Best Backpack Leaf Blowers with Great Blowing Power in 2024

Let’s face it; the best thing that can make a home look more appealing is the lawn. And it is necessary to keep the lawn clean and green all the time. We cannot deny that dry and shed leaves can ruin the overall look of any garden or lawn. Moreover, it is a difficult task to collect all the leaves and dump them in the bin. No one of us has the time to collect every single leaf from the corner, but there is an easier way!

With the help of backpack leaf blowers, you can get rid of the unwanted leaves by blowing them in a direction for collecting them much conveniently. A lot of people are solely dependent on leaf blowers for maintaining their gardens and completing their tasks in a couple of minutes.

There is plenty of leaf blower machines available in the market that can fit your budget and make your job easier, but you need to make sure that you have handpicked the right one. You have to keep an eye on a number of things to purchase a backpack leaf blower.

In this comprehensive article, you will get detailed information of what to check in a leaf blower, along with some top-notch industrial machines. Have a look at these backpack leaf blowers and gift your garden a true cleaning partner.

List of the 10 Best Backpack Leaf Blowers in 2022

Husqvarna 350BT Gas Leaf Blower, 50.2-cc 2.1-HP 2-Cycle Backpack Leaf Blower with 692-CFM, 180-MPH,...

Husqvarna 350BT

• Power type GAS
• Air speed 180 MPH
• Air volume 692 CFM
• Weight 22.5 LBS
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Poulan Pro 967087101 PR48BT 48cc Backpack Blower, Pack of 1, Black

Poulan Pro PR48BT

• Power type GAS
• Air speed 200 MPH
• Air volume 475 CFM
• Weight 22 LBS
Price Please
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Husqvarna 570BTS

• Power type GAS
• Air speed 206.2 MPH
• Air volume 908 CFM
• Weight 25.8 LBS
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Troy-Bilt TB4BP EC 32cc 4-Cycle Backpack Blower with JumpStart Technology <

Troy-Bilt TB4BP EC

• Power type GAS
• Air speed 150 MPH
• Air volume 500 CFM
• Weight 15 LBS
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Makita BBX7600N 75.6 cc MM4® 4-Stroke Engine Backpack Blower

Makita BBX7600N

• Power type GAS
• Air speed 195 MPH
• Weight 22.6 LBS
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Greenworks 80V (180 MPH / 610 CFM / 75+ Compatible Tools) Cordless Brushless Backpack Blower, Tool...

Greenworks BPB80L2510

• Power type BATTERY
• Air speed 145 MPH
• Air volume 580 CFM
• Weight 14.64 LBS
Price Please
Backpack Blower, Gas, 510 cfm, 215 mph

Echo PB-580T

• Power GAS
• Air speed 215 MPH
• Air volume 510 CFM
• Weight 28.6 LBS
Price Please
EGO Power+ LB6000 600 CFM Backpack Blower Battery & Charger Not Included , Grey/Black

Ego Bare Tool

• Power type BATTERY
• Air speed 145 MPH
• Air volume 600 CFM
• Weight 12.5 LBS
Price Please
DEWALT 40V MAX* Backpack Leaf Blower (DCBL590X2)

Dewalt DCBL590B

• Power type BATTERY
• Air speed 142 MPH
• Air volume 450 CFM
• Weight 36.1 LBS
Price Please
3HP Turbo Backpack Mosquito Fogger Leaf Blower 3.7 Gallon Tank for Pest Control

Tomahawk 3 HP Turbo

• Power type GAS
• Horizontal Reach 40ft
• Vertical Reach: 25+ft
• Weight 38 LBS
Price Please

Best Backpack Leaf Blowers 2022

1. Husqvarna 965877502 350BT 2-Cycle Gas Backpack Blower- (Highly functional Leaf Blower)

Husqvarna 965877502 350BT 2-Cycle Gas Backpack Blower

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Husqvarna 350BT is one of the best backpack leaf blowers that is trusted by thousands of users. This machine has an ergonomic harness system that makes it really easier for the operator to carry and use the blower.

