What color patio umbrella is the best ?

When it comes to buying your patio umbrella, one of the hardest decisions you have to take is the color of the umbrella, especially if you’re someone like me who gets confused over every little thing.

However, I can not already say what will be the best choice of color for your new umbrella. Color is a personal choice, and it varies from person to person – so there’s a high chance you might hate my most favorite color.

What I can do to help is to tell you some facts and rules of thumb regarding choosing the most functional color, then you can decide yourself according to the look of your patio –

Outdoor Furniture is Exposed

The first thing you need to keep in mind that outdoor furniture is exposed to the elements like sunlight and dirt.

So bright pigments are more likely to fade over time under those harsh UV rays, while lighter colors will catch and show more dirt. They both can be rewarding and punishing.

Amount of Sunlight

patio umbrella in sunlight

The next point of view is how much sunlight your patio receives. Take a look out your window at the peak of the day.

If the trees seem to block the exposure and your patio doesn’t receive a good amount of sunlight, then brighter colors are an excellent option for you. Whereas, if your patio is overwhelmed with sunshine, then you should stick to lighter, more neutral tones.

How Much Color is There in Your Patio?

If your patio is mostly surrounded by large green shrubbery, and there’s already not much color in it, then patterns and pops of color will be the perfect choice for you.

But if your patio is already colorful with colorful pots and flowering plants, then a neutral color for a patio umbrella will help highlight the already established looks.

You Want It to Stand Out or Blend?

You need to consider if you want your umbrella to blend more into the landscaping or stand out in a bolder color. The main thing you need to keep in mind here is contrasting the umbrella color against the expanse of the house color.

If your house color is bright (mostly doesn’t happen), then you may choose lighter colors like beige and light grey. I don’t like white as the color of a patio umbrella as it stains and also may look a bit blah.

But in most cases, the house color tends to be on the lighter side so brown or black or something that looks gentle but pops, seems to be a great fit.

I hope this piece helped — best of luck taking the hard decision now, man.