10 Best Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer of 2024

Hedge trimmers are a must-have tool for most gardeners out there, and this content is all about choosing the best corded hedge trimmers for your needs.

Now, why corded instead of cordless? Because they’re lightweight, easy to operate and get the most trimming job done, and they’re more affordable than other types of hedge trimmers as well.

But there are a lot of offering out there. How do you determine which is your preferable corded hedge trimmer for your specific needs?

Let’s find out!

Black & Decker HH2455

Black+Decker HH2455

• 3.3-Amp Motor
• 24-inch Dual Action Blade
• Cut 3/4 inch thick branches
• Weight 6.5 pounds
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Earthwise Corded Pole Hedge Trimmer

Earthwise CVPH43018

• 4.5-Amp Motor
• 18-inch Dual Action Blade
• 2-in-1 Convertible Pole Hedge
• Weight 9.7 pounds
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Sun Joe SJH901E Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer

Sun Joe SJH901E

• 3.8-Amp Motor
• 18-inch Dual Action Blade
• Telescoping Pole 7.4 ft to 12.5 ft
• Weight 7.6 pounds
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Earthwise CVPH41018 Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer

Earthwise CVPH41018

• 2.8-Amp Motor
• 18-inch Dual Action Blade
• 2-in-1 Pole/ Hedge Trimmer
• Weight 10 pounds
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GARCARE Commercial Hedge Trimmer


• 4.8-Amp Motor
• 24-inch Dual Action Blade
• Cut 3/4 inch thick branches
• Weight 8.42 pounds
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Greenworks 2200102 hedge trimmer

Greenworks 2200102

• 4-Amp Motor
• 22-inch Dual Action Blade
• Cut 9/16" inch thick branches
• Weight 7 pounds
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Toro 51490 Corded Hedge Trimmer

Toro 51490

• 4-Amp Motor
• 22-inch Dual Action Blade
• Cut 9/16-inch thick branches
• Weight 6.35 pounds
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BLACK+DECKER Hedge Trimmer

Black and decker BEHT200

• 3.5-Amp Motor
• 18-inch Dual Action Blade
• Cut 5/8 inch thick branches
• Weight 4.5 pounds
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. Sun Joe HJ22HTE Hedge Trimmer

Sun Joe HJ22HTE

• 3.5-Amp Motor
• 22-inch Dual Action Blade
• Dual-handed safety switch
• Weight 5.6 pounds
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Remington RM5124TH

• 5 amp motor
• heavy duty 24-inch titanium-coated blades
• 3/4-inch cutting capacity
• weight 9.8 pounds
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Best Corded Hedge Trimmer

01. Black & Decker HH2455

Black & Decker HH2455

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The first trimmer to make it to my list of best-corded hedge trimmers in 2022 is the “hedgehog”, originally known as the Black & Decker HH2455.

Weighing just around 6.5 lbs and boasting a 24-inch blade powered by a 3.3 amp motor that cuts like crazy, the trimmer justifies its name – hedgehog! In my opinion, it’s the choice for the corded “electric” hedge trimmer as well.


The cutting equipment on this trimmer is the 24-inch precision ground dual-action blade that’s great for cutting overgrown hedges. Being a dual-action blade, it cuts more at a given time than single-action blades and also reduces vibration by 40%.

The blade is capable of cutting branches up to 3/4 inch thick. Though it’s not a commercial-grade blade, it does take a big bite out of a job quickly and evenly. The hardened steel shearing blades cut through some pretty thick branches with ease.

The motor powering the tool is a 3.3 amp one that runs on 120 volt systems only, which could be a bit inconvenient in cases. It delivers decent power, but I’d like to have a little more of that.

And why the cord had to be just 11 inches long? Would it break the bank to make the cord a little longer? B&D knows better!


Where this machine mostly shines is the ease of operation it offers with innovative features. Many people have experienced this. I believe that how difficult the body of their trimmer makes it balance the whole machine, resulting in uneven cuts.

But that issue has been addressed in the HH2455 with the innovative design of the inline motor. It makes sure that the weight is well-distributed, so there’s more balance, precision, and control. However, there’s no motor brake on this one.