It has the power to blow almost anything that comes in its way. The gas-powered machine comes with a 2.1 horsepower X-Torq motor that is capable of operating at a massive rate of 7,500 RPM. Also, it generates 180 miles per hour of wind blast which can clear out the debris and the leaves easily and conveniently.

Whether the leaves are dry or wet, you can use it for any kind of purpose. It has a 2-stroke engine that comes with the reliability of Husqvarna and is one of the most fuel-efficient machines in its category.

Another considerable aspect of Husqvarna 350BT is less emission. The manufacturer claims that this leaf blower can curtail the emissions up to 60%, and that is something amazing.

The engine easily circulates the power whenever you need it. The thing we liked the most is the harness strap. You can use this machine for hours without even feeling the stress on your shoulders. It sits perfectly on your back and delivers its job seamlessly.

Fuel tank mounted in Husqvarna 350BT is of 42.27 ounces and is good enough to work for longer hours without the need for refueling.

The handle that comes attached to the product is soft grip which makes it easy to control the blower during the operation. Husqvarna has attached an air purge system to this machine, so there will be no difficulty while starting it, as the air is pulled out by the purging mechanism.

  • Strong wind blast up to 180 miles per hour
  • The gross weight is 22 lbs which isn’t too bulky
  • Soft gripped handle
  • Padded harness
  • Lesser emissions
  • Sound is a bit on the louder side
  • Difficult to start during colds

Bottom line:

Getting fewer emissions with a gas-powered machine is now easier with Husqvarna 350BT. This machine generates strong airflow and can be used to remove any kind of leaves and debris.

2. Poulan Pro PR48BT Backpack Leaf Blower – (Cost-effective Day to Day Leaf Blower)

Poulan Pro PR48BT


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Poulan Pro PR48BT is a budget-friendly machine that can cater to all your yard needs without breaking the bank. This machine has a lot of power that can clean the lawn within a timeframe of some minutes.

Coming to the mechanism, it comes with a 2 stroke and 48cc engine which produces a huge 475 CFM flow of air at an exhilarating speed of 200 miles per hour. Poulan Pro PR48BT is not the most robust and powerful machine, still it is perfect for carrying the daily activities.

This machine is packed with several features that make it a great choice. The first functionality that will blow your mind is the variable speed option. You can easily select the speed flow to carry out different operations with ease. For lighter material, you can turn down the speed and can also control fuel consumption.

Another surprising thing is the availability of cruise control. You don’t have to press the throttle for longer durations as you can set a variable speed while moving the blower into different directions.

Poulan Pro PR48BT comes with a harness that is fabricated with quality material and is padded for added comfort. You can work with this machine for longer work hours. If you are a budget freak and want to purchase the product that fits in your budget, then Poulan Pro PR48BT can be a great option.

  • Works great to blow snow and leaves
  • Comfortable and light in weight
  • Generates a wind blast up to 200 miles per hour
  • Easy to use
  • Padded straps
  • Loud noise
  • Assembly is a bit tricky

Bottom line:

If you love to set your leaf blower on variable speed options, then this product will satisfy your requirements. It comes with a pocket-friendly tag and produces a string airflow that can range up to 200 miles per hour.

3. Husqvarna 570BTS- Powerful X-Torq Engine (Commercial Backpack Leaf Blower)

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No products found.

If your backyard is really messed up and things can’t be stored out using light backpack leaf blowers, then you need something that is robust and powerful enough to clean the mess. When it comes to power, Husqvarna 570BTS defines a new definition.

This best commercial backpack leaf blower can easily clean the wet and dry loads while producing a huge wind force. The engine attached to this leaf blower is X-Torq and can produce 908 CFM. The highest wind speed it delivers is 206.2 MPH, which is the highest speed till now.

With such a powerful motor, Husqvarna 570BTS doesn’t weigh too much. The gross weight of this machine is 25.8 pounds that become easier to carry, all thanks to the padded and ergonomic straps.

