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What do you use to carry heavy loads when doing a home renovation project, hauling stuff from your garden or in the construction site? Do you carry the heavy loads on your shoulders? If this is what you do, it's high time you stop compromising your health when there is an essential tool that can help you ease the load.

A wheelbarrow is one of essential tools that not only helps you carry heavy loads but also promotes physical fitness. How do you determine which is the best wheelbarrow for you?

Introduction To The Best Wheelbarrow

Just like other products on the market, there are so many different brands and styles of wheelbarrows. As a result, picking the best wheelbarrow even becomes more confusing.

Because you need the best wheelbarrow for construction, garden, and landscape, you can't just settle on any product that you come across. You need to select the best wheelbarrow that will make your work easier.

You also need to look for a wheelbarrow that is versatile such that you can use it in almost any carrying task in your home or around your worksite.

Wheelbarrows are made from different materials ranging from plastic to wood. Each of the material comes with its pros and cons, and this is why I'm providing you with top reviews so that you can make comparisons and choose the best wheelbarrow.

To lessen your load, be sure of a great time with any of these wheelbarrows. But before we get to the reviews, lets us check some important things to think of when buying the best wheelbarrow.

Buying The Best Wheelbarrow : Things To Consider

Information is power. If you have full details about the important things to look at in a wheelbarrow, you can be sure of getting a perfect product. Put in mind the following things when shopping for a wheelbarrow.


The most common type of materials that are used to make wheelbarrows is steel or plastic. However, you can still find some models made of wood. If you are planning on carry relatively heavy weight, it will be great if you look for a wheelbarrow with steel construction.

On the other hand, you can purchase a plastic wheelbarrow which can carry lighter weight and it is also easy on your back. Ensure that you determine how you are going to use your wheelbarrow so that you can choose the right material to suit the job.

Type of Handles

Different wheelbarrows come with different handle designs. It is important to check the handle design to ensure that you get the most comfortable wheelbarrow. If you choose a wheelbarrow with ergonomic handles, it will be easy for you to push tilt, dump and flip.

Most of the modern wheelbarrows come with steel and wood frames which are very comfortable and allow users to pull and push the wheelbarrow with ease.


Do you want a wheelbarrow with one or two wheels? Traditional wheelbarrows come with one wheel, and they require more effort when pushing as compared to those with two wheels.

A wheelbarrow with two wheels offers you with a great stability and perfect for heavy loads, but they do not work well on hills. You will also come across wheelbarrows with four wheels that also add more stability when you are carrying heavy loads.


This is also an important consideration to make. There are a few things that will help you determine the right wheelbarrow capacity. Such things include storage space, where the wheelbarrow will pass (width of the gateway) or whether you want to carry lightweight and bulky items. If you figure out those factors, it will be easy to select the right capacity.


Depending on the material used to make the wheelbarrow, the weight will vary from one wheelbarrow to the other. The weight goes hand in hand with the stability of the wheelbarrow. For instance, if you choose a wheelbarrow with two wheels, it might be easier to push, but you will be bearing more weight as compared to wheelbarrows with one wheel.

Resistance to Rust

This is another important feature that many people overlook. Remember, you will be using your wheelbarrow outside. It is important for the wheelbarrow to be rust resistant so that it maintains its good look for many years. Such a wheelbarrow will also last longer because it will not suffer from wear and tear that is caused by corrosion.

Other Considerations

  • Look at the type of tires
  • The durability of the wheelbarrow
  • The price and brand of the wheelbarrow
  • Consider the ball bearing
  • Consider the warranty

Recommended Best Wheelbarrow Reviews

After testing and analyzing many types of wheelbarrows, we have top ten that bit others on the market. The following wheelbarrows are perfect for construction workers, landscapers, and gardeners among others.

