Best Heaters for Small Greenhouse in 2024

It’s good to have a greenhouse to keep your plants healthier, even in the winters. But what if the temperature drops down even more?

Does your greenhouse solely maintain the same consistency of heat inside to keep your plants healthy? We guess no greenhouse can work well when the temperature drops down from zero.

But with the right greenhouse heater, you will be able to maintain the warmth required by the plants in the greenhouse. These greenhouse heaters are specially for keeping the greenhouse warm.

But before heading to purchase the greenhouse heater, you must have good knowledge of the condition and requirement of your greenhouse. To avoid this hassle, our review team, by considering all the necessities in mind, reviewed the top greenhouse heaters.

Fortunately, we’ve come with ten premium heaters for a greenhouse in 2022 that we think you just need to try.

But before hitting the reviews, let us take an overview of the things that we consider before selecting the right product.

Vornado greenhouse heater

Vornado MVH Vortex Heater

• Heating capacity 750-1500 w
• 3 stage heat setting
• Air circulation type
• Weight 3.76 lbs
Price Please
Dr heater for greenhouse

Dr. Heater DR218

• Heating capacity 1500 w
• 1 stage heat setting
• Fan forced type
• Weight 13 lbs
Price Please
lasko greenhouse heater

Lasko CD09250 Desk Heater

• Heating capacity 1500 w
• 11 stage heat setting
• Fan circulation type
• Weight 3.5 lbs
Price Please
Big green electric greenhouse heater

Bio Green PHX 2.8

• Heating capacity 1000 - 2800
• 3 stage heat setting
• Fan circulation type
• Weight 11 lbs
Price Please
BuyPlus electric heater

Buyplus Electric Garage Heater

• Heating capacity1500 w
• 3 stage heat setting
• Air circulation type
• Weight 3.79 lbs
Price Please
Bio green electric fan heater

Bio Green PAL 2.0

• Heating capacity1500 w
• Multi stage heat setting
• Air circulation type
• Weight 10.14 lbs
Price Please
Lasco heater

Lasko Designer Series Heater

• Heating capacity1500 w
• 3 stage heat setting
• Oscillation type
• Weight 3 lbs
Price Please
ipower electric heater

iPower Electric Heater

• Heating capacity1500 w
• Multi stage heat adjustment
• Fan forced type
• Weight 8.8 lbs
Price Please
Dyna glo nature gas heater

Dyna-Glo BF10NMDG

• Heating capacity 10000 BTU
• 3 stage heat setting
• Propane base type
• Weight 15.11 lbs
Price Please
Isiler heater

ISILER Space Heater

• Heating capacity1500 w
• Different temperature range
• Fan forced type
• Weight 2.42 lbs
Price Please

Best Heater for Small Greenhouse

By testing all the things, we came with the top ten heaters for the greenhouse, and we are quite convinced with their features and performance.

01. Vornado MVH Vortex Heater with 3 Heat Settings (Best For Small Space Greenhouses)

Vornado greenhouse heater


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The MVH vortex heater is ideal for small space greenhouses. Three mode heater setting allows you to have better control of thermostatic temperature as per the requirement. It’s an effective way of reducing energy costs and consumption too.

The advanced safety features and tip-over protection, including the cool-touch exterior and an automatic shut-off system, allow you to use it worry-free.

It has a thermostatic temperature controlling knob so that you can manage to heat the whole room as you need. Vornado’s vortex has an air circulation system that allows equal distribution of the warm air in the greenhouse.

Unlike the regular heaters that have coils to create intense heat that may provide inconsistent heat, the MHV provides gentle heat inside the room.

The internal thermostat controller comes with seven different settings to ensure full control over the heat intensity. With the Vornado cool-touch exterior design, the heater will remain cool from outside even after hours of operation.

It gently heats the room of small to medium size through its air-circulation system. This will help in keeping the plants healthy and warm, even in the extreme colder regions.

Moreover, with three heat setting 750 W low, 1125W medium, and 1500W high, you can tailor out heat efficiency and maximum output in low energy consumption.

From energy consumption to heat controlling to automatic turn off features, it has so many impressive things that offer complete support to your greenhouse.