The handle on the HH25 can rotate up to 180 degrees for the optimum holding angle. It offers five optional stops that allow for easy cutting, whether vertically or horizontally.

You do not have to over-reach with the HH25 in hand, so there’s reduced stress on your back. And the rubber grip is comfortable to hold and grippy as well.

It does have the lock-on and lock-off switch that you’d expect to have on your trimmer to ensure safety. There’s this built-in cord stopping system that ensures the cord doesn’t unplug accidentally.

  • The 24-inch cutting blade cuts quite efficiently
  • Comfortable to trim within both vertical and horizontal orientation
  • Puts less stress on your body and reduces fatigue
  • The weight is evenly distributed for smooth cuts.
  • Reduced vibration and there’s barely any noise.
  • I’d expect a bit more power from the motor
  • The cord is short.

Bottom Line

The B&D HH25 is one the peak of my list of best-corded hedge trimmers for a reason – it’s an all-rounder. It addresses some critical issues without compromising much in any other section. On top of that, it doesn’t cost much, being a great package.

02. Earthwise CVPH43018 Corded Convertible Pole Hedge Trimmer

Earthwise Corded Pole Hedge Trimmer

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This Earthwise CVPH43018 stands out from the crowd with its new & innovative design.

You can use it in two modes – as a regular hedge trimmer for those branches that you can reach easily but converts itself as a pole hedge trimmer when you need to reach for something away from you.

That’s a 2-in-1 package for you that’s saving you from buying another tool.

Regular & Pole Trimmer Side-by-Side

When you take this unit purely as a pole trimmer, this is a fantastic tool in its own right. It’s equipped with an 18″ long blade, which is slightly shorter – and they’re made this way keeping the effectiveness of pole trimmer in mind.

It can be tough and inconvenient to use a pole trimmer with a blade lengthening as a regular trimmer – they’re hard to balance at that height. And this smaller blade also ensures precision in cutting.

However, there’s a flip side of this shorter blade, and that is you’ll need a little longer to cut the same hedges than you’d need with a trimmer with a longer blade. However, you won’t feel much difference if it’s not a large job that you’re dealing with.


You can adjust the head into one of six different positions, which gives you better control over how you trim and also allows you to cut more efficiently in usually inaccessible corners.

Talking of reaching corners, this trimmer has a decent maximum length of 8’8” from tip to tip, which will get most jobs done.

However, though the trimmer itself is not actually heavy, the weight distribution makes it feel so when fully extended. The weight is centered on the cutting end, and you can feel that when it’s fully extended. It has been a common issue with most trimmers out there.

And, the six head position doesn’t include a 90° mode. So you can’t really trim the top of a tall hedge standing directly below it or next to it. You’ll have to utilize angles then.

  • 2-in-1 Trimmer
  • Powerful 4.8 amp motor to provide enough power in pole mode
  • Good maximum reach
  • Six different head position to choose the ideal from
  • The blade is ideal for precise cuts.
  • -Can feel heavy when fully extended
  • You can’t fix the head in 90-degree mode.

Bottom Line

The Earthwise CVPH43018 is a fantastic 2-in-1 tool that saves you from buying a separate machine. Trying to make it a versatile one, they had to make little sacrifices, like the shorter blade, which was needed to be short for better balance when in pole mode.

But there are no sacrifices that make it a deal-breaker. If you want a combo, then this is an excellent tool for you.

03. Sun Joe SJH901E 18-Inch Electric Telescoping Pole Hedge Trimmer

Sun Joe SJH901E Electric Pole Hedge Trimmer

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The SJH901E is a high-quality hedge trimmer that is reasonably priced. I am also a pole hedge trimmer so it’ll be a good fit if you have things to reach.

The Reach

Now, this is not a 2-in-1 product. It’s a specialized pole hedge trimmer only, and you get the benefit of that too. Unlike the CPBVH43018 that being a 2-in-1 trimmer gave an average reach height, it can reach up to 13ft in total, which is impressive.