  • Gorilla Carts Poly Garden Dump Cart
  • Dimensions : 38.7 x 20 x 19.5 inches
  • Item Weight : 32 pounds
  • Garden cart moves heavy supplies
  • steel frame and black finish
  • make unloading fast and easy
  • Marathon Dual-Wheel Residential Wheelbarrow
  • Dimensions : 35 x 16 x 14 inches
  • Weight : 33 pounds
  • The Yard Rover features two, air-filled wheels
  • It takes minutes to install
  • The only tools required for assembly
  • WORX Aerocart Multifunction Wheelbarrow
  • Dimensions : 42 x 12 x 18 inches
  • Weight : 48.7 pounds
  • Highly versatile lifting
  • Patented design adjusts center of gravity
  • Flat-free tires mean zero maintenance
  • Gorilla Carts Poly Garden Dump Cart
  • Dimensions : 38.7 x 20 x 19.5 inches
  • Weight : 31.5 pounds
  • Patented quick-release dump feature
  • Durable 36-inch x 20-inch rust-proof poly bed
  • 10-inch pneumatic tires
  • Jackson 6 Cubic Contractor Wheelbarrow
  • Dimensions : 36 x 25.5 x 27 inches
  • Weight : 10 pounds
  • Contractor wheelbarrow
  • 6 cubic foot capacity, heavy duty steel tray
  • Heavy gauge seamless steel tray with front braces
  • United General Poly Tray Wheelbarrow
  • Dimensions : 59.5 x 21.5 x 18.9 inches
  • Weight : 29.5 pounds
  • This has a poly tray
  • Steel undercarriage
  • 16-inch pneumatic tire
  • Ames CP6PS Poly Wheelbarrow
  • Dimensions : 59.8 x 29.5 x 26.5 inches
  • Weight : 29 pounds
  • Corrosion proof poly tray
  • Efficient pouring
  • Pour spout design
  • Steel Wheelbarrow with Steel Handles
  • Dimension: 25.51 x 58.76 x 27.01 inches
  • 15.5 in. flat-free tire
  • Tough steel handles
  • Heavy-duty undercarriage
  • 6 Cubic feet high capacity steel tub
  • United General WH89982 Wheelbarrow
  • Dimensions : 59 x 20.9 x 20.9 inches
  • Weight : 42.3 pounds
  • Item is heavy duty
  • 18 gallon steel tray
  • 16-inch pneumatic tire
  • High-quality Wheelbarrow
  • Dimensions : 58.8 x 25.5 x 27 inches
  • Weight : 45.9 pounds
  • 15.5 in. flat-free tire
  • Tough steel handles
  • Heavy-duty undercarriage
Gorilla carts Poly Garden Dump Cart wheelbarrow

Gorilla Carts Poly Wheelbarrow

Editor Rating:

If you are planning on working on landscaping or gardening project, the Gorilla Cart will be a great helper in allowing you to move your supplies with ease.

This is a top quality wheelbarrow with a rust resistant body to provide you with many more years of use.

The wheelbarrow features a nice black finish and it is also maintenance free. The following are some of its other top features.

The wheelbarrow features a high-strength poly with a steel frame, and this makes it very strong and sturdy. You can depend on it for many years of great services.

Ease of Use

Using this wheelbarrow is very easy, and you do not end being fatigued. You can move heavy loads confidently, and with its patented quick release dump design, it is easy and fast to offload.

Padded Handles

Comfort is important when you are pushing a wheelbarrow. This is why the manufacturer designed the wheel barrow with straight padded handles to offer you with comfort regardless of the terrain you are pushing the wheelbarrow.

Load Capacity

This is a large capacity wheelbarrow that can carry a load up to 600 pounds. The wheelbarrow when empty weighs 35 pounds making it stable regardless of the weight of the load.

Marathon Dual Wheel Residential Wheelbarrow

Marathon Dual Wheel Residential Wheelbarrows

Editor Rating:

It doesn't matter how masculine you are, and it will difficult and unhealthy for you struggling with heavy loads on your back. You can save your energy by buying the Marathon Dual Wheel Wheelbarrow.

This is a top quality wheelbarrow that will offer you with an incredible performance, and it is best suited for residential users.

You can depend on this wheelbarrow to carry almost anything that you want to transport. The best features that you will enjoy when using this tool include the following.

Ease Of Assembly

Assembling the parts of the wheelbarrow is a breeze. There are only eight bolts included which you need to fix for you to start working. Additionally, the wheelbarrow is lightweight, so you will have a great time pushing.


Wheelbarrows are not meant for use indoors. You will be using your tool outdoors to carry various types of loads, and this is why you cannot risk buying a wheelbarrow that is not rust proof. This model is designed with a rustproof green foot poly tray that will withstand any weather condition.

Comfortable Handle

This is one of the features that I love in this wheelbarrow. The cushioned loop handle offers you with amazing comfort when you are pushing. It is also designed with a power coated steel frame for durability.

Tube-Type Pneumatic Wheels

The dual wheel wheelbarrow feels very study when you are pushing. It features two tube type pneumatic wheels measuring 13 inches each that are perfectly positioned to provide you with increased balance when you are carrying your load.