  • Consist of heat supply through the room
  • Five-year warranty period
  • Complete safety features to ensure safe usage
  • Maximum heating temperature
  • Sturdy frame
  • A bit expensive than other models
  • Not for big size greenhouses

Bottom Line

Vornado is amongst the best models of greenhouse heaters. We like its safety features the most, as this will ensure worry-free usage. Also, the air circulation feature is quite impressive that helps to circulate the heat effectively in the greenhouse. Overall, this is great to have for keeping the plants healthier.

02. Dr. Heater DR218-1500W Infrared Heater (Infrared Heater For Greenhouses)

Dr heater for greenhouse


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The Dr. heater must be an ideal option to keep your tender plants healthier in the winters. It has a portable size that allows smooth movement. An adjustable thermostat allows controlling the temperature inside the greenhouse.

The fan-forced technology allows diverting heat in every corner of the greenhouse effectively without any troubles. An infrared heater is ideal for providing the 1500W heat consistently and doesn’t evaporate moisture from the greenhouse.

Unlike other heavy-duty heaters, the Dr. heater is lighter in weight yet sturdy enough to withstand in the extreme weather conditions. It features with permanent lubrication system so that you don’t need to waste your money on maintenance.

The unique temperature sensor helps to monitor the temperature and automatically shut off when it reaches to maximum temperature. The heavy steel housing frame helps to keep the heater last longer with us.

The built-in overheat protection and adjustable thermostat controller help to create the ideal climatic condition for the plants inside the greenhouse. The fan-forced system circulates even heat in the greenhouse.

The enclosed design, thermally protected case and ball motor ensure the longevity of the heater with a minimum maintenance requirement. Easy to regulate temperature and low voltage consumption make it the best heater for a greenhouse in 2022.

The infrared heater is suitable for the colder climatic region where the temperature even drops down below. Infrared heating helps to keep the temperature inside the greenhouse that is optimum for plant growth.

With so many features and a maximum warranty period, it hits the place in the review list.

  • Moisture retaining capability
  • Highly durable frame
  • Constant heat circulation in the greenhouse
  • Operating safety features
  • Low maintenance requirement
  • No automatic thermostat shutting off feature
  • Requires to run consistently in a cold climate

Bottom Line

The infrared-based heater supplies an adequate amount of heat required for the optimum growth of the plants in the colder region. The fan-forced technology ensures constant heat circulation in the greenhouse.

03. Lasko CD09250 Ceramic Portable Space Heater (Best Electric Heater For Small Greenhouses)

lasko greenhouse heater


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The tiny heater for one small greenhouse would be ideal for heating it consistently. The Lasko ceramic heater has three quiet settings from low to high to warm up the greenhouse effectively. It features 11 different temperature settings that help to set the temperature manually as per your requirement.

The heater is only 9 inches tall so that you can place it anywhere in the greenhouse easily.

The two fan settings ensure moderate to high flow of heat in the room. Its built-in carry handle allows you to carry it anywhere easily. The compact size makes it even portable to use it in your rooms too.

It features an integrated protection system for worry-free use. Thanks to its fully assembled design that allows you to use it instantly after unboxing it. The quiet mode operation offers you noise-free operation.

It also features a cool-touch exterior that helps to keep the heater cool even after hours of using it. The adjustable thermostat controller allows you to have full control over the heat.

The heater is shut off automatically when the temperature reaches the maximum. The ceramic heating plates allow quick heating and circulate through the fan in the space effectively.

Although the size is small, yet it offers consistent heat that is ideal for heating the 300sq ft area nicely. Due to its compact size, it is worthier enough to use in your tiny greenhouses and keep them warm even in winter seasons too.

  • Compact size
  • It is highly affordable
  • Five-year manufacturing warranty
  • Auto-safety features
  • Noise-free operation
  • No tip-over protection
  • Smaller for big size greenhouses

Bottom Line

The Lasko comes in a handy and portable size that makes it ideal for small size greenhouses. The auto safety features, ceramic plat heating, and fan circulation features impress in it the most. Overall, its size and effective features are perfect for tiny greenhouses.

