Polar Trailer 8449 Cub Cart Review – One of The Best Wheelbarrow Under 170 Bucks!

Doesn’t everyone want something “Cheap but Efficient”? “Lightweight yet Sturdy”? If you are looking for those in a wheelbarrow, then the Polar Trailer 8449 Cub Cart might be the one for you. It itself weighing only 35 lbs, can carry up to 400 lbs in the 7 cubic feet of space in the tub it offers, thanks to the high impact polyethylene it’s made off.

With the sturdy steel frame, the engineering to ensure optimum balance for easy heavy load hauling, the wide rugged wide-track rubber tires, and shielded ball bearings, this cart is built to make your job easy every time.

But is this a flawless one? NO! For the price, it got flaws. Before looking into them, let’s check the specifications of it real quick.

Polar Trailer 8449 Wheelbarrow Review

Polar Trailer 8449 Wheelbarrow


  • This has a load capacity of 400 lbs, with 7 cubic feet load size.
  • This itself weighs 35 lbs.
  • It has a dimension of 50" X 28" X 29".
  • Tire size is 2-16" X 4.8",
  • The tub is made of high impact polyethylene.
  • It has optimum balance for easy heavy load hauling
  • The frame is made from steel which got a powder coat finish on it.

Load capacity:

The polar trailer 8449 is able to carry 400 pounds at a time for you. The space it offers is 7 cubic feet in volume. This cart is enough for hauling everything, from yard debris to camping gear. The carrying tub is made from polyethylene so it won’t break apart when all the 400 pound is loaded on it. This tub will be lasting for years, won’t rust or crack after a few use. The cart got optimum load balance meaning hauling the heaviest load will be a cinch.  So, talking about load capacity and assurance when fully loaded, this cart is top notch.

Built To Last:

The Polar Cub Cart is one of the lightest, yet heavy duty hand cart on the market. This cart is made from high-quality materials, stainless steel with powder coat finish for the frame and polyethylene for the tub. It feels sturdy all over it. The cart is perfect for hauling rock, dirt, leaves, grass clippings, gears and whatever you throw at it.

It promises durability with such build quality. Consumers mentioned that they were able to use the cart for a long time without any fuss, as expected. You may sometime need to do minor maintenance jobs. Doing those stuff you are looking at a long time partnership with this cub cart.

The Engineering:

The wheelbarrow got efficient engineering for smooth operation. It gets traction on any surface with the two 16-inch rugged wide-track rubber tires, doesn’t matter whether the terrain is even or uneven, it’s got your back. Same goes with ball bearings. It has shielded ball bearings on it, to operate smoothly on any terrain. So the moving mechanism is up to the mark.

The barrow also takes minimal space for a full turn around. This is very convenient if you have got any narrow space to operate into.

There are some controversies about the assembly of this wheelbarrow. Some say it’s easy, some say it’s tough. Now, it depends on you whether it’ll be easy or tough for you. If you have minimal knowledge about machines, and you know how to act smart (such as watching a video on youtube on how to assemble such type of machinery, as the instructions that come with it is not very clear), assembling it will be no daunting task for you. Take me, I could assemble it within 30 minutes, with no fuss.

Most of the people that complain about its assembling say that it is not very straightforward to assemble it, and the instructions don't help much, and it’s true. I suggest watch videos on how to assemble such type of machinery and have someone to assist you. 

Pros and Cons of Polar Trailer 8449 Cub Cart:


  • Offers Big space.
  • Durable, will last long.
  • Feels sturdy.
  • Great mechanism.


  • Assembling is not very easy, manufacturer needed to provide more clear instruction.
  • Some may find it a bit pricey.

Final Words:

The Polar Trailer 8449 is one of the most balanced wheelbarrows you’ll find in the market. At a price of less than 170 bucks, you’ll get large space, durability and great moving mechanism from it. For the downside, the somewhat tough assembling is not really a deal-breaker, as you won’t need to assemble it every day. Considering all the aspects it can be considered as one of the best wheelbarrows under 170$.

Patricia J. Moore

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