Best Battery Powered Backpack Sprayers in 2024

Do you feel overwhelmed with the pest attack on your plants?

For those who have ample of space to grow favorite plants, a handy tool like backpack sprayers would be great to apply on fertilizers and pesticides.

But applying with the regular backpack sprayer may not work well and consume your time too. So, it would help if you have a battery-powered backpack sprayer that helps to save your lot of time.

By using a battery-powered backpack sprayer, you can quickly dispense a huge amount of dose of pesticides that won’t be possible with a manual sprayer.

But finding a suitable electric backpack sprayer can be stressful, and tiring. However, to find out what suits you the most, you must understand the critical factors before your purchase.

So, let us help you in selecting the best battery powered backpack sprayer for you. Our expert team brings some of the top models after reviewing a lot of products. We assure you that all the products have passed our quality test.

But before reviewing them one by one, let’s look at the comparison of our shortlisted products.

Field King 190515

Field King 190515

• 18 volt Lithium-Ion 2.1 Ah Battery
• 4 Gallon capacity
• 40 PSI pressure
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YT25E Battery Sprayer

>YT25E Battery Sprayer

• 12V Lithium-ion powered
• 2 Gallon capacity
• 30 PSI pressure
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Field King 190571

Field King 190571

• Battery Powered Handheld
• 2 Gallon capacity
• 20 PSI pressure
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Chapin 63924

Chapin 63924 4-Gallon

• 24-volt Lithium ion Battery
• 4 Gallon capacity
• 30-40 PSI pressure
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105Ex Effortless Backpack Sprayer

105Ex Effortless Backpack Sprayer

• 20V Lithium-ion powered
• 4 Gallon capacity
• 40 PSI pressure
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Scotts 190567

Scotts 190567

• Rechargeable lithium-ion
• 2 Gallon capacity
• 3-In-1 nozzle with three settings
Price Please
Flo-Master 5BPL

Flo-Master 5BPL

• Rechargeable lithium-ion
• 1.3 Gallon capacity
• Adjustable nozzle settings
Price Please
BL25E Battery Sprayer

>BL25E Battery Sprayer

• 12V Lithium-ion Battery
• 2 Gallon capacity
• Adjustable nozzle settings
Price Please
Ukoke U04GS Cordless

Ukoke U04GS Cordless

• 18V battery system
• 1 Gallon capacity
• Adjustable nozzle settings
Price Please
HUDSON 19001

HUDSON 19001 4 Gallon

• High performance lithium-ion battery
• 4 Gallon capacity
• 35-40 PSI pressure
Price Please

Best Battery Garden Backpack Sprayer

01.  Field King 190515 Battery Powered Backpack Sprayer ( Best in Overall)

Field King 190515


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Field King is one of the premium pesticide sprayers in our review list. Its four-gallon tank helps spray pesticides on the plants effectively. We are impressed with its spraying nozzles that help to generate a pressure of 40psi. The built-in agitator helps to mix the solution in the tank.

Besides that, it comes with padded straps that help to carry the tank on your shoulders comfortably. It features a 21-inch long wand that allows you to spray fertilizers with ease.

What we like the most in this backpack sprayer is its durable tank that can resist any chemical spill.

Four Adjustable Nozzles

The Field King comes with four adjustable nozzles. With these different kinds of spraying nozzles, you can target a diverse variety of crops.

The low volume nozzles help to spray pesticides on small shrubs and plants. Whereas, large volume nozzles help to target the large plants. It will also help to cover a broad area at one time.

Powerful Battery

The 18 Volt lithium battery is helpful to run the spraying tank for four hours. But the good part is the battery is present inside a chamber that helps to protect it from spill damages. You can spray 50-gallon liquid per charge with this strong battery backup.

Professional Shut-off System

This feature of the sprayer impresses us the most. It helps to operate the pump quickly. However, it helps to reduce the muscle fatigue that you feel while using this. The feature will ensure the complete safety of the operator.

  • Easy to clean
  • Strong and durable frame
  • The tank is free from spill damages
  • Wand storage space
  • Adjustable padded straps
  • It is slightly bulky than other tanks

Bottom Line

 When we think of buying a good battery powered backpack sprayer for large lawns, this one is excellent. The quick fix nozzles, easy to clean, and 4-gallon tank; all these features make it the top model of sprayers. We love the integrated handle for easy transportation.