04. Bio Green Phoenix Electric Greenhouse Heater

Big green electric greenhouse heater


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If you want a high heating capacity heater, then Bio Green Phoenix is the perfect heater for the greenhouse. It is two in one heater that helps to provide consistent heat for seedlings and plant growth. The heater has three heating outputs that work well for different weather conditions.

The built-in fan is ideal for circulating the heat perfectly even in the big size greenhouse. The Bio-Green heater has a rust-resistant steel frame that helps to enhance the longevity of the heater.

With its easy temperature controlling feature, you can maintain a constant temperature between 32 to 79F.

The 240 V outlet makes it the outstanding heater for a greenhouse that is 400sq ft wider. It can also run consistently for 24 hours without getting heated.

The built-in heat circulation system helps to provide a constant and evenly distributed heat supply for a long time. Its consistent design makes it easy to use on the floor and ceiling too.

Also, the built-in safety features ensure the complete safety of the users. And the temperature sensor helps to monitor the temperature of the greenhouse effectively.

The two in one heater offer full thermal control to offer adequate heat for the young plants and protect them for winter frosting conditions. With its protective gear and handle, you can hand it on the ceiling of the greenhouse too.

Easy to use, flexible, and unique fan air circulation design gives it a place in the list. Meanwhile, the two-year warranty period allows us to have worry-free use of the heater and keep you away from the replacement hassles.

  • Low energy consumption
  • Noise-free heater
  • Compact size and easy to operate
  • The frost detection feature
  • Low voltage requirement
  • A bit pricier than others

Bottom Line

The Bio Green two-in-one heating function heater is ideal for heating even the 400 sq. Ft area effectively. The thermostat controller allows you to grow your seedling and protect your young plants from frosting conditions. Its convenient design and steel frame are what we like the most.

05.Buyplus Electric Greenhouse Fan Heater (Best Portable Space Heater)

BuyPlus electric heater


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The Buyplus electric heater has PTC heating technology that doesn’t require any flame to produce heat. It has three thermostat settings that offer excellent weather for the plants. The 1500-Watt heating capacity heater supplies heat to warm, even the 400sq ft space.

The heater swivel rod that moves 90 degrees heats the element within three seconds. It has a built-in automatic shut off system that shuts the heater off after reaching the maximum temperature. With its quick cooling feature, the element cools down quickly within seconds.

This small size heater comes with an energy-saving mode that saves your energy consumption, and its six-foot-long power cord helps to move the heater from one place to another quickly.

It features with power indicator so that you can monitor the heater is running or not. The casing of the heater is made with fire-resistant metal so that it will ensure complete safety to the user even it is drip off.

The built-in fan helps to circulate even heat in the greenhouse so that every plant gets even heat and grow ideally also in the winter condition. Its portable size is significant enough to use it anywhere in homes, greenhouses, offices, and other places too.

The manual temperature settings help to set the temperature as per the requirement. Also, the casing frame provides longevity to the heater to offer you consistent heating throughout the years. The Buyplus works well in the winter season and colder region to keep your plants healthier and enhance their life.

  • Quick cooling feature
  • Easy to operate
  • Sturdy and strong frame
  • Portable size
  • Cost-effective
  • It doesn’t work well in large space rooms
  • Reaches to maximum temperature before shutting

Bottom Line

The automatic shutting safety feature helps to protect the user from the accident. Also, the consistent heating feature ensures that heat will distribute evenly in the room.

Although it is a bit smaller in size and may not work in bigger space rooms; still, it would be a great deal for small space greenhouses.

06. Bio Green Palma Basic Electric Fan Heater (A Premium Fan-Based Heater)

Bio green electric fan heater


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Bio Green Palma is the best compact size and energy-efficient heater for the small size greenhouse. The built-in fan gives high ventilation and heat distribution rate for even heat circulation rates. Its floor standing design and high air circulation feature help to provide even heat to the young plants.

The casing of the heater is made with stainless steel frame and has painted grills so that it offers complete protection to the users.

The energy-efficient design reduces the consumption of energy. And the air circulation system ensures that the flowers will pollinate perfectly even in winter conditions.

Its compact size is ideal for heating the greenhouse that has 120sq ft of space. The heater has a thermostat controller that helps to control the temperature effectively according to the requirement.