The telescopic handle itself extends by 7.4ft that helps to gain such reach.

Pivoting Head

Another great thing to like about this tool is the adjustable pivoting head. It is designed to allow you great flexibility over how you use the machine.

You can adjust the head anywhere between -90° to +60°. With this freedom, you can cut even in the most awkward places that usually are hard to reach. And you can now trim the top of a tall hedge standing below it, unlike the Earthwise CPBVH43018.

Just set it at a 90° angle, and then you can cut from the ground without needing a ladder.

Motor & Blade

The motor is a slightly less powerful 3.8amp one. However, it can cut anything up to 0.7” in diameter, I believe which will be enough for you most of the time.

As it is a pole hedge trimmer, expect the blade to be a bit shorter than regular trimmers. Otherwise, you’ll have a tough time controlling it. However, the 18-inch blade on this model is made of hardened rust-resistant steel that cuts efficiently and lasts long.

However, this model is a little bit on the heavier side; thus, it’ll cause a little fatigue on extended sessions, especially if you’re cutting overhead branches. The safety strap is also not so useful when you use the trimer in an overhead position.

  • The telescopic pole extends by 7.4 ft
  • The total reach is 13 ft which is terrific
  • The blade is a high-quality one
  • Reasonably priced, value for money machine.
  • Little weighty.

Bottom Line

The Sun Joe SJH901E is a heavy-duty corded hedge trimmer that does what is supposed to do as a pole hedge trimmer, which is to reach a lot. And it does reach a lot – 13ft. The pivoting headsets on a range of angles for the optimum cutting position. With minor drawbacks, this tool is an excellent value for money.

04. Earthwise CVPH41018 18-In Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer

Earthwise CVPH41018 Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer

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If you’re a DIY gardener and looking for a hedge trimmer for occasional use, the Earthwise CVPH41018 could be a perfect choice for you. It is not built for professional trimmers or gardeners. Instead, it’s made for medium-duty jobs and sacrifices was made accordingly to gain better result for what it is.


This one too is a 2-tool-in-1 -shell product like the CVPH43018. You can either use it as a regular trimmer or a pole hedge trimmer. The blade is 18-inches in length as you’d expect from a pole hedge trimmer.

However, using it as a regular trimmer is more comfortable than using it on pole trimmer mode. The reason is the 10 pounds of weight. It’s certainly not the most lightweight corded electric hedge trimmer out there.

The pole itself is not heavy being made of fiberglass. The main reason it feels heavy is the placement of the motor and overall weight distribution. You’ll do alright with it for a shorter session. But there’ll be fatigue using it for an extended period.

Power & Performance

The CVPH41018 corded electric trimmer boasts a sharp 18-inch blade that gives you 34 inches of maximum cutting width. The motor delivers a good amount of power that you’ll need for medium-duty jobs.

However, this machine cuts larger branches than specified, but you’ll need to work on it a little. The machine cuts branches thicker than an adult thumb with no issues.


The head of the trimmer rotates 150 degrees and sets at five different positions. It makes manicuring the awkward hard-to-reach areas a cinch. However, it won’t be easy to hold the trimmer at such angles considering the weight again.

If you have to trim something very high off the ground, my recommendation will be to use a step ladder to lessen the distance so you’ll be able to cut with a smaller angle.

  • 2-in-1 trimmer again
  • Fiberglass pole is lightweight yet sturdy
  • Rotating head makes it easy to reach awkward areas
  • The motor delivers good power.
  • It’s on the heavier side
  • It causes fatigue on extended sessions.

Bottom Line

This trimmer is made for occasional DIY gardeners, and it suits them. It has barely any drawbacks except the weight. Honestly, the weight will bother you a lot if you do extended sessions. But an occasional gardener is not likely to do so. Thus it’ll not be a great deal for him.

05. GARCARE 4.8-Amp – Commercial Electric Hedge Trimmer

GARCARE Commercial Hedge Trimmer

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Garcare is such a brand that you might not have heard of often, but their GHT08 is a decent trimmer that I had to suggest. It’s not the cheapest trimmer out there, but it has a few bells and whistles to justify the price tag.