02.  YT25E Battery Sprayer – 12V Lithium-ion with Viton Seals (Suitable for Small Space Gardens)

YT25E Battery Sprayer


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Having a portable spraying tank is what we need for small space gardens. This YT25 battery sprayer is one of those that might be small but powerful enough to spray large quantities of pesticides on plants.

The brass coated wand is highly durable and long-lasting. It features adjustable nozzles so that you can target all kinds of plants.

Besides that, it can hold up to 2 gallons of liquid in the tank. Thanks to its small size, that adds convenience in carrying this tank on the shoulders.

We like its lightweight design the most as it doesn’t choke the shoulder when you carry it for a long time on your shoulders.

High-grade Viton

The use of high-grade Viton makes it more durable and long-lasting. Besides that, this feature makes it portable to fit all types of chemicals in it. It is packed with conventional rubbers that help to keep your sprayer last longer.


The good thing about this sprayer is it is lightweight. With the portable size and lightweight design, you can carry it easily on the back and spray. Although it is lightweight, it is still sturdy enough to withstand longer.

Constant Pressure

It features an adjustable nozzle and a pressure tank. These nozzles help to generate 30psi pressure that helps to spray chemicals in wide areas. The four adjustable nozzles help to create different pressures that help to spread the chemical quickly in the lawn and prevent your plants from pest attack.

  • Long battery life
  • Easy to use
  • 12 V powerful battery
  • Affordable
  • Strong frame
  • It is not for large lawns.

Bottom Line

With so many excellent features, this product wins the place in our review list. One thing that we feel impressive is its portable size. Due to its lightweight, it is easy to carry on the shoulder and spray for longer hours. The model will be great to have in such an affordable range and protect your plants from pest attack.

03.  Field King 190571 Lithium-Ion Battery Powered Pump (Multipurpose Backpack Sprayer)

Field King 190571


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When we think of having the premium electric backpack sprayer, then Field King always wins the place. The powerful nozzles help to spread liquid solutions of herbicides and pesticides.

Thanks to the padded straps that help to pick the tank on the shoulder with ease. We like its teardrop shape that provides extra stability to the tank. It features pressure valves that help to release the internal pressure of the tank quickly.

We liked the most about Tee nozzle and flat nozzles that help spray chemicals with ease.

Pump Zero Technology

The King Field features pump zero technology that runs on a powerful lithium battery. This helps to spray pesticides with ease without putting much effort.

Along with this pump zero technology, it features an air compressor that helps to generate maximum pressure.

Teardrop Shape

The tank features a unique shape that helps to provide extra stability to it. Due to this shape, it has enough space to store the nozzles inside it. One thing that we love in this is the low center of gravity that enhances its stability.

Superior Shut-off

One of the most fantastic things about this sprayer is the superior shut off system. This shut off system helps to improve the strength and make it more durable. Thanks to this feature, that provides you safety from spilling liquids.

  • Viton seals for extra safety
  • Four adjustable nozzles
  • Easy to clean
  • Extra storage space
  • Easy to install
  • You need to charge after one use.

Bottom line

Although it is pricey, it still would be great to protect your plants from pests. Above all, there are so many things that make us impressed. And it has been engineered with a sturdy and robust tank that enhances its longevity. Its tank is smaller than a regular sprayer; still, it’s great for a small garden and lawns.

4.   Chapin 63924 4-Gallon 24-volt Extended Spray Time ( long Hose Backpack Sprayer)

Chapin 63924


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Chapin features with a 24-volt battery so that you can enjoy three to four hours of spraying at once.

Its six inches wide mouth opening helps to fill the tank easily. With this much wider opening, you can clean the tank easily too. The tank has double padded straps to carry it easily for spraying. Along with this, it features a three filtration system that prevents clogging in the nozzle.

Besides this, it has a long hose to spread chemicals easily in a large area.

Excellent Spray Steam

Chapin features four adjustable nozzles. These nozzles help to provide maximum spray stream in the lawns. However, the thing that we love is that these spray nozzles help target challenging areas of the garden.

These nozzles create 35 to 40 psi pressure to spray the chemicals from 20 feet height too. And that would be enough to target the large plants and protect them from pests.