Meanwhile, the safety feature and tip-over protection offer complete protection to the user while working. The ceramic plates offer quick heating that easily heats the room within a few seconds. And if you have a tiny greenhouse, then this would be an ideal option to keep your plants healthier.

If you are concerned about the defect, then you don’t need to be because this heater comes with a two-year warranty so that you can sit worry-free from the hassle of replacement and repairing.

More than that, after use, you can quickly cool it down by keeping the fan and window open.

With the quick heat controlling feature, you can even use it in extreme winter conditions to grow your vegetables and flowers ideally. And as far as the price is concerned, then it is quite affordable than other models.

  • Fastest heating efficiency
  • Instant cooling
  • Perfect for small-size greenhouse
  • Highly energy efficient
  • Automatic shutting feature
  • It works only for small size greenhouses

Bottom Line

The Bio Green is the compact size heaters that are ideal for the tiny greenhouses. It features with thermostat controller that ensures precise control over the temperature.

And the sturdy and robust stainless-steel frame makes it highly durable. Above all, the conventional heat supply makes it ideal for using these heaters in the greenhouse to protect plants from winters and let them grow throughout the year.

07. Lasko Designer Series Ceramic Space Heater (Best Designer and Remote Control-Based Heater)

Lasco heater


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If you want a stylish and portable heater that you can also use in your rooms, then the Lasko designer series is perfect. In this heater, you can adjust the temperature of the ceramic heating element with the adjustable thermostat.

With the LED temperature setting, you can also select the temperature of your choice, from 60F to 85F, effectively. The built-in timer feature impresses us the most. You can easily program your heater from one to seven hours, and it will automatically shut off after time completion.

It features a built-in safety mechanism that protects the heater from overheating and keeps the user safe. The ceramic plates of the heater provide quick and effective heating.

Also, the unique fan oscillating feature helps to distribute the heat effectively in the greenhouse. The heater comes fully assembled so that you can use it directly after unboxing.

It comes with a remote-control feature that makes it even worthier to use this heater. With this unique feature, you can easily control the heater from anywhere. Meanwhile, the cool touch exteriors help to keep the heater cool even after long-running hours.

Due to its decorative design, you can use it even in your rooms and halls too. Moreover, you can easily monitor and set temperature with the temperature controlling feature.

And with its timer setting, you will be set free from the hassle of operating; it will automatically shut off after the time is over.

The heater has a convenient design so that you can keep it anywhere in the room, greenhouse and feel the consistent supply of heat from anywhere. It is ideal for the small spaces greenhouses to grow the plants in winters too.

  • Compact size to use anywhere
  • Constant heat supply with time settings
  • Heat oscillating fans for circulation of heat
  • Maximum warranty period
  • It doesn’t work well in the extreme winter conditions
  • Not for spacious greenhouses

Bottom Line

From decorative design and constant heat supply, everything is perfect in this heater. The thing that we love the most is a remote-control system that helps to control the heater from anywhere in the room. More than that, it fits your budget, and if you have a tiny greenhouse, then this would be a great deal for you.

08. iPower Electric Heater Fan For Greenhouse (A Waterproof Heater)

ipower electric heater


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The iPower is an electric heater that is best for a small spacious greenhouse. It features an adjustable temperature controller that helps to control the temperature as per requirement. Waterproof design makes it ideal for using it in areas like a greenhouse, tents, and other places.

It is equipped with in-built heat controlling thermostat and overheats protection circuit that automatically shuts off the heater if the temperature exceeds.

The in-built fan in the heater allows circulating the heat evenly in the greenhouse. There is a stainless-steel heating element that ensures durability and longevity. Its compact size makes it ideal for small areas of 160sq. Ft.

It features with a u-shape stand that helps to keep the heater in its place firmly. The quick heating and cool feature impress us the most. The heater will quickly heat the whole space of the greenhouse within a few minutes.

The smart switches help the users to operate the heater efficiently. And the fan also helps in rapid cooling after use. And the good thing is, it is highly energy-efficient as it runs on low voltage that reduces energy consumption.

The quick heating adjustable settings allow you to set the heater on three distinctive modes as per the requirement. Also, the durable and robust handle helps the operator to easily pick it off and place it anywhere in the greenhouse.