Power & Performance

The GHT08 trimmer features a powerful 4.8-amp motor that delivers enough power for most trimming jobs. Pairs to that are the 24-inch laser-cutting dual-action blade that has an overall 34 inches cutting capacity.

The hardened steel made blade is sharp enough to slice through thick hedges like butter. The dual-action increases efficiency and reduces vibration at the same time. This pair makes your lawn shaping and sculpting easier.


The GHT08 is a compact trimmer with an ergonomic design but not the most lightweight one out there either. At 8.6 lbs, it’s not exclusively lightweight, but it’s still certainly lighter than gas hedge trimmers.

The big motor and long blade contribute to the added weight, but the weight distribution and ergonomic design make it feel lighter than it is on paper. Adds to that is the loop-type ergonomic auxiliary handle offering a soft grip.

The rear handle is made of hard plastic, but there’s rubber over-molding to provide a softer grip and being sturdy at the same time. It rotates 180-degrees so you can set your trimmer at the optimum position for precise cuts.

I like the fact that Garcare forces lazy people to use both hands to operate this trimmer because that is the ideal procedure. There are two switches on the handles that you have to press simultaneously to make the trimmer run.

These features also ensure if the trimmer accidentally slips off your hands, it’ll immediately stop to prevent casualties.

Garcare has also provided a handguard that blocks the flung-back pieces of branches. They also include a blade guard to safely store the trimmer with a cover on and eliminates the possibility of slicing a limb.

  • Powerful motor
  • Long 24-inch dual-action blades
  • Cuts fast and efficiently
  • Rotating handle
  • Forced dual hand operation for safety.
  • It’s a little bit expensive

Bottom Line

Many haven’t heard the name of Garcare, and probably that’s why this hidden gem had stayed hidden. Coming with a slightly expensive price tag, it offers all-round performance with some innovative features like dual hand operation. It’s one of the best commercial corded hedge trimmers and indeed an excellent value for money.

06. Greenworks 2200102- Best Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer for Precision Jobs

Greenworks 2200102 hedge trimmer

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When you need a trimmer, not for mass cutting but to maintain small gardens with more precision, that when the Greenworks 2200102 comes in handy. It’s not the most powerful beast of a trimmer out there.

But where it shines is the precision it offers, and that quite cheap price tag as well. The sacrifices were made at the right places to make the machine less expensive and at the same time do the job very well it’s intended to do.

Power & Cutting

Just push a button, and the quote powerful 4.0 amp motor of the Greenworks 2200102 will give you the necessary power to execute medium-duty trimming and pruning jobs efficiently. It offers 3200 strokes per minute that save you work hours.

The blade is factory sharpened and has a cutting capacity of  9/16” which is just a fancy way to say ¾”. However, this cutting capacity fits most thick hedges out there and the cutting length of 22” ensures efficiency at cutting.


The 2200102 features a 180-degree rotating rear handle which actually is not exclusive to this trimmer only, but it surely is a handy feature for any trimmer. It means you can set the handle to any angle that you find best for cutting.

The handle also features a lock that retains the power cord. So you do not have to worry about the cable getting loose when you are working on an important job. There’s also a transparent shield in front of the handle. It keeps your hands clear of twigs and leaves.

At 7.7 lbs it’s not the most heavy-duty corded hedge trimmer. However, if you see it only as a hedge trimmer, it’s reasonably lightweight. But there are lighter “corded & electric” hedge trimmers out there.

  • Great for precision jobs
  • Just the basics – easy to use
  • Inexpensive
  • Decent enough power
  • It lacks power for tougher jobs.

Bottom Line

Greenworks 2200102 was made with specific goals in mind. This thing is best suited for medium-duty jobs with precision. And the lack of enormous power is justified by the price cut as well.

07. Toro 51490 Corded 22-Inch Hedge Trimmer

Toro 51490 Corded Hedge Trimmer

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It’ll be unfair to compile a list of the best-corded hedge trimmer without naming “Toro” once. Here’s the 51490 hedge trimmer from Toro which does nothing groundbreaking, just pure cutting.