Shut-off Assembly

Chapin is equipped with a cushion grip shut-off system. The system will protect the user from chemical spillage. But along with this, it also has a built-in filter that prevents debris formation.

Padded Straps

It comes with double padded straps that provide extra support to the back. It will help to carry the backpack sprayer easily on the back for hours without feeling tired.

  • 20 inches long wand
  • Four-gallon capacity
  • Helps to spray 58 gallons of the solution in a single charge
  • Use for multipurpose
  • Some users complain about water dripping in the motor region.

Bottom Line

The quality of this model by Chapin is great and works well for a bigger lawn. One thing that we love in this tank is its wider mouth opening. With this much wider space, you don’t feel hassle in cleaning it and filling it.

Overall, full-packed features, including a long hose, adjustable nozzles, and a transparent tank, enhance its value and make it the best battery-powered backpack sprayer.

5.   105Ex Effortless Backpack Sprayer (Best Battery Backup Backpack Sprayer)

105Ex Effortless Backpack Sprayer


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105 Ex is the professional type backpack sprayers. It features a 20 V lithium battery that helps to spray 23 tank liquid in one single charge.

The good part in this sprayer is the high-quality Viton seals. These seals enhance the longevity and strength of the tank. Apart from this, it is light in weight so that you can easily use it to spray pesticides on the plants.

The 40-psi pressure helps to cover a broader area and spray chemicals quickly. Thanks to its improved double padded straps that help to carry the tank easily on the back.

Enclosed Design

The most impressive thing about this sprayer is it has an enclosed battery and motor. This will help to protect both of the devices from liquid spillage. And this, in turn, helps to increase the life of the device so that it will last longer with you.

High Working Efficiency

The sprayer has a powerful 24 V battery that can run for longer hours in a single charge. Besides this, it has four adjustable nozzles that further enhance the working efficiency of the spraying tank. Also, the 40 psi pressure is great enough to spray the chemicals in large quantities and reach the large plants’ height.

Improved Support System

This model comes with a back-support system. Besides this, it features double padded straps and vertical belts to support the back and sternum region too. These features make it more comfortable to pick up on the back.

  • Lightweight and easy to assemble
  • High-pressure rate
  • Back Support system
  • Easy to carry
  • The tank may crack after some use.

Bottom Line

One thing that we love in this model is high-pressure nozzles. This will be great to cover a large area in a short time. Moreover, you can use this tank for multipurpose too. By having this sprayer, you don’t need to buy separate tanks for different pesticides. It can work ideally for all chemicals.

6.   Scotts 190567 Lithium-Ion Battery Powered Pump ( Lightweight Backpack Sprayer)

Scotts 190567


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Thinking about buying a good lightweight battery powered backpack sprayer, then this model would be great for you. Scotts features with an adjustable nozzle so that you can target all areas in the field.

One of the unique things about this tank is it has a teardrop shape and small size. Due to its lightweight, you don’t feel a hassle in carrying this on the back. In addition to this, it also has a 21-inch long poly wand that can spray chemicals in the most challenging areas of the garden.

Pressure Releasing Valve

This sprayer features a pressure releasing valve. It helps to release the pressure of the tank safely before you open it. The feature also helps to protect the users from the spilling of the liquids and prevent damage.

Three in One Adjustable Nozzle

This model has been engineered with three in one adjustable nozzle. It has three settings so that you can target different areas. And you don’t need to change the nozzles again and again.

Besides that, these nozzles can spray chemicals with 40 psi pressure. With this much pressure, you can cover a large area at one time.

Quick Installation

Scott’s backpack sprayer is quite easy to install. You can install it within five minutes by following the manual guide. It does not require many tools and labor to install this.

  • A strong and durable frame
  • Instant filling of the tank
  • Spray 12 tanks solution in a single charge
  • Pump zero technology
  • Small in size

Bottom Line

With so many features and an affordable price range, this backpack sprayer wins the place in our review list. Like other models, it also has impressive features, but its portable size is what we like in this the most. Overall, this product is good for small gardens and lawns.