The one-year manufacturing warranty is even a bonus point in having this heater for the small space greenhouses. And if you are living in a low temperate zone, then this would be ideal for growing your plants even in these conditions.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Even heating in the greenhouse
  • Fan for instant cooling
  • Waterproof design for complete safety
  • A bit pricier than others
  • Too small for big space rooms

Bottom Line

The iPower is exceptionally portable and long-lasting. Its waterproof design impresses us the most. Moreover, it is convenient to use, and it comes with thermostat controlling settings.

This will help you in setting a different temperature. Overall, it is excellent to buy for the small space greenhouse to keep your plant healthier in winters.

09. Dyna-Glo Natural Gas Blue Flame Vent Heater (Free Wall Propane Heater)

Dyna glo nature gas heater


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The natural gas blue flame heater is an excellent solution to warm up the air in the greenhouse and keep the plants healthier, even in winters. Dyna heater doesn’t require electric consumption and is entirely safe for use both indoors and outdoors.

It features variable heat controlling so that you can easily customize temperature as you require. The solid fan also helps to improve the heat circulation and spread heat equally in the room.

For extra stability, it comes with a heavy-duty base so that you can easily stable it on the floor and use it. Blue flame heating technology allows heat distribution in a similar way as that of a conventional heater.

This model is eco friendly and runs on natural gas only with 99.9% efficiency. It comes with a manual temperature controlling feature so that you can control the temperature and heat as you desire.

The built-in oxygen depletion sensor automatically shuts down the heater if the amount of carbon monoxide increases in it or if there is less oxygen. For convenient operation, it comes with one press operation system for quick and hassle-free ignition.

Its versatile design makes it worthier to have it for the greenhouse and keep the plants growing happily even in the winter season.

The optional heater fan allows heat distribution quietly and powerfully. And if you want to have a conventional, portable, and energy-efficient heater, then this would be a great option to have.

Additionally, it comes with a one-year warranty period so that you can keep yourself worry-free from the replacement hassles.

  • Ideal for 300sq ft area
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Not much expensive than others
  • Easy to operate
  • Wall mounting design
  • Not durable as that of other electric heaters

Bottom Line

The propane base heater is an ideal and energy-efficient heater for a small spacious greenhouse. The most impressive thing is the wall mounting design so that you can easily fit it in the wall and free some space. Moreover, you can also set the heating capacity and temperature as per your requirement in the greenhouse.

10. ISILER Ceramic Space Heater, 1500 Watt (Good For Indoors Purposes)

Isiler heater


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If you need a reliable and safe space heater, then it must be an excellent option for you. ISILER ceramic heater is made with fire-resistant material to ensure the complete safety of the user. Due to the PTC ceramic heating element, it doesn’t consume much oxygen and is eco-friendly.

The automatic safety feature shuts the heater off if the temperature exceeds the limit, and once the temperature is down, it will start working again.

An adjustable thermostat control helps to maintain the temperature between 41F and 95F. Also, the ceramic heater reduces the consumption of energy as well. The instant warm-up feature allows heating the small spacious room within seconds.

The large air-outlet helps to circulate the air evenly in the greenhouses. The noise-free operating mode impresses the most.

Its durable and robust frame allows maximum years of services. The tip-over protection ensures worry-free operation and the complete safety of the operator. Its lightweight, ergonomic design allows easy transportation.

The creaming heating element boasts a high heat conversion rate for maximum heat that is ideal for growing plants in the frosting condition. Also, the smart self-regulating thermostat controller will automatically shut off the heater when it reaches the maximum temperature.

The use of flame-resistant material and ceramic elements make it safe and reliable to use. Moreover, it produces no flame that makes it extremely safe to use.

Additionally, it comes with a sturdy handle that helps to pick it up quickly and keep it safely anywhere in the room. The portable size makes it highly compatible with the small space greenhouses. Meanwhile, it also has strong legs to keep it firm on the ground too.

  • Consistent heating
  • Thermostat regulation for temperature control
  • Ideal for heating 120sq ft area within seconds
  • Tip-over protection
  • It is expensive than other models
  • You may require more than one for a big greenhouse

Bottom Line

The small and portable size heater is ideal for the small size greenhouses. It is fully loaded with safety features and automatic shutting system that immediately shut off when the temperature exceeds.

