tent as per your need.

Humidifier and air ventilation make the best environment for your crops to grow faster and healthier.

Easier Ventilation:

Ventilation is a very essential factor for your crops to grow. A grow tent supplies air and light adequately. Your plants can grow fast if there’s enough air and light available.

grow tent ventilation

If your tent exhausts carbon filters and fans then your plants will grow beautifully. You can consider buying LED grow lights or setup fluorescent lights too.

Keeps Your Plants Free Of Pests:

Grow tents keep your plants isolated from all other plants. This helps your plants to stay fungus and pests.

Moreover, the perfect air ventilation in a tent also helps plants to fight with fungus and pests. These tents are designed with pest control capacity. This is why it’s very beneficial for your garden.

Ease Of Use:

Grow tents are beginner friendly as it’s very easy to use. The system comes all set up. All you need to do is to select a place. Then you can plant your crops in the traditional way. Don’t forget to water and supplement your plants regularly.

Stable Environment:

Marijuana is a crop that needs a stable environment to grow properly. Grow tents let you control the humidity, air and lights so you can keep the environment stable while growing marijuana.

You can use humidifiers to increase or dehumidifiers to decrease the humidity level in your grow tent.

Maintains The Quality Of The Crops:

Grow tents help you to maintain the quality of your plants. The better the plants, the better the crops would be.

As a grow tent will keep your plants protected from fungus, pests or any nature caused harms and also keep them in a perfect growing environment, your plants will definitely produce quality crops.

Protection From Animals:

With a grow tent, you won’t have to worry about your plants being destroyed or harmed by animals. All your efforts go in vain if an animal destroys your plants. This will make you go upset and broken.

Moreover, if you are growing plants for industrial purposes, this will make you bear a heavy loss. So, you should consider growing your plants in grow tents to avoid such inconvenience. No animals can harm your plants in a grow tent.

Protects Plants From Rain:

If you’re growing crops that can’t endure heavy rain then consider getting grow tents in your garden. Even if it’s a rainy season, you won’t face any problem while growing your desired crops.

How To Choose The Best Location For Grow Tents

While choosing the location, the first thing to remember is that you have to keep that specific location occupied in gardening for several months.

Make sure you don’t need that part of your indoor for any other job in near future. Keep in mind that you need access to water so the place needs to be close to any water resource.

Also you would need to use electric powered equipment so make sure you can arrange for electricity around that area of the location.

Consider building a drainage system to avoid slippery grounds so you don’t fall.

Final Verdict

A grow tent is a special system to grow your plants healthy and easily. This allows you to grow your desired crops even if it’s not the appropriate season.

Make sure you are providing enough water and nutritions to your plants. You can grow numerous plants like vegetables, flowers, marijuana etc in a grow tent. It’s easier to grow plants in a grow tent than without it.