Easy and Handy Tips for Backpack Leaf Blower Storage

When fall is nearby, thinking of clearing the garden off those dry fallen leaves itself gives panic attacks. It’s not a simple task to do with a large broom. For many homeowners, the backpack leaf blower is the ideal tool to get the job done quickly and effortlessly. 

But how and where to store this large piece of heavy powerful blower in the house?

This is a point of consideration for not only the leaf blower but also for all other gardening tools used daily. 

During the autumn, you will need to use the backpack leaf blower every day to get rid of the piles of falling stuff. Hence you need to keep it safely within reach. If you are indecisive about choosing the right storage area, you are not alone. 

This article on handy backpack leaf blower storage ideas may help to reduce your dilemma. 

Best Place to Store the Backpack Leaf Blower

For large gardens, most homeowners use a gas-powered handheld leaf blower. Likewise, many other gardening tools are powered by gasoline. They are not safe for storing near the living areas of the house. The most preferable places to keep these machines safely is the garage or an outhouse. 

If there is no such space in your house, the basement is also a viable option. However, you need adequate ventilation there to prevent toxic fumes from entering other parts of the house. 

1. Install Heavy Duty Hooks on the Wall

backpack leaf blower hang on a hook

The backpack leaf blowers have a compact design and lightweight compared to the walk-behind models. So it is wise to hang them on the hooks. However, they are heavy for any normal hooks, so make sure to install heavy-duty hooks for complete safety. 

Many people hang backpack leaf blowers on the string trim hangers. They are robust and durable but a bit pricy items. 



2. Hang on the Cradle Hooks

They have a curved angle and are made of extremely sturdy materials. Once installed properly, they do not dislodge easily. You can hang all your heavy items on these hooks. When mounted at a greater height, you can keep the equipment at a higher level away from children and pets. 

3. Construct a DIY Garage Shelf

If you have a bigger space inside the garage, consider hiring a carpenter to custom build a garage shelf. You need investment, but it can be spacious enough to store many more items than just a leaf blower. 

For those who are in a hurry, it is also nice to purchase a shelf from a local shop. You can go for hardwood shelves or even choose a metal rack. Both are spacious, strong, and durable to meet your bulk storage requirements inside the garage or outhouse. 

4. Wall Mounted Storage Rack

For those who have less space on the floor to keep a custom-designed shelf or a wall-mounted rack is a better option. Make sure you choose a strong material that does not bend over time. This is a space saver option while offering a decent storage area for your small and mid-sized garden tools. 

5. Get Innovative in Using the Corner Space

Your backpack leaf blower should be safe under all conditions. Thus the corner area is of great use to protect it from a sudden collision with other heavy objects. You may install a corner shelf or some hooks in this part of your garage space to store your leaf blower tool. 

6. Install a Rack below Your Workbench

backpack leaf blower storage idea

Your workshop is another superb storage space for keeping your leaf blower equipment safe. Even if you have a shortage of space, the workbench is a long and extended one. Dumping the tool on the workbench may often cause disruptions. You may need to shift it often before start working on a project every time. 

Keep annoyance at bay and install some wooden panels below this long bench to prepare a storage area for your leaf blower. The backpack or a handheld model with fit in easily without filling space on your worktable.



Bonus Tips for Care and Safety

1. Keep It Handy

Whether you decide to hang the backpack leaf blower on hooks or want to keep it on the shelf, do not assemble them too high from the ground level. It is heavy and expensive equipment. Falling or hard-hitting can cause damage to the parts inside. Install the shelf or the wall hook at a height within reach of your hands so that you can get easy access to your machine whenever required. 

2. Keep It Clean and Safe

Your leaf blower tool should be clean and stored away from dust and debris. Store it inside the box that you got at the time of buying to keep it clean and safe from a collision in a congested garage space.  

Caution: Do not pack the backpack leaf blower inside the box when it is still hot after running for quite some time. Allow a couple of hours, allowing the tool to cool down completely before you place it in the cardboard box again for safe storage. 

3. Never Keep Your Machine on Overhead Storage Racks

A backpack leaf blower is relatively heavier than common hardware items such as grass trimmers, shovels, pliers, watering cans, etc. Store lightweight items at a greater height to ensure it is easy to lift and pull down when needed. The leaf blower is best kept at the hand level for easy access (as mentioned earlier). 

4. Do not Keep Your Leaf Blower on the Floor

The temperature on the floor is lower than on the walls or racks. Putting the equipment on the ground may expose it to a damp surface. The moisture can penetrate easily, causing damage to the inner parts. Furthermore, you do not want someone to tip over the tool when it is lying on the floor. This can be dangerous, causing injuries to a person and damage to your leaf blower. 

The backpack leaf blower has a long nozzle at the front and a small compact section for the motor. These are very stylish pieces of equipment you can easily store in a small space. They are safe to hang on a wall as long as you are sure about the strength of the hooks.