It will stick to your back using the side and waist straps. The waist belt distributes the weight equally and you can carry it for longer hours. However, you might feel that it puts some load on the back and people with old age will not be able to use it for longer hours due to the weight.

The start-up process is quite easy, and the machine comes to action with one and two pulls. You will also get the option of variable speed and can control the wind flow as per your requirements.

  • Ergonomic and padded straps
  • Generates a powerful wind blast
  • Easy to control
  • Waist belt makes the job easier
  • Can be bulky for many users
  • Produces a lot of noise

Bottom line:

Husqvarna 570BTS is one of the most powerful backpack blowers in this list. It delivers high efficiency and is perfect for using in larger areas. The machine comes with all functionalities and has padded straps that are easy to wear for long time operations.

4. Troy-Bilt TB4BP EC 32cc 4-Cycle (Backpack Blower With JumpStart Technology)

Troy-Bilt TB4BP EC 32cc 4-Cycle Backpack Blower

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Troy-Bilt TB4BP is a more budget-friendly option and is perfect for the users who want a leaf blower for normal purposes. The overall design of the machine looks extremely amazing.  The combination of black and red makes the leaf blower appealing and also it can sustain dirt and stains easily.

It comes with a straight arm which is easy to maneuver in any direction. You can push the tube under some objects and can clean out the mess in lesser time. Troy-Bilt TB4BP generates 500 CFM of airflow and delivers 150 miles of wind blast that is adequate to be used for snow, wet and dry leaves.

The manufacturer says that they have attached a fully tensioned suspension which distributes the weight along the shoulders and makes it easy to carry the machine for a longer time.

Straps that come with the leaf blower are padded and cushioned enough to support the shoulders. Being a lightweight machine, you can use it as a handheld blower with the help of a handle that is mounted on the top.

Coming to the handle, it looks basic and easy to use. You just need to press the throttle for generating wind blast to clear the mess. The machine is easy to refuel, as the tank is located at the perfect position. Pull the cord one or two times to see the machine in action.

  • Light in weight
  • Affordable option
  • Straight arm is easy to maneuver
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Requires timely maintenance
  • Isn’t too powerful

Bottom line:

Troy-Bilt TB4BP is a leaf blower that starts easily due to the Jumpstart technology and is easy to use. If your purpose is to use a machine for basic purposes, then it is a great option. Troy-Bilt TB4BP is easy to maneuver and is light in weight.

5. Makita BBX7600N 75.6 cc MM4 (4-Stroke Engine Backpack Blower)

Makita BBX7600N

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The major problem with 2-stroke engines is the mix-ability of the fuel. You cannot use them without mixing the proper amount of fuel, and an improper mixture can even result in the failure of the engine.

For terminating this issue, Makita introduces their 4 stroke engine which is based on gas and doesn’t require any oil and gas mixture.

Makita BBX7600N 75.6 cc is often termed as a commercial-grade leaf blower, due to the robust and powerful motor that comes attached to it. This machine can perform beyond the expectations and the functionalities available in it will push you to think about it.

No matter you want to use it for large areas or a smaller one, it will deliver immense power to complete the job quickly and efficiently.

The airflow delivered by this leaf blower is approximately 670CFM and the windblast is 200 MPH, which can blow even the stickiest of debris on the go. The product is manufactured to curtail the effect of vibrations, and that is only possible because of anti-vibration mounts.

You will also see a padded back that provides comfort to the back, and the straps are also ventilated to keep stink at bay. The muffler attached to the leaf blower generates a noise of level 74 dB (A), which is appropriate and will not affect the ears during operation (however you should consider wearing ear masks and sunglasses every time using the leaf blower).

  • The noise level is lesser as compared to other blowers
  • Fewer vibrations due to mounted straps
  • Commercial-grade motor for long-term use
  • Complies with pollution emission
  • Blowing power is not up to the mark
  • Fuel efficiency is quite low

Bottom line:

The mixing of oil and gas is a hard task, but 2 strokes motors work only with a proper mixture. Use Makita BBX7600N to curtail the mixing task because it works on a direct gas supply. It comes with a 4 stroke engine that is powerful and is the best choice for carrying commercial-grade operations.