7.   Flo-Master by Hudson 5BPL Pumpless Battery Powered Sprayer (Best Small Budget Backpack Sprayer)

Flo-Master by Hudson 5BPL


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Flo master is one of the convenient backpack sprayers that fit in your budget. It features a 1.3 gallons capacity tank that is great for spraying in small space gardens.

One thing that impresses a lot is the 35 inches wand that helps to cover large spray areas. Thanks to its thumb-operated power switches that help to access it easily. We love the adjusting nozzle that helps to spray at different heights and helps to protect plants.

It comes in a small and portable size so that the user can quickly carry it and use it.

Double Telescoped Wand

The double telescoped wand helps to reach the most challenging areas in the garden. The wand can easily extend to 35 inches so that you can quickly cover all areas of the garden. Above this, this wand is strong enough to last longer with you.

Wand Holders

This is one of the unique features that you may not find in any other sprayer tank. It has two wand holders. One is on top, and another is on the bottom that helps to store wands easily.

Rechargeable Batteries

This battery-powered backpack sprayer offers you non-stop performance for three hours. In one single charge, it can spray 18 gallons of liquid solution at one time.

You don’t need to pump to spray the liquid as it runs on batteries.

  • Transparent tank
  • Highly durable
  • Maximum spray in one single charge
  • Lightweight and sturdy
  • For single use only

Bottom Line

This Hudson’s model of sprayer has set a benchmark in terms of quality and sturdiness. It is an ideal sprayer for small gardens and lawns. But the thing that we love is its long wand that helps to target the most challenging areas.

Although it is small, it is still sturdy enough to use it for a long time. Overall, it is great for spraying pesticides in the gardens and fit in your budget.

8.   BL25E Battery Sprayer, 2 Gallon (Good for Pesticides and Fertilizer Spraying)

BL25E Battery Sprayer


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Being lighter in weight makes it easy to put on the back and spray pesticides quickly on the plants. The 6 inches wider mouth opening helps to fill the tanks without spilling liquid. Due to this wider mouth opening, it is easy to clean.

Its stainless-steel wand is highly durable and long-lasting. This wand is quite long, so that you can target the large areas accurately.

12V lithium battery gives excellent performance and helps to spray for longer hours. By using this tank, you can spray pesticides and fertilizers easily on the plants.

Additional Filter System

This model comes with a filtration unit in the tank. This filtration system helps prevent the entry of soil and other debris in the nozzles so that you can constantly spray it without clogging.

Comfortable Adjustable Straps

This sprayer features a padded adjustable strap that helps to carry it easily on the back. These straps provide extra support to the back while spraying the chemicals. Due to this feature, it gives your back complete support and prevents muscle fatigue.

Easy to Use

This model is super easy to use. It features a wider mouth opening that helps to clean the tank quickly and fill it quickly.

Moreover, it is smaller in size that helps to carry it and use it. Three adjustable nozzles are easy to install and effective in spraying in a wider area.

  • Strong and sturdy frame
  • Quick installation
  • Portable size
  • Value for money
  • Some users say the battery is not so reliable

Bottom Line

With so many features, this backpack sprayer is worth buying. It has a wide mouth for easy cleaning. But the thing that we feel is excellent in this tank is its stainless-steel spray wand. The wand will last longer with you and give high performance.

09.  Ukoke U04GS Cordless Electric Power Garden Sprayer (Best Cordless  Backpack Sprayer)

Ukoke U04GS


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The sprayer is small, still great for spraying pesticides in small space gardens. Despite its small size, it has a strong and sturdy frame so that it will spray consistently for years.

Its portable handheld design makes it perfect for small space gardens. You can set this sprayer quickly within a minute and spray chemicals on the lawn. The pump-free spraying feature allows you to spray chemicals in the garden.

One thing that we love about this sprayer is the cordless design. The users don’t feel hassle in operating this.

Separate Water tank

We swoon with its separate water tank feature. With this feature, you can separate the tank from the sprayer, fill it easily, and attach it to the place to use it. The separate tank adds convenience so that users can use it effectively.

Pump Free Spraying

The pump free feature and three adjustable nozzles work well in small spacious gardens. These nozzles generate 45psi pressure that is great for spraying in the lawn and cover a broad area within less time.

Extra Long Wand

Another important feature that we love in this product most is the 10 inches long wand. The wand is compatible to work and spray chemicals in large areas at one time. The stainless-steel wand is highly durable so that it will last longer with you.