WORX Aerocart Multifunction Wheelbarrow

WORX Aerocart multifunction Wheelbarrow

Editor Rating:

Are you looking for a great wheelbarrow that you can use for quite some activities? The WORX Aerocart Multifunction Wheelbarrow is one incredible model that will suit all your carrying needs.

Most users love this product because of its 8 in 1 design. You can opt to use it as a pot mover, dolly or trailer mover and much more.

As compared to other traditional wheelbarrows, the unit provides four times lighter lifting power, and this makes it easy to use.

Heavy Duty Steel Construction

The entire construction of this wheelbarrow is made of strong steel. Not only does this material make it strong but it also ensures you will enjoy many more years with this wheelbarrow.

Flat Tires

The tires roll with ease providing you with easy maneuverability. They do not require any maintenance at all as seen in other types of wheelbarrows.

Patented Design

The wheelbarrow features a very nice design that adjusts the center of gravity. The result is a perfect balance, so you can manage your load all the time.


This is a highly versatile cart used for lifting and moving. It converts to a wheelbarrow in a flush and from wheelbarrow to dolly to suit all your needs.

Gorilla Carts Poly Garden Dump Cart wheelbarrow

Gorilla Carts Poly Wheelbarrow

Editor Rating:

The Gorilla Carts Poly Garden Dump Cart is another improved product from Gorilla Carts with an updated frame for ease of use. The cart has a capacity of 600 lb, and it has four wheel design for increased stability and balance.

The Gorilla cart is an all season wheelbarrow featuring a yellow zinc plated hardware that is resistant to corrosion.

It doesn't matter the current weather condition, and the wheelbarrow will always be ready to use.

Padded Handle

The padded pull handle of this unit makes it easy to pull the load up to 600 pounds. It is designed to provide you with comfort hence reducing fatigue.


It is designed with a highly durable poly bed that is easy to clean and doesn't require any maintenance. You will also enjoy the one-year limited warranty that is provided.

Reduced Assembly

This unit features an improved frame design that lessens the assembly time and provides you with improved maneuverability.

Quick Offloading

You won't be stuck with your load because the wheelbarrow provides you with easy offloading. With its patented quick-release dump feature, it will be very easy for you to remove the load off the wheelbarrow.

Jackson 6 Cubic Contractor Wheelbarrow

Jackson 6 Cubic Contractor Wheelbarrow

Editor Rating:

My love for Jackson wheelbarrows cannot be explained. I love this brand because of their superior quality and incredible performance among other top quality features.

With the Jackson 6 Cubic wheelbarrow, I get my job done effectively, and this wheelbarrow is very dependable on the job site. Let me give you more details about this professional quality wheelbarrow.

This wheelbarrow comes with heavy duty hardwood handles that provide a comfortable grip. You can push this wheelbarrow with a heavy load without getting fatigued or uncomfortable.


The wheelbarrow comes with a heavy gauge steel tray that is designed to provide a long-lasting performance. This is a product that will serve you for many years without a breakdown.

Patented Leg Stabilizer

This is another feature that I love in this wheelbarrow. These leg stabilizers make the unit 40 percent more tip resistant hence giving you perfect balance and stability when you are pushing.

United General Poly Tray Wheelbarrows

United general poly tray wheelbarrows

Editor Rating:

A wheelbarrow is an essential item that you need at home to carry different loads that prove difficult on your back.

When doing your gardening or simple home renovation product, a quality product like the United General wheelbarrow will suit your carrying needs.

The wheelbarrow comes at an affordable price with quality components for durability. You will also appreciate these features.

The wooden handles of the unit make it very easy for you to push the wheelbarrow when loaded. The handles feel comfortable and provide you with the best grip to reduce fatigue.

6 Cubic Feet

The poly tray has a large capacity that will hold a large load. If you are carrying the load to a distance, you will make less trips because it can accommodate a large load.

Steel Undercarriage

When buying a wheelbarrow, durability should come in your mind. You might need to carry heavy loads, and if your tool is not well made, it might end up breaking down. This is a product that is designed with durability in mind. It has a strong construction to provide you with the best performance.

Pneumatic Tires

The tires of the wheelbarrow are of quality and offer easy movement. They are 16 inches in size which is big enough for easy maneuverability.

Ames CP6PS Poly Wheelbarrow

Ames CP6PS poly Wheelbarrow

Editor Rating:

Are you looking for the best wheelbarrow that you can use for landscaping and gardening? Then try the Ames Poly Wheelbarrow. The wheelbarrow has a nice black color and a carrying capacity of 6 cubic feet.