6. Greenworks BPB80L2510 145 MPH – 580 CFM (Cordless Backpack Blower)

Greenworks Pro 80V

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Greenworks is a popular name when it comes to manufacturing engine mounted and lawn purpose machines. Greenworks PRO 80V will completely justify every single penny you will pay for it.

This leaf blower is based on an electric-powered motor of 80 V which generates 580 CFM of airflow. The operators will be able to churn out 145 MPH of airspeed and that is enough to get rid of dry and wet debris and leaves.

The motor mounted on this leaf blower is brushed and works perfectly with the battery system to deliver long run time. After charging the battery to full capacity, the users can use it for 25-30 minutes of continual use which is enough to cover small to medium-sized lawns.

There are a number of commendable functionalities that are offered with this machine. You will get the option to set variable speed, which means you can adjust the airflow as per your needs.

What’s more, is the availability of cruise control that is used for setting up a fixed airflow without the need of pressing the throttle.

Greenworks has attached a turbo button to this blower, which delivers a chunk of power in case the debris is too hard to remove. The machine doesn’t come with a battery and charger and you have to purchase them on your own.

Talking about the straps, it will not disappoint you. The straps are soft enough to nurture your shoulders and due to a battery powered motor, the weight of the machine is less.

  • Produces zero emissions due to battery powered engine
  • Light in weight
  • Delivers a decent run time
  • Produces lesser noise level
  • Battery and charger are not included in the package
  • Not enough powerful when compared to gas-powered engines

Bottom line:

Greenworks PRO 80V is an electric battery-powered leaf blower that produces zero emissions and is fit for noise restricted areas. The battery delivers nice run time, and the machine is easy to carry.

7. Echo PB-580T Backpack Blower (Compact Yet Powerful)

Echo PB-580T Backpack Blower

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If you are looking for a powerful and lightweight leaf blower that is easy to use, then this product deserves your attention. This product manufactured by Echo is prominent among the buyers who are carrying out commercial as well as a household leaf blowing purposes.

Echo PB-580T Backpack Blower comes with a basic backpack design that is mounted with a 58.2 cc powerful engine that is based on 2 stroke technology. The motor can generate enough power to blow wet and dry leaves.

Being a small motor doesn’t mean that it produces less power. You will get 510 CFM of airflow that is pushed at a speed of 215 MPS from the streamlined and easy to handle tube.

The tank attached to this leaf blower is see-through, which makes it easier to determine the level of fuel just by looking at the tank. In case you live in a hot and humid area, the vented straps will act as a healer.

These straps are soft cushioned and will make it easier to carry the leaf blower for longer durations. An interesting and amazing thing about Echo PB-580T Backpack Blower is the lead guard. It prevents everything from entering the motor and only air is allowed to enter the machine.

Echo has ensured that this machine sustains longevity and for that, they have fitted an air filter device. The power is in your hands and you can press the throttle to start blowing the leaves. The tube is designed in such a way that it assists the operator in easy maneuvering in any direction.

Just press the throttle and the machine is ready to deliver its true power.

  • Produces less noise
  • Air filter and leaf guard
  • Start-up is easy
  • Easy maneuvering
  • Plastic body isn’t too sturdy
  • A bit heavy leaf blower

Bottom line:

The best part about Echo PB-580T Backpack Blower is the availability of leaf guards and air filters that help the blower to keep debris at bay. This leaf blower gets an easy start and produces less noise as compared to other top-notch gas-powered leaf blowers.

8. EGO Bare Tool 145 MPH 600 CFM Cordless Electric Backpack Blower

EGO Power+ LB6000 600 CFM Backpack Blower

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The design of EGO Bare leaf blower looks futuristic and the color combination of green and black complements each other. This leaf blowing machine is based on electrical working and is powered with a robust battery that is capable of delivering abundant run time to clear out the mess.