Buying Guide- Things to Consider Before Buying the Best Greenhouse Heater

When we process to buy the right heater for a small greenhouse, there are a lot of things that we need to consider before having them. Generally, you will find a plethora of options that may impress you for a while but may not be ideal for your greenhouse.

The Heating Capacity

The heating capacity plays a vital role while having a heater for the greenhouse. Watts is the thermal unit that is used to measure the heating capacity of the heater. Ideally, the heaters come in a wide range of 750 to 3000W watts.

If you have a small space greenhouse of 400sq ft or even less, then it would be great to have a 1500W heater. It would be sufficient to have for your greenhouse. If you have a big size greenhouse, then prefer to have a heater with more heating capacity.

Safety Features

Safety comes first when we are going to buy any electronic items, especially heaters. An ideal greenhouse must-have safety features like a thermostat controller, auto-shutoff function, and heat-resistant frame that ensures complete safety of the users while operating it.

If somehow, the temperature exceeds, or any hazardous condition arises, then these safety features ensure to shut off the heater and electric supply to avoid these conditions.

So, you need to make sure to check these safety features in the heater that offer safety to the operator.

Temperature Adjusting Feature

The next important thing to consider is the thermostat adjusting feature. Ideally, the temperature setting adjustment features help to adjust the temperature according to the environmental condition of the greenhouse.

Moreover, this will also help to regulate the temperature of the greenhouse, and if the temperature exceeds the setting, then this will automatically shut off the heater. The tharmo-regulation is essential to maintain the temperature in the greenhouse as per your requirement.

Noise-Free Operation

Several greenhouse heaters come with noise-free operation features. This feature is useful to have as it helps to avoid the disturbing operating noise of the heater fan. Ideally, there are many models of the greenhouse heater available that come with a noise-free running feature.

So, if you need to buy, then make sure to have this feature in it.

Compact Size

The heater that you purchase for the greenhouse must be compact and portable enough to carry it anywhere quickly in the greenhouse. Also, the small size heaters are easy to operate as well. On the other side, the bulky heater is neither portable to carry and may consume a lot of space in the greenhouse too.

So, be sure to have those heaters which have compact size and easy to carry in the greenhouse.

Energy Efficient

The heater for the greenhouse must be energy efficient and work on the low voltage that helps to reduce energy consumption and save a lot of energy too.


The warranty plays a significant role in having the premium greenhouse heater. Mostly the greenhouses come with five or fewer years’ warranty period. This will help you in keeping yourself free from the replacement hassles.


01. Are These Greenhouse Heaters Expensive?

No, the greenhouse heaters are not expensive to run. If fact, these are the ideal option to grow your plants in the winter condition when the temperature drops down, and the plant may thrive from winters. But if you don’t want to have an expensive model, then the above-mentioned heaters are amongst the affordable ones.

02. Which Is the Best Heater For the Small Space Greenhouses?

There are many heaters available on Amazon that are ideal for the small space greenhouses. However, Lasko 754200, Bio Green, and Dr heater are amongst the best ones to buy.

03. How Hot Is Too Hot For a Greenhouse?

The ideal temperature for the greenhouse must be between 25 degrees to 40 degrees. The temperature above this may affect the growth of the plants.

04. How Can I Increase the Temperature of the Greenhouse?

If there is a frosting condition, then you may need to have a heater to raise the temperature of the greenhouse.

05. Which Safety Feature Do I Need to Check in My Greenhouse Heater?

The heater that you buy for the greenhouse must have an automatic shut off feature. This will help in keeping you away from the damage and hazardous condition. Moreover, you can also check the thermostat control that allows you to shut the heater off when the temperature exceeds.

07. How Much Is Sufficient For the Small Space Greenhouse?

Ideally, the 10,000 BTU must be sufficient for the small space greenhouse.


When the temperature is down, then a greenhouse is not solely able to maintain the constant temperature to keep the plants healthier. Therefore, these heaters help to maintain a consistent temperature in the greenhouse.

But when we proceed to buy the heater for a small greenhouse, then we feel trapped in so many models.

Hope this article helped you to find an ideal heater for your small spaced greenhouses.