Power & Performance

The Toro 51490 features a 4 amp motor and a 22-inch dual-action blade. It’ll cut through dead bushes, ornamental grasses, and other plants like a pro with this combo.

This trimmer is capable of slicing branches up to 9/16 inches thick, which might sound standard already to you but no, not every trimmer out there can do this.


The Toro 51490 is quite lightweight at 6.1 pounds. 6.1 lbs for a hedge trimmer is really very little, so you’ll have an easy time operating it. Thanks to the again standard sounding dual-action blade that produces about 40% less vibration.

The trimmer features a built-in cord-lock system that keeps the cord into its socket and helps to prevent disruptive disconnects.

The safety lock button is there on the top of the rear handle that you have to keep pressed for the machine to operate. The trimmer will stop in an instant of you releasing the button.

The handguard is also there in between the front handle and the blade.  It’ll block all the leftovers that the trimmer fires backward and protect your hand.

  • Quite a powerful motor
  • 22-inch dual-action blade cuts efficiently
  • Lightweight for a trimmer
  • Safety features are there.
  • Not great for heavy-duty jobs

Bottom Line

The Toro 51490 does a decent job for most trimming tasks. It can do light jobs with precision and tough jobs with a little human help. It’s like getting the benefits from both worlds.

08. BLACK+DECKER BEHT200 – The Best Budget Corded Hedge Trimmer

BLACK+DECKER Hedge Trimmer

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Black+Decker offers a whole range of electric hedge trimmers, but there are lots of things to love about the b&D BEHT200.

It is one of the cheapest trimmers that I’ve suggested so far, and it’s the best budget electric hedge trimmer for me. B&D has made intelligent sacrifices to cut the price down and offer an excellent package for the money.

Motor & Blade

Powering the trimmer is a 3.5 amp motor, which is a reliable performer. You can already say from the number that it’s not a powerhouse, and you don’t expect that from a budget trimmer as well.

But what I like is that the motor is quite reliable and never lets you down. It has enough oomph to go through five-eighths of an inch thick branches. You can do occasional stabs at thicker stems too with a little bit of work to do.

At 18 inches, you can tell that the cutting blade here isn’t the longest. If you have to cut a tall hedge or you need deep shrubs to trim, you may prefer something bigger. But for this budget trimmer, this blade is an excellent pick as it compliments the little lack of power of the motor.

And yes, it might have sacrificed a little in length, but not in tech. It’s still a dual-action hardened blade that’s more efficient at cutting than single-action counterparts and reduces vibration as well.


Now, those sacrifices are made to make the machine cheaper, or is it? Well, I’m not sure, but I can say that those sacrifices have made it a lot easier to operate the machine by a couple of lbs of weight.

Dude it weighs only 4.5 pounds, insane for a tool like a hedge trimmer, isn’t it? It’s like a piece of cake to maneuver the trimmer. The wrap-around handle makes it even easier to hold and maneuver when you’re cutting.

I like how little things were taken care of in this budget trimmer – like the bright orange cord. It’ll not get lost in the green, and you won’t accidentally cut it. There’s a cord retention loop on this trimmer that ensures you don’t unplug it by accident.

  • Ultra-lightweight trimmers
  • Amazingly easy to maneuver
  • Decent cutting power
  • Quite inexpensive
  • Little things are taken care of in this machine.
  • It lacks power for tougher jobs
  • Safety measures could be improved.

Bottom Line

Overall, the BEHT200 is an excellent package for the money it costs. It’s priced very competitively and offers every essential thing you need. It can be an excellent tool for beginners. But not a great pick if you have heavy tasks to accomplish.

9. Sun Joe HJ22HTE Corded Hedge Trimmer

Sun Joe HJ22HTE Hedge Trimmer

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The Sun Joe HJ22HTE is a trimmer for those people who hates extra weight on their tool. Weighing only around 5 lbs, the HJ22HTE is super easy to maneuver. But what’s even more impressive is that it still packs enough power needed for medium-duty jobs.

