9 Reasons to Buy a Cantilever Patio Umbrella

The large colorful outdoor umbrella not only protects you from scorching sun rays and rain but also embellishes the appearance of your lawn garden or patio space.

After spending several dollars on the umbrella, a strong pole, and the base, you do not want it to be blown away by the strong wind, damaged, or just fall into the pool.

With this in mind, we have provided every bit of information in this article to help you find the best durable umbrella set to beautify your outdoor sitting place.

Types of Patio Umbrellas

There are chiefly three types of patio umbrellas:

  • Table Umbrellas
  • Off-set or Cantilever Umbrellas
  • Tilting Umbrellas

In this article, we will discuss mainly the cantilever patio umbrellas and why they are so important for your home or commercial space.

What is a Cantilever Patio Umbrella?

The cantilever umbrellas are outdoor umbrellas that have a very strong heavyweight base and a robust pole with a rotating arm on the side for stronger support. These umbrellas are also called off-set umbrellas for having an off-set base.

The rotating arm feature in these umbrellas facilitates the user to rotate the canopy in any direction depending on the position of the sun. This means you do not have to shift the umbrella anywhere, just rotate it to get the proper shade.

The cantilever umbrellas are a bit expensive models suitable for your patio, lawn garden, large landscape, backyard, and poolside areas.

Benefits of Buying Outdoor Cantilever Umbrella

There are several favorable aspects of choosing a cantilever umbrella for home, hotel, or any other kind of commercial space. For the most part, people prefer buying off-set patio umbrellas over others for the following reasons:

1. 360 Degrees Rotation for Total Sun Protection

360 Degrees Rotation
Image: poggesiusa.com

Just imagine how messy it can get when you have to move your umbrella again and again with the changing position of the sun.

If you have a table umbrella, it can get even worse. You have to move the furniture as well to get the shade.

The cantilever umbrella is 360 degrees rotatable so that you can tilt or rotate it the way it is needed to get the perfect shade.

Simply rotate your umbrella to tilt it, bend it in any direction, make it upright, or to get any other position from where you want to block the sun rays.

2. Easy to Setup

easy setup patio umbrella
Image: poggesiusa.com

Unlike traditional umbrellas (mostly attached to the patio table), the cantilever umbrella is not attached to any furniture. It widens the scope to choose furnishings as per convenience.

Just set up the umbrella off-side or at any suitable position to maximize the space.

3. Does Not Blows Away with the Strong Wind

The major issue with ordinary umbrellas is the risk of blowing away or falling. This can cause damage to the canopy fabric, pole, and the ribs. The cantilever umbrellas have extremely dense, large, and bases with maximum weight.

With this type of umbrella installation, you are at complete peace of mind as there are no chances of breaking or blowing issues.

By chance any damage happens, you can easily repair the patio umbrella. If you are staying in a hurricane or cyclone prone region, this is a savior for your entire umbrella setup.

4. No Need to Drill a Hole in Your Patio Table

The offset umbrella has the pole at the side of the umbrella. Hence, it does not require you to install the pole at the center of the table. There is no need to buy a table with a hole.

You can purchase the table of any preferred design anytime to match other outdoor furniture. When you want to replace old furniture, you can choose any shape or size.

5. Enhance Your Outdoor Furniture Settings

Enhance Your Outdoor Furniture Settings
Image: poggesiusa.com

A freestanding umbrella on the walkway or the center of the table spoils the look of your outdoor décor.

Having the umbrella pole at the side reduces its visibility, gives you more open room to embellish the furniture settings. It completely changes the manifestation of your garden area, poolside, deck, etc.

6. Enjoy Greater Space and Convenience

Greater Space
Image: poggesiusa.com

Since the pole of these umbrellas is at the side, it gives you maximum space on the table and the surroundings.

If you have a small outdoor area, you will get a lot of room to set up furniture and accessories.

It will also give you more free space on the table to accommodate other essentials.

7. Safest Option for All Weather Conditions

The cantilever umbrellas have a heavy base to support a large canopy. With a stronger base, these umbrellas can withstand the pressure of storms, rain, snow, and heat.

This type of umbrella set up in the garden or poolside gives you protection throughout the year without the fear of any type of damage due to adverse climatic conditions.

8. Available in Various Shapes and Sizes

Available in Various Shapes and Sizes in cantilever umbrella
Image: poggesiusa.com

Cantilever umbrellas have an extremely weighty base so it is suitable for supporting canopies of any shape or sizes.

This feature eliminates the limitations when choosing the umbrella model. You can always match the size or shape of the umbrella depending on the patio establishment, furniture.

Whether you want to cover a small table or an array of chaise lounge chairs, there is plenty of options to get the entire furniture set up under the shade.

9. Easy to Close and Store

Easy to Store
Image: poggesiusa.com

Are you planning to go on holiday?

No problem, simply close the umbrella and store it safely at any side for the time being.

Since the umbrella is not attached to any table, you can move it anywhere without the need for shifting the furniture.

10. Perfect Deck and Pool Coverage

If you want to enjoy soaking in the cool water during scorching summers, the cantilever umbrella can help. You can rotate or tilt the umbrella to provide shade to your pool water during the day time.

This will give you a break from sunbaths and experience some refreshment away from the unbearable afternoon heat.


Undoubtedly, cantilever umbrellas are highly expensive. However, they are worth every cent considering the convenience, ease of installation, use, durability, and so much more.

If you are looking for a lifetime investment on a patio umbrella, it is worth to choose off-side umbrellas over other cheap products.