EGO Bare works on a brushless motor and delivers extreme power while working on a battery of 7.5 Ah. It is seen that this machine is 8 times quieter than the standard gas or fuel-powered leaf blowers.  You will get the functionality of variable speed controlling which ranges between 320 to 600 CFM of airflow.

The maximum windblast generated by this leaf blower is about 145 MPH which is more than enough to push the debris easily. There is a cushioned harness attached to the blower, and that makes it easier to carry the machine for long time frame.

EGO claims that they have designed this best battery backpack blower for extreme weather resistance and the motor remains as it is while delivering longevity. The noise level produced during operations is 64dBA and that is soft on the ears.

You can easily hand the blower on your shoulders and can use the power tube to blow the leaf by pressing the throttle. The throttle handle is also gripped and is easy to hold during usage.

EGO Bare doesn’t come with a battery and charger. You have to purchase them along with this leaf blower.

  • Zero pollution
  • Lesser noise level
  • Light in weight
  • Gripped throttle handle
  • No charger and battery included
  • Isn’t much powerful when compared to gas-powered machines

Bottom line:

EGO Bare Tool is another battery-powered machine with decent airflow. You can mount two batteries at the same time while deciding which batter to use. EGO Bare Tool comes with no batteries and you have to purchase them separately which is quite a burden on the pocket.

9. DEWALT DCBL590B 40V MAX Lithium-Ion XR (Brushless Backpack Blower)

DEWALT 40V MAX Backpack Leaf Blower

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We cannot deny that gas-powered leaf blowers are extremely powerful and efficient, but these consume a lot of fuel and generate a lot of sound during operations. If you are the one who likes quieter machines and is looking for something that produces lesser noise, then an electric leaf blower is the thing.

DEWALT DCBL590B is a cordless leaf blower that will allow you to roam freely throughout the entire lawn. You can easily carry this machine due to its light weightiness and breathable padded straps that are attached to the machine.

Over the time, Dewalt is surprising people with its high-end and efficient machines.  The battery or electricity-powered DEWALT DCBL590B is another machine that is tough enough to sustain normal wear and tears during the operation.

This machine is based on a brushless motor that is compatible with two 40 V7.5 Ah of battery which is not included in the packaging. You will find a battery switch on the handle that helps in switching the power source from the two batteries. Also, the operator will find a variable speed button which helps in adjusting the speed as per the end purpose.

Dewalt calls the cruise control as speed lock, but the functionality is the same and that is to lock the speed without pressing the throttle button. This leaf blower can produce 450 CFM of airflow by throwing air at a speed of 142 miles per hour.

DEWALT DCBL590B is perfect for those who dwell in noise level restricted area because it produces 63dBA which is less than normal leaf blowers.

  • Requires lesser maintenance
  • Dual battery support for added run time
  • Lower noise level
  • Cruise control availability
  • Battery is not included along with the unit
  • Lacks in performance

Bottom line:

The cruise control in DEWALT DCBL590B works magically and you can easily lock and unlock the speed. This machine requires lesser maintenance and is easy to use for the longer time duration.

10. TOMAHAWK 3 HP Turbo 2-Stroke Engine (Backpack Sprayer, Duster and  Leaf Blower)

Tomahawk Turbo

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If your purpose is to blow the mist all around the plants while clearing the debris alongside, then the Tomahawk Power backpack blower can be a great option. This product delivers multiple functionalities and can work seamlessly in any type of environment.

The design of this duster and mist sprayer is entirely basic. You will see two tanks mounted on the top and the bottom. The top tank is meant for filling pesticides and chemicals that are to be sprayed on the garden or the field, and the lower tank is meant for filling the gas.

Tomahawk Power comes with a powerful engine that is attached inside a case for added protection. You can blow the mist up to 40 ft and can cover the plants while blowing the unwanted debris.

If you want to use this machine as a leaf blower, then don’t fill anything in the top tank and use it as it is. The construction of Tomahawk Power is done to make the windblast powerful by streamlining the tube end.

The straps make it easier to carry the machine all around, without any troubles because of the equal weight distribution on both shoulders. There is a manual lock provided on the throttle handle which can be used to lock the wind speed, just like cruise control.