Performance & Cutting

The HJ22HTE comes with a 22-inch blade made of stainless steel that helps for longer reach. These are dual-action blades meaning that they run back and forth opposite each other. This increases cutting efficiency and also helps to reduce vibration.

The HJ22HTE is not a powerhouse that you can tell from its look. It’s aimed to take care of medium-duty jobs, and it does that very effectively. This trimmer works on softer and smaller branches. If you have to cut something thick, you’ll need to work on that for a while.


Where the trimmer mostly shines is how easy it is to operate. Even older citizens will face no hard trying trimming with it. The core reason behind that is the ultra-lightness of the tool. Adds to that is the comfortable grips on the handles.

Sun Joe has been very serious about their product safety features that you can tell from the three that this tool has. First, It has a safety guard that prevents your hands to go anywhere near the blades.

Second, the HJ22HTE corded hedge trimmer packs a dual-handed safety switch so that you won’t be able to ‘accidentally’ start your trimmer. Finally, you’ll get a blade cover, so there are no accidental cuts.

  • Longer life of the pump
  • Is able to work in weak light
  • LED lights are bright
  • Big enough to absorb maximum sunlight
  • Has adjustable water spray to set the level of water flow
  • Battery backup does not switch over automatically
  • Little short cord from the solar panel to the battery

Bottom Line

Not every trimmer has to pack tons of power; rather, it should do what it’s aimed to do. That’s precisely what the Suj Joe HJ22HTE does. It’s not designed for tackling groundbreaking trimming jobs.

Instead, it’s aimed to handle light to medium tasks and bushes with soft twigs, and all that in a comfortable and light package. The HJ22HTE doesn’t fall any behind from achieving that target.

10. Remington RM5124TH Hedge Trimmer

No products found.

No products found.

The feature that stands the Remington RM5124TH out from the competitors is the titanium blades. It’s one unique feature that very few trimmers equip. Along with that, it has a quite more powerful 5 amp motor compared to the B&D HH25.

And all that comes with a smaller price tag. So let’s see if the RM5124TH can prove to be the top corded hedge trimmer that offers the most value for money.


The advantage the titanium blade offers over regular stainless steel blades is how long they stay sharp as Donald Trump’s mouth and how long they can serve you before wearing out.

In both of these cases, they offer quite a more significant number in regards to days than stainless steel blades. It is a definite advantage that this trimmer has to offer.

The cutting of these blades is quite clean and efficient too being a double-action blade. And powering that is the 5 amp motor which delivers an excellent deal of power. Together you get some nicely cut hedges.


Like the B&D HH25, the RM5124TH also offers a 180-degree rotating handle that allows for increased versatility. You can easily trim through branches without having to switch hand or position.

The handle is also ergonomically designed having a cushioned grip, so holding the machine is a blissful experience than stressful.

And there will be no interruption during your trimming session due to the cord coming out of the plug. The RM5124TH comes with a cord lock mechanism to address this issue and make sure there’s no accidental unplugging.

This machine is equally useful for vertical cuts as it is for horizontal cuts. The credit goes to the swiveling arm and its 24-inch bar here, giving you plenty of reach and a helping for long, vertical cuts.

  • Titanium-coated blade for long-lasting sharpness
  • Longer lifespan of the blades
  • Powerful 5 amp electric motor to support the blade
  • Equally great for both vertical and horizontal cuts
  • Cord lock and rotating handle are useful features.
  • The power switch has flaws.

Bottom Line

Now you tell me, can it be considered as the ‘value-for-money’ champion in the competition of the  corded hedge trimmers?

For me, it is the winner of that position. At such an inexpensive price tag, it’s offering titanium-coated blades, a more powerful motor, and convenient features like a rotating handle and cord lock. There are minimal drawbacks that you’ll have to live with.

Buying Guide – What to Look for in the Best Corded Electric Hedge Trimmer

Corded hedge trimmers are not the most straightforward machines, to be honest. There are quite a few things that you need to keep in concern to choose the best-corded hedge trimmer for yourself.


In corded hedge trimmers, you don’t really need to care about volts as there’s no battery involved. However, what you need to care about are motors that’ll run on electric power.