  • Trigger with locking system
  • Strong battery backup
  • Comfortable to use
  • Long wand reaches in all areas of the garden correctly.
  • Small size and not compatible to work in a large space
  • Need to refill tanks again

Bottom Line

This battery-powered backpack sprayer is great for personal garden use. Although it is small in space, it has great features, including a long wand, adjustable nozzles, easy to use, and a transparent tank. Overall, this product is great to use in small gardens.

10. HUDSON 19001 4 Gallon Never Pump Sprayer  (Removable Filter System)

HUDSON 19001


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HUDSON is one of the top-trusted names in pump sprayers. The model features a 4-gallon capacity tank. It comes with a double padded strap that supports the user’s back.

Thanks to its adjustable nozzle that helps to perform the function of three nozzles in a single one. Besides that, it has a wide mouth that helps to fill the tank easily without spilling liquid. The shut-off lock system helps to lock the wand on the place and use it conveniently.

More than that, it has so many impressive features that make it worthier for gardens and lawns.

Removable Filter

The top feature of this backpack sprayer is the removable filter system. With this system, you can easily remove the dirt and debris that comes in the liquid solution. Once the dirt removes, you can place it again in the tank and use it.

Cushioned Straps

The thing that we love in this sprayer is its cushioned straps. This helps to support the shoulder so that you can carry it on your back easily and work effortlessly. Besides that, it has double padded straps that provide additional support to the back when you work.

Comfortable Shut-off Valve

This feature ensures the safety of the users. The shut-off valve helps to spray continuously without spilling. It offers extra protection to the user and prevents accidental spilling damage.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Large wand with an adjustable nozzle
  • Unique design
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Bulky tank and not transparent

Bottom line

 We are fascinated with its unique design and portable size. If you wish to have a large spacious garden, then this must be suitable for you. But the unique part about this tank is it has a wide mouth. With this much space, you can quickly fill the tank. Overall, the product is great to have in this budget.

Buyer’s Guide

It’s difficult to find the best battery powered backpack sprayer from a lot of models. So many variants available in the market left us in confusion only. But you don’t need to be!

Here, we’ve compiled up a buying guide that helps to select the premium model for you. Before buying these sprayers, pay some attention to these tips. This will help you in finding the best one for you. So, let’s start reading.


The next thing to consider before buying the sprayer for you is a powerful battery.

Ideally, these electric sprayers have 12V to 24 V lithium batteries that are ideal for working for long-running hours. But you can prefer to have more battery if you need to have more power. With a powerful battery backup, you can run it consistently for two to three hours and spray up to 28 tanks in just a single charge.

Moreover, you must check if the battery is removable and well protected in the case that helps prevent spill damage.

Battery Run Time

This is the most important thing while selecting a battery-powered backpack sprayer. The battery that offers ten to twelve hours of performance with a single charge would be great to spray pesticides in commercial fields.

It saves time and helps avoid the charging hassles. So, make sure to check the battery life of these backpack sprayers before purchasing them. However, some may have a battery life of around 4 to 5 hours, but that would also be great for small spaces.

Battery Maintenance

Maintenance does matter when you are buying the backpack sprayer. Many users would not pay attention to battery maintenance, but it is vital to ensure battery longevity. So, it would be great if the sprayer is available with minimum maintenance requirements.

This would save a lot of time and effort too. Ideally, prefer to have those that have an enclosed battery system and are easy to store.

The Capacity of the Tank

The most important thing to consider is its capacity to hold the liquid solution. The tanks are available in different sizes and shapes. But one should prefer to have those tanks that have a four-gallon capacity.

This is because it helps to hold a large number of chemicals in the tank and free you up from the refilling of the tank.

However, if you have a small garden, then a sprayer with two gallons capacity is also great to have for your garden place. So, make sure to buy as per your need.

Besides its capacity, make sure to check the shape of the tank too. Usually, people prefer to have a teardrop shape tank that is highly stable and long-lasting.  But you can prefer another tank shape too.

The Applicator Wand

It must be the first thing that you need to check before buying these backpack sprayers. An applicator wand allows you to spray on plants. So, it must be long enough to target your most challenging areas of the gardens.