  • Serves as a multipurpose machine
  • Strong wind blast generation
  • Easy to use
  • Light in weight
  • Produces high noise during operation
  • Isn’t too effective

Bottom line:

Tomahawk Power is a multipurpose leaf blower and mist sprayer. The spraying capacity of this machine ranges up to 40 feet which is a considerable factor. There are two see-through tanks minted on this machine which helps in identifying the capacity of fuel and pesticide by having a look at the tank.

What to Look For In a Reliable Backpack Leaf Blower?

Picking up the best leaf blower can be tough and as well as time-consuming. Stop falling prey to false advertisements and check it yourself before getting one.

Noise Levels

We are sure that you don’t want to surprise your neighbors with unwanted noise. Also, too loud noise is not good for your ears too. Have a look at the noise level of all the machines you have selected and compare them with the local decibel standards of the area you are living in.

Some of the backpack leaf blowers have extremely loud noise and using them can land you in legal consequences.

A Useful Tip

Always make sure to wear ear protection while using a backpack leaf blower to protect your ears from high noise.

Check the Weight

Since a backpack leaf blower is meant to be worn at the back, so you need to check its weight before buying. Make a list of gross weights of all the leaf blowers and pick up the lightest and powerful one.

For further ease, you can try to lift some weight at your back and make sure that you are comfortable while walking with this weight. If there is no problem during walking, then you can select the leaf blower that lies in the particular weight category.

Pollution Level

Gas-powered machines emit a lot of smoke that can pollute the nearby surroundings. If possible, try to go with the options that work on electricity, because in electric leaf blowers there is no emission. In case of electric leaf blower is not an option for you, then choose the leaf blowers with very less pollution levels.


Not all the leaves need a strong wind blast to getaway. Small leaves and debris can be collected using a lesser wind blast. You need to select the model that offers variable wind blasting options so that you can control the flow whenever required.

Size of Engine

The size of the engine has a lot to do with the weight of the leaf blower. If you have a small lawn with not too many trees, then a small-sized engine will work smoothly. On the other hand, huge engine leaf blowers work great for massive lawns that are surrounded by trees.

Start-up Time

The worst thing that can happen to you is the start-up time of a leaf blower. A machine is of no use if it takes a lot of time to start. Make sure that you select the blower that starts in a pull or two. If the user reviews say that the blower takes decent efforts to start, then you have to ditch that particular model.


Are you willing to spend huge bucks for the sake of maintaining your leaf blower? Probably not! A wrong selection in leaf blower can burn a hole in your pocket in the name of the maintenance fee. Electric leaf blowers have less maintenance when compared to gas-powered motors.

Tank Capacity/Run Time

Do you have a huge lawn? Then you have to buy a machine that offers long run time. Check the battery amount in case of an electric leaf blower and calculate the survival time.

If you are buying a gas-powered machine, then check the fuel capacity to ensure that it will sustain for longer durations.


Lastly, checking the vibration levels will benefit you in the long run. Some leaf blowers generate a lot of vibrations that are transferred to your body via the straps that you are wearing on your shoulders. Choose the machine that produces less vibration and is easy to carry.

General FAQs Answered: Know Everything About Backpack Leaf Blower

1. How To Use a Backpack Leaf Blower?

When you are a first user of a backpack leaf blower, it may seem to you a bit difficult to use it. No worries, you will be a master over it soon. However, herewith we have compiled a list of procedures or guidelines to follow that will make you an expert user of backpack leaf blowing.

Check the fuel quality that is needed for your blower. Typically, most of the leaf blowers require a 50 to 1 oil and gas solution. In the case of the electricity-powered device, you need either a direct electric power source or a battery charge. Make sure to plug properly while using an electric blower or make sure that the battery is full- charged before using it.