You want good power on your trimmer to get through bushes and hedges quickly. The way you can judge the power of the motor is amps.

Before purchasing a corded electric hedge trimmer, always look at the amp count of the trimmer. The standard for corded trimmer motor is about four amps.

However, there are trimmers with a less powerful motor like 3.5 amps in my list, and they’re intended for lighter tasks as well. So they are enough for what they were made for.

Basically, 3.5 – 4 amp is the range for trimmers that are better suited for light to medium-duty jobs. 4-5 amp is the middle range that can do medium-duty jobs with ease and heavy-duty jobs with a little effort.

Anything over 5 amp motors make heavy-duty corded hedge trimmers.


There are four things that you want to know about the blades of a corded hedge trimmer.

The distance between teeth – it determines how effectively it’ll cut branches of different thicknesses. I prefer blades that can cut branches up to ¾ inches thick.

Single-sided or dual-sided? – Single-sided blades are easier to control and maneuver, but they’re less efficient when it comes to cutting. In contrast, dual-action blades are a little tougher to control, but they cut quite more efficiently and reduces vibration by quite a significant margin.

Blade length – Similar to above, shorter blades are more comfortable to control, but they cut less within a certain time. Longer ones make the machine heavier thus they’re tougher to control, but they cut more. Consider getting shorter ones (around 20 inches or less) if you have small areas to cut. Larger ones if you need to reach far and cut a lot.

Material and build – Blades are ideally made from hardened steel, and they’re better sharpened with automated tools in factories.

Ease of Operation & Security

The things to look at –

  • Weight – The lighter the trimmer is, the easier it is to maneuver aka operate.
  • Padding – Comfortable padding on handles makes grabbing blissful.
  • Type of handles – Primary and secondary handle combinedly should offer control and comfort.
  • Safety features – There should be some accidental start protection features like buttons or levers.

Durability, Noise, Vibration

These are all self-explanatory.

It should be made of robust materials so it can serve you for a long. However, solid materials mean added weight, remember that – just like the DEWALT trimmer.

Electric trimmers are already quiet, but they’re not silent. Some models further reduce noise; I love them.

And the less vibration it’ll produce, the less fatigue it’ll cause to the user.


Frequently Asked Questions about Corded Hedge Trimmers

Here are the answers to some commonly asked questions regarding corded hedge trimmers. If your question is still not answered, I encourage you to leave them in the comments below.

Q: Can Electric Hedge Trimmer Blades be Sharpened?

A: Of course, you can sharpen them, and you should. A blunt blade will not provide clean cuts to your branches, and they might damage them as well by crushing them. So you should sharpen your blade once in a while to get clean cuts.

The blades of a corded hedge trimmer are not really different from that of any other type of trimmer; they’re all blades. If other blades can be sharpened, they can be too. I recommend taking the help of a professional to do this task.

Or if you’re good with these things and want to do this by yourself, here’s a step by step walkthrough for you.

Q: Can I Use an Electric Hedge Trimmer When it’s Wet?

A: Umm, technically you can, but it’s not at all recommended. We all know that water and electricity aren’t a great combination. So it’ll be wise not to bring them together.

Thus, you should never think of using your electric hedge trimmer even in slight rain. You might cause a hazard, and it’s not a great idea trying to cut wet hedges either, no matter what trimmer you use.

So, keep water and your electric hedge trimmer away from each other and also cut hedges when they’re dry.

Q: Do Electric Hedge Trimmers Need Oil?

A: You might be thinking – which idiot asks this question in the first place? Well, I know, electric hedge trimmers do not need oil like gasoline-powered one needs, which is obvious.

But they do need oil. They need oiling on the blades, every type of trimmer needs that. Oiling them is a great way to keep them sharp for future uses.

Last Words

I hope my list of corded hedge trimmers could help you to pick the optimum one for you. I don’t know your preferences, so I name the Black+Decker HH2455 as the best-corded hedge trimmer overall. If you have unique preferences, you can ask me for your preferrable corded hedge trimmer in the comments below.