Top 5 Online Stores to Buy a Snowblower

Before going on a shopping spree for the holidays, it’s time for gearing up in search of a snowblower for the arriving winters. When the shovel cannot manage everything, the snowblower comes to the scene.

But, where to buy the best snowblower?

Going product hunting for a heavyweight tool is a tough chore for many people. Thankfully, there are some top-notch trustworthy retailers online offering genuine products at competitive prices.

Yes, no need to take your time out in search of a snowblower at the local market. No worries about the transportation hassles. Place your order online and they will do the rest to ship the product at your doorstep.

If you are a novice buyer, herein are some of the best places to buy a snowblower online.

  1. Amazon

amazonNeedless to say, this is one of the best online stores selling products worldwide. Therefore, it has a large customer base.

Due to the ease of use and convenience, vendors are keen to put their products on the platform to get maximum exposure. This is why you will find a massive selection of snow blowers on Amazon.

There are plenty of gas and electric snowblower models within the price range of $100-$1000. You can find several user reviews and ratings to know if the tool is worth buying or not.

Even more, if you are a Prime member and meet the conditions, there is a chance to save on shipping costs.

If you qualify and the product is labeled ‘Prime’, it will be delivered in 2 days without levying any shipping charges.

It is fast and easy to browse through the product gallery, complete the checkout process, and choose from multiple payment options when buying snowblowers on Amazon. Most of the models have multiple photos along with a video demonstration that gives a fair idea of how the equipment works.

  1. The Home Depot

Home DepotAre you are looking to insulate your home for the coming winters? Need decors for home/office? Want to shop for lawn and garden tools? This is your one-stop online shopping destination for daily essentials, gardening tools, snowblowers, and so much more.

The Home Depot makes it easy to choose from different types of snowblowers. They provide several filters you can set to choose from the type of blower you are looking to buy- cordless snowblowers, electric snowblowers, gas snowblowers, etc. This helps to narrow down the search process.

Can’t find where to find snowblowers on Home Depot? Just use their search bar on top of their website.

Home Depot retail stores are available in various locations in North America. You may opt for doorstep shipping, curbside pickup, or even pick up from the nearest store. No worries, they offer free shipping on most eligible products above $45.

An advantage of shopping at Home Depot is the ease of returning an item whether purchased online or in-store. Just carry your item with the proof of purchase to the nearest store. That’s all.

  1. Lowe’s

Lowe’sWhether you looking to remodel your kitchen before the holidays or want to buy home appliances, Lowe’s has a beautiful intuitive online store to get you covered.

Much similar to Home Depot, Lowe’s allows you to set filters to narrow down your search from desired brands, type of snowblower, price range, etc.

You may even click the compare checkbox for the chosen models to compare a set of products to find the best suit.

Not just your snow clearing tool, Lowe’s has much more content to offer.

  • Access their snowblower buyer’s guide if you are not sure which model is right for your needs.
  • Shop from a range of snowblower parts and accessories if you need a replacement job done.
  • Read their operational guide to learn how to use a snowblower.

All in all, it is a one-stop solution to all your snow moving job for the coming chilling months.

Lowe’s offers free shipping on orders over $45 for the majority of the items on their store. You can even choose from other deliver options- curbside pickup or free pickup from specific locations. If you have MyLowe’s account, you qualify for free shipping almost anything in their store.

The only issue is that there are not many reviews and ratings on the products that you can view for an informed purchase decision. It has nothing to do with their product quality or services.

It’s just that fewer customers choose to buy products on their site. You may need to do a bit of extra research before choosing your snowblower to be absolutely sure.

  1. Snowblower Direct

Snowblower DirectAs the name suggests, these sellers specialize in selling snowblower items.

There is a vast selection of items on their product page with over 7000 customer reviews. This is what you need to know how well a certain product has performed.

Snowblower Direct, the site owned and managed by Power Equipment Direct, is specially oriented to make your snowblower buying a seamless experience.

You can find all types of snowblowers on this site alongside the necessary replacement parts and accessories that you may need from time to time.

Their website has a clutter-free look and the information on the product page is finely sorted to offer ease of viewing to your eyes. The site is great if you want to learn everything about snowblowers.

From expert advice to how-to guides, the resources provide all the information the users need to operate, maintain, or store a snowblower for an extended life expectancy.

They do not have retail outlets so you will have to purchase your tool online only. However, they do offer free shipping on qualifying models. Alternatively, the life gate service is also available at an extra cost.

  1. Walmart

WalmartEveryone is familiar with Walmart’s vast retail chain and online store. There are some really good products in the store but you may have problems browsing through specific categories, types of blowers, etc.

On the page, you just get the product listing to choose one. However, you can get a fair idea of the most promising ones on the store from the bestseller tags. You will also find products with available discount offers.

While there is a vast product line from various brands when you reach their snowblower product page, only a few reviews are available to give reliable information. All you have is the product description from the manufacturer and images.

Some snow blowers come with a free shipping offer or you may get a free pick up option if the concerned model is available at the nearest store.


Buying a highly-functional snowblower online is easy rather than that at a retail store in your locality. The eCommerce platforms in our list offer reasonable price margins and a seamless buyer’s experience.

Choose the preferred model from a massive collection of products on the gallery, compare products, view user ratings, and reviews to be absolutely sure before purchase.

I hope this information will help you to find the best online store to buy your next snowblower.