Lawn Mower Maintenance: 10 Most Common Mistakes People Make

Getting a mower of a superior brand this spring as the older one is no more in action?

This is the first mistake almost every landowner does as they think the quality manufacturing would put your machine in the right operating conditions.

It is worth mentioning that you are wasting your budget if you do not maintain it properly. Go through the direction of the manual and know how the equipment works. It will make your tasks a whole lot easier.

Mower left alone in your shed until the next cut will wear down and even cease to operate. The expense of servicing this is quite higher than that of your year-round maintenance cost.

Give your mower an annual servicing before each mowing season. But regular repairs and daily attention to your machine will ensure it to get to work without any significant hazard.

Here we have compiled the mistakes you should avoid to run your mower like a champion from onward after reading this post.

1) Not Checking the Air Filter

Usually, checking the air filter is ignored among the whole parts of mower protection.  If you do so, you are going to run into issues.

checking lawn mower air filter

A clogged filter disturbs air passing through the filter, thus making the machine run loaded. If it is not cleaned before every use, it adds more stress on the engine. Mower filters are quite easy on the pocket. So, yearly replacement is highly appreciated.

2) Not Cleaning the Mower Deck

Clean the mower every time you mow. It just happens to be one of the crucial steps of a happy mowing. Clippings stuck under the deck affect a smooth cutting. Traces that fertilizer and dampness leave in the deck result it in having quick rust.

Cleaning the Mower Deck

If you own a mulching mower, ensure a better airflow which dictates whether the mulching jobs are going smooth. Clippings disrupt the airflow under the deck. So, great care is advised for cleaning the mower deck each spring and even mid-season.

3) Not Keeping Your Blades Sharp

Excellent cutting of grass will give you a perfectly healthy lawn. A dull blade would tear your grass rather than cut through.

sharpening lawn mower blade

Before going each mowing, check out the edge; if it is blunt, it will make you do extra work. Frayed and torn grasses are vulnerable to diseases, and you might find a rough and brown lawn.

Sharpen the lawn blade at every season and repeat it two times more throughout the year.

Want to get a new blade when your dull knife is nowhere near as safe? Keep an alternate set of blades in your store, and you don’t have to wait too long.

4) Trying to Cut too Much Grass

Sometimes you cut the grass too short to allow them to absorb sunshine enough for making of their food. The root system also goes wrong when you cut them more than 1/3 of their top.

Longer blades of grasses look greener and healthier, which makes your lawn look luxurious. Cut the grasses often and don’t let them grow too long.

Many folks start mowing with a mower deck adjusted long before. Wrong! Adjust the blade level that follows the rules of one-third in cutting the grasses. Otherwise, it would scalp your lawn making them unhealthy.

5) Not Storing the lawnmower Properly

Generally, your mower takes an extended leave of 5-6 months during the off-season. So you often position them in a shed or garage.

storing lawn mower

Before placing your mower for a long time, if you don’t take proper care of it, it will damage. Some tips are:

  • Select a dry location where any liquid can’t split over the mower.
  • Drain out all the fuel from the fuel tank as to leave it completely dry.
  • Clean all the parts to make the mower free of rust and damage.
  • Pick a location where mice can’t get in to eat up the wires.

6) Not Using Quality Fuel

Not using fresh fuel primarily causes to happen all the small issues of the engine.

Quality Fuel for Lawnmower

The alcohol level in your gas should not be higher than 10 percent. If it contains much alcohol, it makes unavoidable rust inside the tank that draws moisture in the gas. Water getting into the gas ruins your mower engine gradually.

To save the engine, use quality fuel containing high octane rating and least alcohol.

7) Not Checking and Changing the Oil

This is also the most common fault anyone easily overlooks. As season starts, you get your lawn mower back from the shed and start mowing with the oil left in the mower from the previous season.

Checking and Changing the lawnmower Oil

Check the level of oil in the tank. It should be above the mid-level of the container. If it is too low, add some more oil. Now check the color. If it appears golden brown, it is more likely free of impurities. But if it is black, it is alarming for the engine.

Even if the mower is full of old oil at the beginning of a cutting season, you must check the oil whether debris and other dirt would collect in the oil.

This used and grimy oil must be drained out and replaced with new oil. Don’t think you are wasting the fuel because this contaminated oil will damage the engine that will cost a lot of money.

Old fuel is one of the factors that keep your mower engine from starting. Just you need o know the procedure from the owner’s manual.

8) Not Changing the Spark Plug

A spark plug is essential to start up the mower. But it is the thing that causes accidentally start of a mower. Before doing any maintenance task, you must disconnect the plug to prevent the auto start of the engine.

Better you replace the spark plug every year and start a new cutting season with a new plug. Don’t worry; it’s quite cheap and available. Use a spark plug wrench to do away with the old cap and install a new one.

Changing the Lawnmower Spark Plug

Annual replacement is recommended, but if your mower goes slow to start any time, replace the spark in between. It is a sign of a bad spark plug.

9) Not Keeping the Undercarriage Clean

The undercarriage of a mower is crucial to be cleaned as it gets too much of dirt, mud, and clippings in it.

If it goes dirty when you start the mower, the already stuck dirt and debris will not allow it to remove new clippings easily. It will also clog up the mower’s discharge channel.

Take a brush to get rid of any split ends of grass and other remains and then spray with a garden hose to blast them away.

10) Not Checking Tire Pressure

Tire pressure is a determining factor to balance the height of the mower deck and eventually having a beautifully mowed lawn.

checking lawn mower tire pressure

Most gardeners don’t take in consideration when they start mowing.  Low tire pressure also affects steering.

Adjust the pressure by adding or removing the air to get proper inflation.  A tire with a good tread depth and no leaks helps you run a mower quite smoothly.

Final Words

Regular care and maintenance keep a mower performing without any disturbance.

Avoid all the mistakes listed above, and you will find your lawn fit for 10-15 years more requiring less mechanical support.