An ideal length of the wand must be 25 inches long so that you can use it easily. But besides that, the wand must be durable and long-lasting too. So, it is advisable to have a stainless-steel wand that resists rust and spill damages.

Double Padded Straps

double padded backpack sprayer strap

The next thing that you need to check while buying is the double padded straps. This is crucial to check because these double padded straps provide extra support to the back.

Also, these straps help to carry the spraying tank quickly on the back and prevent muscle fatigue. Besides that, you can also check the extra sternum strap that helps to support the back more firmly and keep the spraying tank intact on the back.

Moreover, it doesn’t provide strain over the shoulders. So, it is advisable to check this before you proceed to buy the backpack sprayer.

The Sturdiness

Sturdiness does matter a lot. It brings durability and also enhances the longevity of the spraying tank. Ideally, these tanks are made with reinforced material that is not only durable but also strong enough to withstand for a long time.

Besides this, you can be assured to check the warranty period of the spraying tank. It is vital to check the warranty to ensure the durability of the product. There are many models available that come with a three to four years warranty period. So, make sure to have those products that have a maximum warranty period.


1. How Can We Maintain Our Battery-Powered Backpack Sprayer?

Ans: To maintain your backpack sprayer, make sure to rinse it with water and detergent so that no chemical residue is left in the tank. Make sure that before storing it, the tank must be dry and clean with clean cotton cloth so that it can last longer with you.

To keep it last longer, make sure to repair it regularly. Also, make sure that you do not keep the chemical for a long time in the tank. By following these steps, you will be able to maintain it for a longer time.

02. Can You List the Important Parts of the Best Backpack Sprayers?

Ans: The main parts of the backpack sprayers involve adjustable nozzles, a tank, a long wand to target difficult areas, adjustable straps, battery backup, and a wide mouth.

03. How Can We Charge the Backpack Sprayer Battery to Get Constant Spraying?

Ans: To get consistent working of the backpack sprayer, you need to plug the charger and plug in to charge the battery. Some may have a removable battery that you can charge from outside and insert it back in the battery place.

But make sure to charge the battery for six to eight hours so that you can run the backpack sprayer for a long time. Also, be sure to insert the battery properly to avoid any damage.

04. How Can You Operate the Battery Backpack Sprayer?

Ans: To operate the battery backpack sprayer, you need to operate the nozzle at the attaching site with the help of the trigger valve and attach it with the wand.

Then you need to tighten the nut of the nozzle to make sure it fixes properly. After that, attach the hose with the spraying tank at the back end.

Similarly, tighten the nut to keep it closed. Then insert the battery in the battery column and make sure you have a ticking sound when you insert it.

After that, on the button, control the functions and pressure as desired, then fill the chemical in the tank and be ready to use it.

05. Suggest the Way to Spray the Chemical from Backpack Sprayers?

Ans: First, read the instruction manual carefully, then make sure that nozzles and wands are correctly inserted. Once you have done all the settings, make sure to check the nozzle pressure so that you can target the affected area.

Also, before you put chemicals in the tank, first treat it with water to check any leakage in the tank.

This also helps to ensure that the nozzle is working effectively. By following these steps, you can easily operate the backpack sprayer.

06. Can You Suggest Some Best Models of the Powered Backpack Sprayers?

Ans: Hudson, Field King, Scotts, and Chapin are some of the best models of the backpack sprayer that you can buy. However, there are a lot of other models available on Amazon that you can buy.

07. How Can We Keep the Battery of the Backpack Sprayer for a Longer Time?

Ans: To keep the battery of the backpack sprayer in working condition for a long time, make sure that you remove the battery after using it. And also, make sure to keep it charged and in working condition for a long time. This will also help to enhance the shelf life of the battery.

Final Thoughts

A battery-powered backpack sprayer would be a handy tool that we think every gardener must-have. This electric sprayer would be great for those who have a large garden and landscape to manage pesticide spray.

We recommend to those gardeners with massive space to have a premium quality Field King 190515 battery backpack sprayer that is easy to operate and has a strong battery backup that keeps on pumping pesticides for hours without any trouble.

However, for a small space gardener, there’s no need to use such a professional battery powered backpack sprayer that won’t be great for you. So, select the best battery powered backpack as per your budget and needs.