It comes with durable components to offer you with a long lasting use. This high capacity wheelbarrow is also lightweight for easy handling.

When offloading your load, the design of the wheelbarrow makes it easy to pour. With the spout design, it is easy for you to achieve efficient and accurate pouring.

Corrosion Proof Tray

This is an incredible product that you can use during any weather condition. The poly tray is corrosion resistant so no more worries of rusting.

Ash Handles

The tool features double clear coated American ash handles that are not only comfortable to hold but also ensure that you push the wheelbarrow with ease.

Steel Wheelbarrow with Steel Han dale Wheelbarrow

Steel Wheelbarrow

Editor Rating:

Most of us end up purchasing cheap plastic wheelbarrows that won't serve you for long. You want to own a long lasting wheelbarrow that will help you carry even the toughest load.

In this case, you need a high-quality wheelbarrow with a strong construction such that you are not limited to loads you need to carry. Get the Steel wheelbarrow with steel handles, and you will be a happy user all the time.

The wheelbarrow has a strong construction that provides stability and durability. Even when you are carrying heavy loads, you can expect the best performance and use from this wheelbarrow.

Steel Handles

The handles of the unit are very tough. They are designed with a comfortable grip to help you hold well and push the wheelbarrow with ease.


Assembling this wheelbarrow is less complicated. If you are familiar with DIY, then you can put it together within a few minutes and begin working.

Flat-Free Tire

The 15-inch tires offer an incredible performance. The tires do not require air, and they provide easy rolling in different terrains.

United General WH89982 Wheelbarrow

United general WH89982 wheelbarrow

Editor Rating:

Having a wheelbarrow at home will ease your carry needs especially if you have a garden or lawn. It will be easy for you to carry top soil or leaves to the right place.

When you compare the cost of hiring a wheelbarrow anytime that you want to use, you end spending more money in future.

You can buy a top quality affordable wheelbarrow like the United General wheelbarrow and carry your loads with convenience.

Steel Undercarriage

The wheelbarrow has a very strong construction to enhance its durability. The steel undercarriage is designed to last for long. The wheelbarrow also has a capacity of 6 cu ft which is pretty large to carry a huge load.

Wood Handles

Wheelbarrows with wooden handles are very easy to use. Not only do they offer you with convenience and a comfortable grip but also make pushing and pulling easier.

Pneumatic Tire

The wheelbarrow comes with 16-inch nonflat tires that also provide easy pushing and steering. You can use the wheelbarrow on different terrains and still expect a wonderful performance.

High quality Wheelbarrow

High quality Wheelbarrows

Editor Rating:

There are so many uses in which you can use a wheelbarrow at home or in your worksite. You can use it for maintaining your garden, weeding or carrying heavy materials.

Our last model that will suit your carrying needs is the High-quality Wheelbarrow. This wheelbarrow is durable enough to provide you with a service free performance for many years.

Count on this wheelbarrow for durability. The steel handles are not only durable but also provide you with convenience when you are pushing or pulling the wheelbarrow.

Heavy Duty Undercarriage

Once you invest your money on this high-quality tool, sit back and expect a nice performance. Its durable construction is enough to guarantee that the wheelbarrow will serve you for many more years to come.

Flat-Free Tires

The tires in a wheelbarrow determine how easy or difficult it will be to roll. Thankfully, this model has 15.5 inch flat free tires that do not require air. They provide easy movement on all terrains regardless of the load that you are carrying.

Carrying Capacity

Just like most wheelbarrows, this model also comes with a large carrying capacity. It can hold the load up to 6 cubic feet.

Final verdict

For those of us who have lawns and gardens at home or carry some large materials at the worksite, having the best wheelbarrow will make your work much easier. Not just any wheelbarrow will suit you well but the best model that can be used to perform different kinds of work. It doesn't matter whether you want to clear bush, haul the garden or even move dirt, a good wheelbarrow should help you do all those jobs.

With any of the top rated wheelbarrows that we have covered in the above reviews, you can be sure of doing your work to perfection without straining your body. The above reviews will help you know the features of each wheelbarrow and hence select the best that meets your expectations.

With the above information, you have all that it takes to bring home the most suitable wheelbarrow that will lessen your load. The wheelbarrows above feature different designs and features so you have a variety to choose from. If you pick any of these top rated wheelbarrows, cut yourself lucky because they are all of the high quality and provide better performance.

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