  • While using a leaf blower, make sure that your blower is in the right position keeping in mind the wind direction. Start working keeping your device in the same direction of the breeze. This setting will help you to get more blowing power that will make your job done quickly and efficiently.
  • You must take some precautionary actions before using a blower to make your ears, arms, legs, and eyes safe. In the first place, find a good pair of safety goggles that will protect from flying objects. Leaf blower emits a high sound that can damage the hearing level; so, air-plug or air defender is a must to protect you from the devastating sound. Lastly you need to cover your arms and legs appropriately so that flying debris at high speed cannot harm you.
  • Never too early or too late in blowing. Try to use your machine between working to ensure nominal trouble to your neighbor.

A backpack leaf blower is not a toy. Keep away them from children. Otherwise, they might bring serious injury to your beloved super-heroes!

2. What Do CFM and MPH Mean and How They Determine The Leaf Blower Power?

Understanding CFM and MPH of a backpack leaf blower can play a vital role in the case of selecting the best backpack leaf blower. The CFM and the MPH determine the power of airflow of a specific blower.


It means Cubic feet per minute. CFM comes to describe the unit of volumetric flow, which is the sum of the cubic feet of wind that flow through the nozzle of the leaf blower each minute.

Leaf blowers that have a higher CFM capacity can produce more air resulting in a smooth move the more substantial leaves and debris. However, even a higher volume of air cannot bring the proper result if the wind does not move fast. Here the term MPH comes into play to make air flow faster.


It stands for Miles Per Hour. MPH comes to describe the unit of the velocity of the wind. It refers to how quickly the air comes out through the nozzle. Leaf blower with high MPH, meaning that it can release the air with high speed while with low MPH produces air with low speed.

In general, the higher number of both CFM and MPH in the same model indicates this model comes to you to do more job done in less amount of time.

Blowing Performance Index

But when a leaf blower comes to you with higher CFM but with lower MPH or vice-versa, how will you determine its strength? In that case, you can use the blowing performance index. It is easy to calculate. Multiply the CFM and MPH numbers, then divide by 1000. The result will show you the unit of overall blowing performance.

3. Which Leaf Blower Is Better-Gas-Powered Or Battery-Powered?

The choice of the best leaf blower depends on your purpose and type of usage. If you have a massive lawn that is surrounded by trees, then you should go for a gas-powered machine because it will be more effective in clearing the mess.

On the other hand, if you want something for a smaller operation and is also light in weight, then electric or battery leaf blower is better.

4. How To Select The Best Batteries For My Leaf Blower?

Every leaf blower has a different motor and different power capacity. For choosing the best motor, make sure to contact the manufacturer or you can go through the instruction manual that comes along with the product. A low powered motor will degrade the performance of your leaf blower which is strictly not advised.

5. Can I Use a Leaf Blower To Blow Wet Leaves?

Yes, most of the machines described above are suitable for blowing wet leaves. Don’t wait for the leaves to get dry automatically, take home a leaf blower, and blow all types of leaves using a strong wind blast.

6. How To Start a Gas-Powered Leaf Blower?

Starting a leaf blower can be tricky if you don’t know how to do it. For starting the machine, you need to pull the starter rope that is attached to the engine. Make sure to pull the cord with adequate force and up to its full extension. If the leaf blower didn’t start, repeat the same process again after 2-3 minutes.

Yes, it is advised to wear eye and ear protection while using a leaf blower. Leaf blowers generate strong wind flow that can result in debris flying all around. Using eye protection will help you in fortifying your eyes from any kind of damage.

7. My Locality Has Noise Restrictions; Can I Still Use a Leaf Blower?

Noise restrictions are getting more common with passing days. If your area has noise restriction levels, then you can use leaf blowers with lesser noise generation. Check the noise level passed from your local community and buy the blowers that produce less noise during the operation.

Wrap Up

Buying the backpack blower can be a great decision. These machines make work easier and clearing the garden becomes a hassle-free task. You need to keep an eye on the backpack leaf blower description before buying the perfect product.

Compare two or three products and make sure that the product you have selected satisfies your requirements. The best backpack blowers explained above are of industrial-grade quality and are handpicked after extensive research.

Also, check the quality of straps and look for cruise control functionality for making leaf blowing experience more convenient and rewarding.