What Size Patio Umbrella Should I Get!

There could be several factors that you need to consider to determine what size patio umbrella should you actually “get.” What’s your budget, how much shade do you actually need, types of patio umbrellas, and so on.

But if money isn’t a concern and you just want to figure out precisely what sized umbrella you actually “need,” you need to consider two factors –

-Diameter (Size)


Talking about Diameter (size), a simple rule of thumb is you need to get an umbrella that extends over the table by 2 feet on each side. That means if you have a rounded table to a shade that’s 4 feet, you should get an umbrella that’s 8 feet in Diameter.

However, this rule is an incomplete one without considering the shape of the umbrella. If you purchase a rectangular umbrella to cover a rounded table, this rule will be invalid.

When it comes to shape, the best option is to get an umbrella that mimics the shape of the table (It’s not rocket science, even you knew it). Say if you have a rectangular table that you want to shade, then a rectangular umbrella provides the best coverage over a round or square one.

If you still find it difficult, here’s a list for you that’ll help you pick the right size for your requirements –

Small Patio Umbrellas

Ranges from 6 to 7.5 feet.

6 to 6.5 ft. Umbrellas

-These umbrellas are ideal for tables up to 30 inches wide.

-You’ll need a 35 lb. Patio umbrella stands or around for these umbrellas.

-They’re a good fit with an outdoor bistro set.


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7 to 7.5 ft. Umbrellas

-You can shade table up to 48 inches wide with these.

-A 35-55 lb. umbrella stand is required to hold them upstood firmly.

-They’re a good fit for a single chaise lounge or lounge chair or a 4-person patio dining set.



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Medium Patio Umbrellas

Ranges from 8 feet to 9.5 feet.

8 to 8.5 ft. Umbrellas

-These are ideal for tables up to 54 inches wide.

-They require a 40-55 lb. Umbrella stand.

-Good fit for small outdoor sectional or sofa or a 4 to 6-person patio dining set.



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9 to 9.5 ft. Umbrellas

-They can cover a table up to 62 inches wide.

-65-75 lb. umbrella stand is required.

-Good fit for a 6-person patio dining set or a set of chaise lounges.



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Large Patio Umbrellas

Ranges from 10 feet to over.

10 to 11 ft. Umbrellas

-You can shade a table up to 84 inches wide with them.

-Requires a 65-75 lb. or even larger umbrella stand.

-They’re a good fit for a 6 to 8-person or larger patio dining set.



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12 ft. and Larger Umbrellas

-Usually, most of these are cantilever umbrellas. They can shade tables over 84 inches.

-They pair well with large outdoor seating areas or as a pool umbrella.

-An umbrella stand over 75 lbs. Is required,

I hope you found your perfect size. If not, ask me in the comment section.


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